Building a spectacular DIY 'desk PC' (it can fold!)

פורסם בתאריך 2 יונ 2019
Ever wanted to build a PC into a desk but not known where to start? Well, in this project video I'll be showing you exactly how to build a unique folding desk PC that brings LOADS of practical benefits to the table. Enjoy!
The project resources can be found exclusively on Patreon at the moment, simply for ease on my part as I'm still setting up a store. You can sign up, download it, and then cancel if you wish - it's the same price as before:
Big thanks to the various manufacturers for sending their stuff over for the build...
Zotac RTX 2080:
Burson Audio:
Seasonic Power Supply:
Western Digital SSD:
Patriot Memory:
Additional links:
Right-angle hinges:
Capacitive Buttons:
Support me on Patreon:
Official Website:
Twitter: DIYPerks

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  • You really are a gem of a youtube creator, there are no half measures. You release a full paper written guide, full cinematic build guide and the end result is a brilliantly functional, and beautiful desk PC. There is no waffle, all the shots are amazing, super high production quality, all done by yourself. This truly is a piece of the absolute highest youtube video quality and lots of other people could learn from this.

  • This guy does DIY like he's in professional manufacturing.

    • @Baguette No becouse all that diy means is do it yourself.

    • because he is

    • Is there a point where it ascends past being DIY? If so, this man hit that point a long time ago.

    • Ikea should hire him

  • LinusTechTips : " we build awesome custom PCs " DIY Perks : " Hold my beer "

    • @Gem Oh my god! Pre written scripts, and rehearsals before recording the video? No professional video producer would ever do that!!! 🙄

    • @M Scott wouldnt sponge mounting be a better compromise between noise cancellation and longevity?

    • @Jose Martinez Not at all. LTT is a channel focused at computers while Diy perks is more concentrated to diy and art

    • Literally

    • @Soapy Yep, suspended, vibrating drives make life hard for the read-arm servo, and given they're usually the point of failure it almost certainly will make them fail sooner. It's actually the panels of conventional PC cases that create most of the noise from HDD's, in this build I don't think suspending them really accomplishes anything (except shortening the life of the HDDs). I've never tried it, but an option might be to clamp thick slabs of a non-ferrous metal (copper, brass whatever) to the HDD's, adding a lot of extra mass (hence 'mass damping'), then suspend them.

  • This guy is a video creator, voice artist, presenter, woodman, engineer, technically knowledgeable and finally an Artist.

  • "Sit back. Relax. And enjoy." Because he knows as well as I do that there's no way I'm actually gonna do this.

  • This dude is the Bob Ross of DIY

    • I heard my name?

    • The Marty Stewart of DIY

    • I knew i was filling a hole in my heart

    • ah i was thinking, computer bob vila... this old computer.

    • How did i not make that connection? Soft, smooth voice. Elegant design. With just a hint of ASMR.

  • This would be very appealing in sound recording studios. Maybe even having a fold-down shelf holding a midi piano keyboard on top

  • This is phenomenal, especially loved the braided cables and how everything looks neat, very smart suspending to isolate vibration sources, but don't really like the painted mdf tho

  • I would build this if I was a: carpenter, cad engineer, electrical engineer, acoustic engineer, pc engineer and has some money in my bank account.

    • mostly just the last one for me

    • "its actually not that hard"

    • Add some space in my apartment to the list too lol

  • This is my favourite video from you. Lovely stages. I really appreciate the cost-focused design work (MDF desk work) and that you attempt to showcase your design using tools that your average DIYer may have in their home (unlike most American workshop channels). And to top it all off, you share the PDF of the build for free. Thank you, you are enabling others to follow you.

  • The guy is a fricking genius. His house is probably like an entire STEM fair!

    • @DaRock STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. A STEM fair would be a convention showing off all kinds of things that would fall under that banner.

    • CES 😂😂😂

    • What's a STEM fair? I've never heard about it. Tell me more

  • This build really has everything and is so perfect. Noise isolated, water cooled, in-desk, and all while looking really elegant and subtle. The idea of having it in the back under the desk it so good. All of it is so well executed that it's really satisfying. This is by far the best PC build video I have ever seen. Most of the time I get bored after 5 mins, but I've watched all 30 mins of this 3 times over. That's not even to mention the editing and the brilliant commentary, which makes the whole thing so pleasurable and relaxing to watch. 2.5 million views is quite a lot, but this deserves more, at least 20 mil

  • I saw this same video last year and was just in complete awe of the build. Looking back at it a year later and I'm left with quite a few questions. Were the pumps and fans tested acoustically when hard mounted? Phone vibrations is done with an off balance weight on the motor specifically to give vibration. AIO water pumps are not oscillating pumps but rather an axial pump that do not produce vibrations. I've also never felt (or heard) vibrations from the fans in my PC. All these acoustic isolation seems over engineering and unnecessary. The extended cable job is great but asymmetric cable lengths would make this build even better especially when the cables make a turn. That wire from the TV to the table port just looks weird.

  • "What sort of PC do you have?" "Desk." "You mean desktop?" "No."

    • "Oh" "I had no desk for my computer so the computer became the desk" Oh, having your computer turn into a desk is T I G H T"

    • You should've said "it's complicated"

    • @DooDrobe Wall-mountable Desk-top.

    • deskbottom

    • @Ezekiel Domini Quintal Kinda agree, both really impressive, but the desk one is more practical

  • YES, YOU'RE BACK! You managed to save your Data! Not only that, though; what a fantastic build!

    • @A channel has no name that name though...thanks for the laugh!

    • Was that the project where he lost his data?

  • Loved the video! Though I would have used pci extenders to have the graphics cards free from the motherboard for a more flush fit

  • wow. This is awesome. Can you tell how stable the fold away part is? is it any sort of wobbly and how much weight could it bear? This info would be helpful for a little project I am thinking of.

  • Your videos just blow me away. I'm an engineer and your knowledge and ideas are outstanding, truly outstanding. I really hope you patent something which takes off and makes you extremely wealthy. We need people like you to inspire young kids to start designing and building stuff.

  • This one blows away Linus's PC desk any day. Wow! Fantastic job 👍

  • Great DIY skills even if this is far from being a compact solution, but glad to see some PC user who finally values the benefits of a totally silent machine. By the way, you could have just set that monitor cable going straight down and painting it white.

  • This is beautiful, and the fact that it's powerful, expandable, super silent, and subtle (until u look for it) is just amazing. I think i will be speaking for many if I said this should be commercially produced. Keep it up you're a gift for all of us.

  • This is the coolest freaking thing I have ever seen… curious mate- what types / levels of computer training and education do you have? I would love to know and see more of this

  • This Man is above them all... even Linus can't beat this! AMAZING... Simply mind blowing.

  • This is a really phenomenal build mate, and an excellent video. As a fellow ILaward creator, I can 100% appreciate how utterly devastated you must have been when you thought you might never get to share it with the world, but equally how over the moon you must have been to get your data back. You said you wanted to come back with a bang, well this was an explosion! Huge congratulations, well done - and I look forward to seeing more new content from you soon! Paul.

    • @AFTER DARK He mentioned it on his last video.

    • How did you know of this hard drive issue ?. He never mentioned it at all.. Your a wizard maybe.

  • love these builds! just curious what you do with these computers when you are done with them? sell them? give them away? just curious.

  • I love everything about this! Except the capacitive switch for the "power machine on." I can see myself brushing my hand (or a powered cable) over that and immediately shutting down the unit! But this gives me a huge confidence boost to build a unit of my own, even though I have very little crafting experience.

    • I imagine he'd need to touch it for 5seconds to make that happen

  • Dude, its simply an amazing Job. All the ideas are great and this silently working is just shocking me. Make more like this

  • this one looks amazing and it's blow my mind and honestly you're killing it

  • The fact that you can design and build such an amazing project, while also filming and editing a thorough video blows my mind. Keep up the amazing work.

    • He also made a manual guide about this build with detailed explanation and measurements plus some tips, it really took a long time and patience (sorry for my bad english)

    • Exactly, tho cooking video is hard enough, cant imagine in this project scale. I find it hard to concentrate doing things while also filming the process

    • probably why it takes so long to do a project, if he didn't record he could probably bang out 5 of these a day

  • Wow extremely amazing I'm going to safe up money and build and exact copy ...this is honestly one of the best desk PC builds I'm so impressed

  • I built my first PC back in 1995, I've seen hundreds of build videos, especially in the last 5 years on ILaward. This is, by far, the most spectacular!

  • This guy is a good electrician, a good painter, a good mechanic and a good carpenter too

    • leomes spidey and designer, and presenter

  • Wondering why I haven’t seen this sooner. It is such a good idea. Definitely something I want to build in the future.

  • You are, without a doubt, the most refreshing and interesting youtube diy content creator right now. Your stuff is both ingenious, creative and informative/educative. I hope you keep this up!!!

  • This channel absolutely blows my mind! I can actually see myself building something like this myself once I move to a slightly larger place. Usually "DIY" channels go "All you will need is a laser cutter, a 20 ton hydraulic press and a lathe..."

  • Dear Matt, thank you for this incredible project! I bought the tecnical project and I would like to build a desk like this, but I got some problems with the differet type of threads inserts and screw, is it possible to buy it on internet? Could you share the different dimention of it?

  • What an excellent, thorough job you did on this!!! I now know what my next build will look like in my tiny house!!!!

  • Insane intro. I really love these videos and especially the creator's style.

  • Thank you for your incredibly hard work to bring us such great ideas!!

  • your builds are always that next level. very impressive, love the channel.

  • This would be a perfect addition to a VR room. It turns a wall mounted pc into a piece of functional furniture!

    • The table folding to expand your vr space would be awesome

  • I love pc building and tech related content, this is by far my favourite build, I'm watching again for the 2nd time.

  • I’m extremely surprised you didn’t do active cooling on that M.2 drive but this build is awesome!!! Love your videos

  • I'm just so happy you got the footage back! Great job Matt

  • Greetings Matt! I was searching here in ILaward for some wood works, since I am restoring an old baby crib, and end up subscribing your amazing channel. My comment follows in addiction of what you said in this video about using chillers on your project and I would really appreciate seeing that as I'm finishing my degree on Mechanical Engineering. Thanks a lot for this video content and blueprints from it. From Portugal, keep creative!

  • Wow, this is beautiful. I wish I can have a PC as powerful as this. great work dude.

  • I watched it again after some years. Absolute masterpiece. Engineering porn. I think this video is one of the best videos on youtube. Love it!

  • I love your builds and hope to have room to do similar works myself in the future. This build is especially amazing!

  • The amount of work you put into these builds never ceases to amaze me. Top work, as always!

  • pra min esse e o melhor canal de todos os tempos com trabalhos super profissionais muito bom parabens

  • Matt you and this project were amazing. I have seen many people design and present a building video for the project. You are by far the best I have ever seen. your studio is perfect the colors and project are a great match. Your workmanship is such high quality l don't think l could match it. There is much much more that can be said, l think i'll end this right here. Keep up the great work l really enjoy it.

  • I have a home office that I want to use as a gaming room, but the computer desk etc takes up a lot of space. I've considered something exactly like this for some time, and you've just inspired me to do it. Great build.

  • Hands down! This is the most amazing build so far!

  • You, sir, are an absolutely creative and inspiring genius!!!

  • Super cool build. Would love to know what it would take to reproduce. Looks like it's thousands of dollars at least.

  • Amazing content been wanting to make a desk pc for years myself. Quick question though; would you still recommend this style of airflow /cooling for the new 3080 graphics card?

  • love watching your videos. absolutely beautiful build!!! very impressive despite not having a full workshop with fabrication tools. very high end very beautiful.

  • Amazing build you did a great job here, Now if you were to replace those two mechanical hard drives with a pair of ssd not only will your disables be much lower but it would also consume less power. I really enjoy watching this project come together.

  • I'd like too see a more in-depth video on the capacitive touch switch's.

    • Done some research thanks.

    • get a relay module and a capacitive touch switch.... connect them to your power supply, connect the i/o pin of the relay and switch together and thats about it. if you have no idea what i am talking about: i STRONGLY recommend you to learn some eletronic basics, because you deal with mains voltage here!! Get some Arduino starter kit for example.

    • Check out TTP223 datasheet or just look them up on google. Loads of info if you are really interested. Datasheet:

  • Love this videos and the projects. It’s great to see such professional results. It’s just feels that is to beyond a diy, with so expensive elements and sponsored products.

  • Amazing, massive respect for your efforts and content quality

  • Not only was it all worth it, it has me dreaming about having enough money to pay you to build me one, haha.

  • Matt is probably the most talented man for complex jobs just like what he is doing. He made a whole computer, while others just struggle to set up a computer.

  • I do not really like and comment, but this seriously is impressive! DEFINITELY want to see the chiller project!

  • Youre videos are insane. Perfect crafts and so much detail from start to finish!

  • Love the build and your presentation is superb. Just wish that the monitor was also hidden inside the desk and emerged up when you needed it :)

  • Amazing build and well thought out, only small issue i have is that he should have water cooled his ram as they can get quite toasty quite quickly.

  • Wondering how the PC has held up over time, particularly the airtight aspect. I am designing my own right now but the airtight aspect has me concerned, but it is also the most attractive aspect.

  • WE Missed you!! Thank God the Hard disk recovery was a Success! Love you! Please don't make us wait so long next time! Looking forward for next video already!

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    • @Henry M. Not an atheist. I'm agnostic. But if there is something, then I'm sure that there are either multiple gods who do their own job, or the god as we know it isn't almighty and we have no reason to thank him since he couldn't do anything about it. (I could explain in detail why, but this isn't really the place for that and I don't really have the time to do it :p ) edit: I did a little bit of research, and I think that (According to wikipedia) Apathetic agnosticism describes my view on the topic perfectly: "The view that no amount of debate can prove or disprove the existence of one or more deities, and if one or more deities exist, they do not appear to be concerned about the fate of humans. Therefore, their existence has little to no impact on personal human affairs and should be of little interest."

    • @Animiles Found the edgy atheist.

    • You should thank the guys at the recovery center instead of God. They did all the work after all..

  • OH my goddd, I can't imagine the amount of time that goes into planning this. I'm working on one for my nano aquarium and it's almost a month already and only in phase 1 of testing. My difficulty is sourcing the material to fit the small space that I wanted to design. I believe they have them but it's really hard to search for them. and Please please do a Chiller like you said.

  • Much more functional than my DIY desk, nice work!

  • This is impressive 🔥🔥🔥 I have one suggestion on the glass panel, it would be nice if it can be open for upgradability and change of system components. But overall, it so cool.

  • Indeed, this is an opening to my own designs starting from this concept. It won't be cheap because I won't get these components for free like you. You earned it by producing these fine videos so I admire you instead of being grumpy :P

  • You should make a separate video where you show how to make the height of this desk adjustable. I feel like, when it’s folded up, it serves as a perfect standing desk, but you can’t move it up and down. I don’t know how you’d do it, because of the weight of the desk, maybe you could make a new, lighter version that allows for it.The reason I’m asking is because I have a small room, so when I want to use my Oculus Rift, I don’t have a lot of space, and this would help a lot, but I would also want it to be height adjustable so its more comfortable going back and forth between VR and my computer while I’m streaming. Idk, just an idea.

  • I really love the idea... So inspiring 🙂... Thank you for sharing to us

  • That is one insane build. Although you have more patience than I do for something like that. But awesome job!!!!

  • This is the most awesome and beautiful thing you've built so far! Wow!

  • Alot of hard work and planning went into this project great job! Fantastic video!

  • just about completely noisefree, with an airtight watercooled system, I'd say it's pretty damn awesome. Especially since it has some really strong hardware in there, even compared to current lineup, now over 2 years later. Your PC builds are flippin amazing man!

  • I would love to be able to afford to build this, would be a huge learning curve tho