Building a PC soundbar... with a twist!

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Amplifier (subwoofer):
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Black-tack putty:
LED Channelling:
DAC (expensive but GOOD!)

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  • It's quite spacious in that monitor stand, someone could almost fit a whole PC in the monitor stand 👀

    • Introducing: Dell optiplex (ltt made a video about it)

    • @Matt X There's plenty of mount options to hide a mini PC behind the moniter itself.

    • I see what you did there... 😅

    • mini itx and pcie riser go brr

    • Tiny Form Factor!!

  • Nice soundbar and clean work. Keep up your great work bro!

  • This is EXACTLY the creativity we need in the DIY audio space. You could sell a ton of these

    • Why would he make and sell them when he could just make videos and get millions of views on the projects😄

    • You can take the video to a woodworker to prepare the woods. He'll charge you for the service, but at least you won't have dirt in the house. And the assembly looks easy, plus it's something made by yourself.

    • @Art T You can use terminals, they are easier to use.

    • @freelife productions I'll find someone to help with the soldering 😅

    • @Art T make it. this is a channel for the makers. not the buyers

  • This man actually buys a house and literally creates his own furniture.

    • actually literally

  • He says "After much research, testing, and experimentation..." and at this point I just have to accept... the stuff he makes always seems well thought through.

  • I think the thing that really stands out about your videos is your design eye. Your craft skills are great aswell, but there's a lot of great makers on YT. There are not many makers with as good a design style (both in terms of aesthetics and function) as you. Excellent work.

  • I would definitely buy that if someone would sell it. I was almost onboard with trying to build it myself but the audio fine tuning of the speakers got the better of me.

    • Probably don't need to do that far if you buy the correct crossover with the correct speakers. #$@%! Shit. I just saw the bass shake his set up lolz. Okay yeah that's turned tobacco different level and I used to be an audiophile. That would have been an insane amount of math. He skip that part of the video. Oh he addresses that. Awesome. Oh his cross over isn't prebuilt, it's a breadboard! Holy cow balls! That tdd s why he needed to tune it. The that's an entire project on it's own

    • @Waitwhat469 impossible To many thinks to keep in mind. But you can play arround with some partly accurate freeware like winISD, BassCad, Hornresp. You will also need measuring equipment. Most straight forward is umik 1in combination with REW software. It will let you measure simpel things. Also there is lots of indeepth information on the web on how to plan, build and measure speakers.

    • Honestly would be interested in someone wanting to make an automated way to do the audio tunning, I think that would hopefully lower the bar

    • @James Thomson wtf??

    • @Klaus Schaeffer I think you misunderstood. Don't reply so aggressively

  • I love the way it looks and sound quality is extremly good compared to a DIY speaker system. I noticed only one thing which might be a tiny issue is that it seats flush with desk's top, but both of the surfaces are hard and on higher volume it can transfer resonation between them and that can mess up the whole experience. Flush mounted rubber feets would solve the probleme as they can reduce any vibration caused on lower frequences.

  • Okay THIS has to be one of THE sickest builds I’ve seen thus far on the channel. I want one. I want one so bad.

    • couldn't point out which is which with the eyes closed.

  • As an audio engineer, I have to say that I totally loved your subwoofer unit design. A very clever piece of engineering! Dude, you should start an audio company where you build custom hand-made speakers for various customers like Hi-Fi enthusiasts, casual desktop listeners, mobile listeners etc. And I would be one of your first Hi-Fi customers! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Man, I was really expecting you to announce that the extended build guide would be available on Patreon or on some other paid platform. Massive props for making it free to everyone

    • I would pay for that!

    • Yeah it really shows that he wants to promote diy and not just use it a a way to get money

    • I was thinking the same

  • When comparing two systems, like you do at the end, it would be interesting to see the measured response curves with pink noise compared. That would provide some objective comparison to go along with the subjective listening test. My guess is that your system produced a lot more bass below 60Hz than the bookshelf speakers, and the bookshelf speakers sound too heavy in the mid. But, would the curves show this?

    • that would be really good information to have and he have the the know how. probably better to have 2 decent speakers and therefore nullifying the project.

    • This, was thinking the same thing. It'd also be interesting to see how far we could dial these in with either a quality physical EQ, or something like APO.

  • If I were him I’d start up a small speaker company that’d grow into a mega company in a few years.

    • @Eduard Šajgalik Market is huge but requires a lot of experience. Im disapointed that those diy project would lose in sound to a speaker that is 10 times cheaper. Diy give impression of fuller sound here because of subwoofer and normal monitor speakers usually prefer rolloff to make a space for one and not push the drivers to the limit. If you would add a subwoofer to a 500usd pair of speakers this setup would be far far behind. You just cant fit a good enough subwoofer in that size.

    • Its a great concept and it has a ton of possible iterations and shapes it can take. He got a real product there. Product that is not on a market. If he would figure out production part, he could literally turn it into a business. How ever, nowsdays people use headphones so the market is small.

    • I'd buy one, no doubt

  • One thing to note is that higher quality crossover components will have a noticeable impact on sound quality, if the speaker is designed well.

    • @Chris Merklin well he said something about them being part of the circuit before amplification, so not much power going through but I'd still imagine the parts make a difference at low level signals.

    • I’ve been involved with the speaker design process for architectural speakers and never saw parts that small in a crossover!! I’m worried that the tiny crossover components may easily overheat.

  • This is intended to be constructive criticism so I really hope you (if you see this) and others heed that declaration. I think your design is great and it's definitely over my head and far beyond anything I could do. However, you asked what we thought about the comparison, so here it goes! I think you're very close to perfect audio with this setup but your highs are too high. The combination of the highs and mids on the $1200 speaker are much more evenly matched, leading to a crisp sound without a lot of highs or a lot of mids. You can hear this especially well on the last song in the example. Going between the speakers, the highs on the DIY speakers drown out the mids almost entirely. I am no expert in any of this stuff, just some dude watching someone else make cool shit, but I think if you dropped the highs down, and use the toggle between the $1200 and DIY speakers to match the quality (or go beyond), it would probably be the best, cheapest DIY audio setup out there! It should also be noted that this difference was far more difficult to pinpoint without headphones, so your suggestion was spot on. Anyway, love the videos and your ingenuity. Have a good day!!

  • This is one of the ILaward channels where you always can hit "Like" even before the video starts. The production quality and the projects are always amazing! 😎👍

  • This looks incredible and there is a simple way to take it to the next level: fasten a sonic transducer to your chair. This will send the bass vibrations through the chair and really give you the feel of the "punch" from a serious sound system without disturbing anyone else. You just need one additional bass signal output since transducers use the same signal/wiring as speakers. Total cost of this sort of a transducer upgrade is about $50-$100 USD.

    • That's sounds a bit silly tbh😂

    • Wouldn’t this create a tripping hazard?

  • I definitely have preferred your sound-signature. Overall I feel like the sound on the factory ones had more space on, but they sacrificed crispness. Yours could have maybe the base slightly toned down, but that's obviously my opinion. Really great project. hope I replicate it some day.

  • This looks extremely good, very well made. I think you could even come up with a really good idea how to cool down a room in the summer, especially those who directly have a roof over the top. Cooling units and fans don't really help.

  • I would love to see you making some videos on building solar power chargers. With how things are at the moment with electricity costs going up, it would be great for more people to know how to make use of the suns energy. What do you think?

  • Would you be interested to try and make a hi end headphone? Im sure it would be amazing to watch you figure out how to tune a driver in a headphone with various damping material, driver placement,ear cup and earpads material and much much more! Think it would be amazing to get educated about sound because it seems like youre interested in good sound aswell. Thank you for being a great example of what we as humans are the best at. Creating.

  • Pretty awesome dude! The sound atleast through the web and my ear buds is impressive and far better than those $1200 speakers. You can really tell the work you spent with the crossover.

  • I remember when your channel was small I knew great stuff was coming, awesome content honestly so interesting to watch and perfectly performed. Thanks so much Matt, I hope someone invests a lot of money into you 🤟👍

  • Truly the real significance of DIY and the fact that you can find ideas each month. Your imagination is you limit Unfortunately I don't have that much of imagination. Amazing build.

    • @eastern_BANDIT for me it's more budget limitations. Even more considering I'm from Brazil and things are expensive here!

    • @eastern_BANDIT Hm possibly both

    • don't have imagination or don't have the budget to explore it?

  • sometimes I wish I had a large enough space for larger tools like a table saw, planer, etc. but then a DIY Perks video pops up and reminds me that sometimes all you need is a bit of creativity and patience (and maybe a sander).

  • Awesome build! I can hear a wide range of frequencies on the DIY speakers setup compared to the expensive ones!

  • On that that third audio clip, you can really hear the clicking/rattle of those tweeters, it sounds phenomenal. :P Great work!

  • 15:00 wow this is a brilliant idea, ive allways wished a detailed how-to Version for all of your builds :D nice stuft you build allways

  • this channel's content is extremely i mean extremly good, entertaining and profetional. This channel deserves more attention due to the hard work and effort put in to each and every video. I really wish he posts his videos regularly since watching them is so much fun entertaining and also we learn so much through this channel. Thank you so much for taking your time to entertain us and provide such good content. I will always be a supporter and hope your channels grows further more much love!

    • Agreed. My only complaint would be aimed at the use of hot melt glue - while it has its uses I would have hoped that Matt's attention to detail and high quality would have meant that he would use some neat and tidy fittings that are also removable (screws, brackets, etc as required). Hot melt glue is so cheap and nasty in otherwise high quality builds.

    • @Jon Lake Yep and near perfect like-dislike ratio, can't really get any better

    • profetional?

    • now I don't have to post that.😁

    • Underrated ? 3.6M subs and 264 553 004 views.. not underrated imo !

  • Absolutely LOVE the sound it provides and I'm so Looking forward to the extended video to see how it's measured and built in details.

  • This man is living my dream life. Make cool stuff and make a living out of it. Also the stand could nicely fit an Xbox series s nicely 👌🏾

  • Say goodbye to cheap floorboards, and hello to overpriced floorboards advertised as: "multipurpose boards, as seen on youtube"

  • looks fantastic! Especially considering you made this all with hand tools! the use of flooring for wood is good too, I often walk around the warehouse section of Ikea and find wood parts that I can use for projects instead of buying the raw wood from B&Q

  • I love how you think buddy. Such an awesome channel. Such beautiful work, and what a great idea. Well done.. As someone who used to install stereo and speaker systems in people's cars, I've made many custom boxes for subwoofers. I really like how you used all of the space and even left little ports out in the front so you get more bass out towards you. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I'd love to hear this in person. Great job buddy, I really enjoy watching what you make and come up with. Very freakin cool.

  • Love all the builds you do, but I think this is my favorite! Thank you for taking the time to create and post this video!

  • The thing about those ribbons is that they have really narrow sweet spots. The room response is very different with the two speakers. Try some calibration software on both and see how they fair.

  • the most I like about your DIY videos is the perfection in them, Thank you for all you do!

  • I put my ear buds in and felt them gun shots. The absolute thud was powerful and detailed, incredibly impressed. As far as the comparison I would defo take the DIY speakers over the £1200 speakers on sound quality alone, regardless of price, the low cost is icing on the cake

    • this channel's content is extremely i mean extremly good, entertaining and profetional. This channel deserves more attention due to the hard work and effort put in to each and

  • LOVE your videos Matt! Especially your computer-in-a-desk! Going to take that, and this, and make something my own! I'll post concept, work-in-progress, and final build as I go! Thanks!!!!

  • Looks really nice. Fantastic work, as usual. I think it might be a nice to add a small QOL improvement by having a small pass-through hole for wires on the back.

  • this is such an impressively gorgeous build! Hats off to you n your team bro! Absolutely love this channel 😊

  • For the difference in size of the drivers this built is clearly a winner, another great video M8!

  • Absolutely love it! I would love to attempt and make one.

  • I just saw a video on piezoelectric cooling, have you ever thought of using it to cool a PC quieter?

  • Good to see that this is a project that I could potentially manage (although I probably won't). When you build a linear induction engine, I was wondering whether a maglev train was next. Good job; your videos are most enjoyable.

  • Hi Matt, Good project and unique design, and absolutely impressive sound quality! However one recommendation is that I think you should use a active crossover or a DSP instead of a passive one, as it would be affected by input impedance which will weirdly affect the crossover frequency. Plus it allows you to push the speakers louder as the input signal may not be enough to push the amplifiers to a loud volume. You could just use some op amps, like ne5532 (most affordable with good sound quality) or lm4562 (absolute best sound quality) in order to construct a active crossover. A DSP (such as the analog devices adau1701) will allow you to do many awesome things, like constructing a crossover that you could tweak the crossover frequency on the computer without changing the electronic components and even add cool things like algorithms to give a effect of a wide Soundstage or use psychoaccustic bass enhancement. But still, good job! You inspired me to make many diy speakers, including some 3d printed ones!

    • You can always go one better...

    • @Alexander Rüedi I use a sure electronics APM2 (adau1701) with the connection board, which the left and right channels are both connected to 1 TDA7498E amplifier (the sanwu red board), and the 1 sub channel is connected to another 2 TDA7498E boards that outputs 4 x 160w. One of the boards are running off a 250W 36v power supply and the other 2 powering the subs are using a 1000w 36v power supply in order to have excess power. the setup is used as computer speakers and sounds pretty good. For the I2C stuff, I'm not there yet, although I'm trying to use a Arduino with a display + rotary encoder in order to make a interface to control the DSP. However, I've seen many examples of it being controlled by i2c on google.

    • do you mind to share your setup? mine is jlsound i2s, ak4493 and drv603. all running off some pretty custom linux sbc. (jack + clean alsa config, no bs like pulseaudio..) running local flac files. If you are using adau1701: is it intercepting i2s while increasing bit depth and sample rate on the soundcard? Mine is running the native resolution right now. So any sound effect just decreases quality a lot.. But i'd love to have some room correction or bass boost, reverb etc..

  • One thing to note is that higher quality crossover components will have a noticeable impact on sound quality, if the speaker is designed well.

  • Can you try and make a powerful party speaker for the summer, portable and perhaps even waterproof?

  • You always inspire my desire to build, but I'm not sure I'll ever have the skills to create something so beautiful.

  • This is probably my favorite video of your Matt, and there's a lot of great ones to choose from! This speaks to me mostly because this solution applies directly to my current problem. Eagerly awaiting the detailed build video! Thanks so much!

  • I really appreciate that you generally only use hand tools or cheaper power tools. As someone who doesn't have a shop with thousands of dollars of tools, it's great to see projects I could actually do!

    • @Michael I agree, if you know how to use your limited tools in many good ways and avoid danger, you would not be watching this video.

    • @ThaJay True but this way an idiot like me doesn't have to work out how to do it, I can just follow the video :)

    • agreed but 95% of what they do on those big machines can also be done with small, cheap, secondhand tools if you know how to use them. For some projects it would take 10x more time, but in other cases it's only a little bit more complex.

    • That's a great point, the more I look into doing more projects, and realise I would need a lot of tools, I appreciate the more accessible yet awesome products that Matt does :)

    • totally agree

  • I absolutely love this. I would really love to build one of these. I'm saving this in my DIY folder for sure.

  • Beautiful design, a a great sound too ! This one goes to my favourites. 😁👍

  • Loved this project! Such a slick and good looking stand/speaker while making the creation quite accessible for beginners. what keyboard is that btw?

  • I was blown away when I discovered how much the audio quality improves when my speakers don't sit on the desk but are mounted on the walls, 30cm away from every surface, pointing at the back of my head. They now sound like headphones! It's incredible! So, you all make sure you place your speakers correctly!

  • Another great video. Even if I never actually build one, it's still so interesting to watch.

  • I must say, you sir do some of the best DIY projects I have seen. As someone else commented, you also have an excellent eye for really good and clean looking aesthetics… A big congratulations on this very high quality work you’ve been doing (the projects themselves, the creativity behind them, the high level of quality and detail you apply to them, and the nice clean looking high quality video). Thanks again for this. Wishing I could buy some of your projects. Genuinely

  • Love the work man, love your creativity in all your projects and your beautiful shots, I can tell you put alot of effort into making these videos look great.

  • if these were for sale they would be gone instantly. great work again, always love your creative videos!

  • MDF is also used in order to get uniform sound wave dissipation through the material. Because wood is not uniform, it might affect the sound characteristics of the speakers.

    • @Anna Vannieuwenhuyse - seriously? Guess what the plywood you use is...yes, laminated wood. HDF is highly predictable, as it is homogenous. No voids. The laminate is simply the outer skin for looks/abrasion resistance. (That all said, when I was building car sub cabinets professionally, I used plywood, to keep the weight down. Much more bracing was required, though For a home box, MDF/HDF.)

    • @Jamie Foster the difference between a musical instrument and a speaker is a musical instrument is supposed to colour the sound and add character, a loudspeaker is supposed to remain neutral and reproduce the sound without adding any character. Pretty much all loudspeakers use MDF for a very good reason and it's not because it's cheap. Even speakers that look like they are real wood are actually laminates. MDF is superior for many reasons which there's plenty of resources online which will explain.

    • I'm reading alot of bullshit in here lol. Grain propagation. Lmfao

    • MDF is used only because it’s cheap and predictable.

    • @Talonts laminated hdf would be too unpredictable because of the laminated aspect.

  • I love the sound bench I had to remove my system because it was cause me problems health wise. I love the use of the bamboo flooring. The DIY speakers sounded it better. Looking forward to watching the full build I have some 200 year old cedar wood from an old barn doors that I salvaged a few years back already used some to make a sound box for a friend who I got the old barn doors from all up there were 4 doors 3 meters tall by 2 meters wide yep lots of yummy old cedar. I just love the builds you do they always look great. Thank you for sharing and thank you for doing a full tutorial on it🤗🤗🤗 It’s true I signed a few months back because it was a 3 hour drive each way to see one in person, best move I have ever done now I can chat with them as I need when I need all in the comfort of my own home.

  • Computer speakers have been in a good place for quite some time, though these days it seems quality of decent 2.1 or surround sets has dwindled a ton... I'm still using my Teufel Concepts from 2008 and they absolutely rock.

  • this is in my range of interest. Actually learned a little about how low frequencies work from this video..Edit: also didnt know theres a different type of treble speakers out there. And just getting to test section. i feel that the diy speakers sound more real, most likely from the treble speakers. Thats amazing

  • here's an idea for a video: Switch HD XL basically you make an enclosure for the regular switch like some sort of battery bank but it has a 1080p screen + switch dock board + LCD control board + the aformentioned battery bank, maybe you can even charge both the switch and the HD XL battery through the same type C port you've done a ton of portable screen mods before so why not?

  • I LOVE this set up and is totally something I would buy. I can't be bothered building it myself

  • man, gotta say I love your projects. I've been around for over 5 years and I really enjoyed everything you have made yet. The level of detail and professionalism is spot on. Your skill level is amazing. Thank you for your time for showing us your ideas

  • Really awesome router skills! Getting the flanges countersunk was excellent.

  • Apart from the incredibly polished projects he produces, I think I'm most impressed and inspired by his use of everyday tools.

  • I'd strongly recommend investing in a Japanese style pull saw. It has a minimal kerf and allows for beautifully delicate cuts.

  • You are an absolute genius. It's awesome to see this is achievable with manual tools as well. Another incredible build!

  • As always, great builds and content... Defo making this for my Mac and gaming set up... Keep up the great content 😁

  • I was listening on my 5.2 surround system and the DIY build had far superior sound in my humble opinion (as a home theater install tech guy). The aesthetic of the build is right out of a sci-fi film. Great job as always.

    • @Banana M0nk Yeah, the 1200s definately had a fuller warmer sound and sounded better on the first song but his DIY solution had a bit more fun sound or sparkle on the second song at the end test, sadly it can be hard to describe the difference. It can be a hugely subjective experience though and sadly many people never really get a chance to experience a good pair of headphones or speakers.

    • Its a really cool project, and the diy definitely has more bass and highs, but the high mids sound like there is a huge cut, and there are some resonances throughout the frequency spectrum. Still insanely impressive for what it is and how much it costs though

    • 1200$ were better ;), DIY he made, IS AWSOME, but i doubt 99% here can reproduce the video it self and as well, he's DIY got huge bass, meanwhile with 1200's, you are hearing high frequencies, which were missing on DIY and because they are high, they cover the lows and ofcourse, lows are thick and leave a feel for "superior"........ :) Summary, DIY project he present, awsome, i would like having one (meanwhile couple of monitor speakers are on my desk), but those professional speakers are hitting really good. :)

  • The expensive ones sound just a bit more "open", but the DIY are well worth the money

    • i mean you can always use equalizer to make it sound how ever u want.

    • @WoloPrime I was listening on HD660S's and LSR-305s btw

    • I listened using KZ ZSN Pro in-ear phones, and I agree with Andrew.

    • @WoloPrime imma have to agree with Andrew here, the pros sound way clearer and differentiated. The DIY system sounds good, but doesn't have a neutral sound, its bass heavy and muddy in the upper mids, which is perfect for gaming (it actually sounds amazing in that case) as most gaming Headphones have a similar frequency curve ("V-Shape"). I wouldn't use it for critical listening or other genres than bass heavy ones tho:)

    • I find the highs laughable on the pros compared to the DIYs, what listening device did you use?

  • Ive always had a similar second level shelf on all my desks for my monitor and speakers, my amplifier and keyboard, headphones, power boards and cables are underneath out of the way but easy to get to, once you have tried this type of set up you will never go back to a simple desk.

  • Super clean build, Matt! I've been wanting to build my own monitor shelf for a while, and the idea of integrating speakers is simply brilliant.

  • Awesome job as usual. I feel like I heard a ton of Mid range from the DIY and a more level sound from the $$$$ speakers. But I'm sure it would sound different in person.

  • I'll definitely have to make these! As long as i can mound my monitor arm to it, I'll be a welcome addition to my setup! (although I'll probably go for darker wood to match my desk)

  • I’ve been searching on amazon and other places for something like this!! Great job!!

  • For me this is by far the best project you did. I really want to build this one! This is just perfect.

  • Man, I just wanted to say your videos are an inspiration. Watching the kinds of things you do inspired me to do my own diy project, and am thinking of designing a desk to optimize usability of a computer centered around jumping over the hurdle that is my visual impairment. I honestly never would’ve thought to do this without your channel. I’m going into college this fall and so I’m hoping this desk will make it easier to use my pc longer to get assignment done.