Building a USB-C touchscreen monitor (new for modern devices)

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In this video we'll be building a USB-C monitor! Also the first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:
Mini speaker units (great for all sorts of projects):
Selection of interesting LCD panel sets:
Touchscreen + USB-C:
Mini ultrawide:
4k (HDMI + Type C):
144Hz + freesync:
Battery protection board:
How to make a DIY monitor (simple version):
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Official Website:
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  • I am speechless you actually building this there’s no catch to this ??? 😞🤯🥺 Amazing

    • @LBCAndrew eh. Maybe 50-100 dollars of brass sheet. Its not THAT expensive

    • @LBCAndrew yeah I'm positively scared by the $5 - 7 per kg of brass already in the form of sheets with varying thickness. He wouldn't have required more than a couple of kgs for the entire project.

    • Yooo gbg i didnt think id see you here

    • @I killed that beard guy lol true

    • yea, the catch is that most of us probably are not actually good enough to make them

  • "because they can get soldered together" the circle of tech making, he has ascended to non-repairable chasis

    • @James Metcalfe this is, indeed how soldered on components are replaced.

    • tbh, with a 1 product made, there's no way to order custom made small screw to get it together. also it make them complex with metal. it can be improved if it was sold to other

    • @James Metcalfe Apple and Microsoft Surface team taking notes - "glue can be heated up to take it apart"

    • Solder is super easy to take apart, you just heat it up again.

  • I have been watching youtube for 15 years now. Spending enormous amount of time on this medium and this is hands down the best channel i know. I absolutely love your sense for design. Keep on doing this!

    • Hol’ up; first we’re gonna need proof that you were ever a child. 🧐

    • @Tristan Dreemurr really.. i was a child when i first open yt and back then there were only a music videos and funny crappy stuff :D

    • Really? It says your account is only 9 years old.

  • i did this on “easy mode” by reusing the laptop display assembly and modifying a raspberry pi 3d print template to fit the driver board then just fixing it to the back. the laptop hinge got reused and works great. just have to flip it around by undoing the nuts and adding new lubrications. good alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to go thru all the metal work or doesn’t have the tools or space

    • Sorry but what did you use the raspberry pi for ?

    • Ever considered making a magnetically attachable keyboard for this build, like surface pros? I think this should not be problem for Raspberries, since they can be connected via Bluetooth

    • You got a tutorial? I would like to try this as well but how did you make the enclosure for the raspberry pi?

    • @quinxx12 no just the case.

    • So the raspberry pi is replacing the control board?

  • He's getting more powerful. Now he's tried his hand into metallurgy! I swear, in a few years, he's gonna make a DIY Ironman suit series with a DIY fusion arc reactor episode.

  • This guy is maybe the best DIY channel I've seen, out of hundreds.

  • Would love to buy one of these, I’m not too tech savvy when it comes to DIY projects though.

  • This guy builds shit that we are either too lazy or too broke to build and we watch it with the motivation "I wanna see what i'm able to do if i hauled my ass from the couch". That's nice

  • The final product looks amazing, good job! But for anyone attempting this kind of metalwork I would recommend adding some transparent nitrocellulose laquer after polishing the housing since brass tends to build up patina quite fast. It can be removed though but with the paint job done upfront the brass will maintain its finish.

  • Matt: "brass really is a fantastic material" Aluminium: "no. no. no, I'm fine. as long as he's happy..."

  • I feel like in 2030 DIY Perks will be like “today I’m gonna build an entire new planet, on a budget, with clean water cooling and brass atmosphere to keep the radiation out”

    • @8B Views this comment section was going so good...

    • But before that in 2025 he'll show us how to convert a tesla into a space ship to get to said planet.

    • @Shubhkarman Sandhu him: before we made the dyson sphere, we always need the structure, so what I'm gonna do is that I will use the 5D printer to print the structure of the dyson sphere

    • @Shubhkarman Sandhu i really red that with his voice

    • 2040: Yesterday I was scrolling through Social Media and I found a rather interesting object called the Dyson Sphere and yes we are going to build that today.

  • Hi Matt, absolutely love your work! I've only just found your channel, I wish i'd found it sooner! It seems like your ebay links have expired and I can't find the components you've linked. Could you please advise what to search or potentially update the links? Many thanks in advance! Thank you for inspiring so many people to be DIY-ers!

  • Any chance you can refresh the ebay links in the description, or have a link to a search

  • Matt one thing I can see being update is adding a circuit board or chip with antennas to make it wireless display and also the same to make it Bluetooth capable as well. Wireless in case you need to connect a device screen wirelessly in case you forgot a cord like hdmi cable in an emergency and Bluetooth in case you have speakers or headphones you want to use instead. Yes I realized you can add adapters but with the limited ports you may need them for other things like keyboard or mouse ect. This isn't a criticism because I find this awesome and amazing but just ideas and recently having friends who ran into similar issues. With them luckily I had my Google Chromecast Ultra to lend them so they could mirror their screens because they had no hdmi cables.

    • A bluetooth display would be friggin awesome

  • Sad how many dislikes. This guy is awesome! I actually would love to do this project since anything this already made is out of my budget. I've found times something like this would be incredible useful on service calls.

  • This guy is in a league of his own. The DIY's he makes is a Work of ART itself.

    • This person sounds similar to the British narrator of how its made

    • Once again, proving I don't know how to do anything.

    • Top quality 👌🏻

    • i agree, he has an art to his science, which is very appealing to me

  • If you were to make a revision to this, can I suggest an alternative battery protection board that can display the battery charge, and maybe build in some LED indicator in the front to display when it's low on charge or charging? I feel that's the key thing missing from this build and it'd be the first thing I'd seek to rectify if I were building it.

    • Awesome feature, I have a question, is there a way to indicate how a screen is touch screen compatible if it's original use isn't touch?

  • So unique . . . his projects feel so professional. The only reason I could tell they’re DIY projects are because they’re so unique, but I really love it,

  • Here's maybe possibly (I never actually get around to doing most of my DIY projects, so it's all theory) an idea for improving the audio: make the back into a resonating bass chamber just the the HTC M8 phone, which had probably the best sound quality of any phone ever, or make the back into a flat panel speaker using Dayton Audio speakers

  • Very cool, and surprisingly innovative given how technically simple it is! It was even kind of inspiring to see you put it together. Makes me wonder why no one else has thought of this

  • His newfound obsession with brass is pretty wholesome.

    • No

    • @Lucas Tadashi no, I think 3D printed metal is the future as it allows for designs not feasible or impossible with other processes.

    • Tell us please what model of this screen?

    • And gives everything a bespoke and very cool look

    • @Raaed Irfan BRUUUUH😎🤔😎😻☕️🤣🤔🤔🥘😎😘🤔🤮😘🤮😘💩😘

  • These micro sized controllers coupled with modern 4k touchscreen capable monitors is kind of mind blowing. You can now build your own Tesla dash board if you’re willing to spend the cash. I’ve seen iPads hacked into the dash, but choosing the resolution size etc here is actually huge for custom car work. One day I’ll have the cash to switch my engine to ev, but until then, this will keep me busy.

  • Wow.. Unbelievable! I wish I could do this and enjoy the whole process as much as you did! It's not just the technical aspect of your work that I find attractive, it's also your curiosity and enthusiasm for each project. Amazing work!

  • I'd love Matt to sell some of his creations, or someone to build them and sell them from Matt's plans. I have watched this video a few times and built my own from wood, it was an old laptop though so screen wasn't that high quality. Would love to see Matt take this design one step further to compete with something like the NexDock

    • You want someone to sell this to you? What part of DIY do you not understand?

  • This monitor looks amazing. I want to reuse the monitor from my dead laptop and this build has pretty neat ideas. My question is, is the touch screen the same laptop monitor Matt uses at first with some accessory to enable touch features, or is it a different screen?

    • you'll have to find an appropriate controller board for your specific monitor

  • Matt, you're builds are always inspiring. The way you use different materials and electronics together seamlessly is awesome! I've got my eye on a few electronics projects and now I'm seriously considering brass 😀 Keep crushing it! - Brad

    • *your*

    • @Kirk Mattoon clearcot, my friend. clearcoat.

    • if you do, you gotta use that clickspring-y background music!

    • you're builds xDDD

    • @Kirk Mattoon Brass tarnishing can be avoided by simply putting a tiny coat of varnish on it.

  • Amazing Build Matt, It looks great, but the knowledge you must have blows me away! This must take you hours and hours and hours, condensed into 13/14 minutes, I just love things that are handmade, I’m a Teccy Geek, I just love your projects, Well done on another Superb build, I’m off to find your Next video 😃👍🏻

  • Wonderful build. Finally, after many videos watched and many projects thought of, but never started, it happened to be that my laptop broke down some weeks ago. It had a 14" FHD touch screen on it which I already salvaged. I only have the problem, that I don't find a controller board which uses usb c. I am ok with that, but how can I know, the board supports touch? B140HTN01.2 is the model of my screen.

    • I have the same problem with my screen :(

  • Hi, firstly great channel I think I've watch every video and always look forward to the next. Just wondering could you update your ebay links to the touch screen I'm wanting to build a screen like this using a laptop screen I have (if the driver can convert to touch) if not can you link the screen you used please. Keep up the amazing work 👏 👌

  • This may be a good preview monitor for the camera during the recording. The built-in screen is often too small to observe if everything's all right, especially from a distance.

  • i watched him for hours but i never built a thing from it. like this is just therapeutic for me to watch.

    • Couldn't agree more. These diy are way out of my league.. But they are treat to watch

    • I am watching these videos and enjoy that I don't have to do it myself =)

    • @Lewis Filby yeah I would make this but I looked at the parts and it would actually be cheaper to just buy a touch screen. Even if I went on the expensive end and bought an ASUS it would still be cheaper. This build is about $200 for the screen, about $100 for the control board and then the various other parts. All in all id say after it's all done it would probably cost about $500. Might as well just buy a pre-built one and if you want a brass frame you could spend $20 on some brass. It's cool to build stuff hut there really is no point in making something that costs more unless it has an added feature.

    • Exactly this :) Watching Matt is self-care and no-one can tell me different :p

  • I can only imagine how this could end up leading to a DIY brass laptop build.

  • Really amazing! It opens my mind to so many new possibilities! Great job! Well done!

  • Absolutely amazing. I've never wanted to do something so much in which I have no idea how to do.

  • Amazing ! Ideas, sound, video 10/10 for me :) Your somewhat have a "sneaky face", it's always fun to watch. I don't think I will take the time to apply your ideas, still it's obviously doable without pro gear and that's the beauty of it. Very inspiring. Anyway, do you think lead soldering will last? It seems to me that the frame and feet could easlisy brake if not very careful. Actually I have an old iMac 27, 2011in very good shape (not a scracth) and I was thinking of making it touchscreen with more actual processing capabilities...First step would be to find a control board for it as the rest would easily fit in it, the inside is big enough for an ITX motherboard. If someone has ideas, it's welcome, i'll be happy to ear them. Cheers.

  • I just recently started realizing how profoundly the youtube channels I watch have impacted my life. I found this channel around when he posted the DIY camera slider which makes me 13 and now I am double majoring in mechanical engineering and sustainability. I love that he finds ways to recycle old tech and make sure your builds have real merit.

    • @DIY Perks was that touch screen

    • Dude, that's awesome!

  • The finishing of each piece and end result is as good as Apple product 👌 very much inspiring...all the best for your future projects 👍

  • Hi Matt, I watched your previous vid on doing this and managed to get my hands on a beautiful complete lid/screen but realised it was a touch screen so wasn't suitable. Now I've found this one and thought PERFECT, except I can't find any boards that suit. I have the HP part number and get plenty of replacement screens coming up, but not a single board. It came from a HP Spectre x360 and from research, I think it's either an 801496-001 or an 833713-001. The whole lid is glued/sealed together so I cant open it up to find any numbers without breaking it. I would love to get this thing up and running, so any suggestions or guidance would be really appreciated.

  • I like this and i know you always build from scratch otherwise i would say a even cooler idea is to use a really nice picture frame and install into that as then you can have a super smart touch screen digital frame that doubles as a pc when plugged into a phone

  • love your DIY work, it's simply great and inspiring.

  • I love that you still do things by hand so people see that they can do it too. So many youtubers start getting a bunch of expensive tools as their channel grows and outstrip the capabilities of their audience.

    • @TheBanjoShow nah, start simple, the skill will get there eventually

    • this is definitely out of reach for 90% of people if I had to take a wild guess. Like when he removed the connector for the buttons and individually soldered every wire onto the nodes on the back, that was just another moment where I knew- "yeah this dude definitely went to college. He knows his shit." And I know its not that complicated, but average people can't fucking do this.

  • Awesome work. I'd throw money at one of those! Great explanations of method too. Looking forward to the next of the 'brass' series.

  • Your work never ceases to amaze me. I look around at some of the older items in my collection and see so much more potential. The link to this video is being saved off for later retrieval. @}-- Sister Ida

  • Really amazing build and easy to understand...just FYI 3 out 4 links of the EBAY screen items do not link anywhere. Keep it up my friend and i will very probably make one like this for my car

  • I've been wanting to make a fold out touchscreen for the for the kitchen to make following online recipes easier. This idea would work perfectly, it's slim and doesn't require me to build and set up a small computer dedicated to the kitchen. I can just pull my phone out, plug it in and flip the monitor down (probably hinged to the bottom of a floating shelf with stiff hinges) and be ready to go.

  • Your builds are looking more and more professional, this is an amazing project with a great finish. Thanks

  • DIY perks: *makes type C monitor* 4 years later: *someone makes a USB-C graphics tablet*

  • Just made up my rather 'crude' monitor from an old laptop. It's a laptop I found in a skip outside a house that was being renovated 6 years ago. I've kept the upper part of the casing and bought the correct control board for the screen (I've tested it with the VGA cable and it works fine). Just waiting for the delivery of the HDMI cable today so I can double my monitor real estate. But I want to eventually do it properly to have the nice aesthetics like this. Wonderful build.

  • That's pretty amazing. I'm so doing this. I've got like 3 portable monitor. 1080p X2 and Oled. 1080p have internal battery, so good for keeping kids silent on trips. I use them daily too. Make one for fun cos 1080p second hand are like £150 with 10,000 battery.

  • Love this idea, now I can plan on making my very own slide in joy design. Sadly the company who makes them are scammers, or just too lazy to sell the product to people.

  • it's literally painful how good you are at everything.

    • @A W that's not my point at all.

    • Well he didn't just become good in everything. He did his research and actually put his idea into action, something most people simply forgot to.

    • yes.

  • Loving this diy content. I however have one question. Can you use an old but working led TV (40 inch in my case) to do the same thing? Or turn it into a touchscreen like table? Or something similar?

  • This man knows how to do things...I wish I had his inspiration. THIS IS RELLY AMAZING :)

  • Matt, love this diy! It got me thinking if I can repurpose my bricked Dell All in one touch capable, to a standalone secondary monitor with touch feature? My Dell Xps 2710 suffered from black screen of death. But the HDMI in port works and have allowed me to utilize the all in one computer as extended monitor (but withOUT touch feature). Do you think the touch feature would work by either new control board that gives hdmi and usb 3.0 for touch? Or is there any internal cables I can convert to usb 3.0, to give/get touch inputs to a laptop?

  • Question: The screen I have has the "do not touch" warning. I'm worried that the screen may be damaged if the screen is supported on these sensitive points.

    • it should be fine? but soke screens have the option to switch the viewing angle (as in your top becomes your bottom) maybe try that?

  • MKBHD: Matte Black Everything DIY Perks: Brass Everything 😁

    • Linus : Janky Everything *eventhough had multiple expensive tool & staff*

    • Mohtashim ali "Marques Brownlee" also known as MKBHD is a famous tech youtuber. You can search him up if you want.

    • Marko B who pissed in your coffee?

    • MKBHD does no DIYs though

    • Clifford Nicholson More like glass everything.

  • Hi. Can I ask how do you deal with different connector of lcd screen in a motherboard? Should I change the lcd or change the cable?

  • The best ILaward channel ever! The only thing that's still needed for this touch-screen is a logo of your own. I think you should think of a logo and a brand name to put on your builds!

  • Beautiful work, Matt. Looks amazing.

  • This man's enthusiasm and doing things differently so well in his videos is a treat to watch. For some reason he seems like a man from renaissance period.

  • Brilliant build! I would like to add just one tip... Brass oxidises. especially when touched with bare hands as the oils in our hands speed up that process leaving the brass tarnished and discoloured. So, to save you the heartache of having to continually polish this, which could lead to potential damage, I suggest clear coating all of the brass once its been cleaned and ready to receive the parts. the Laquerre or Clear coat will create a very hard protective coating on the brass keeping it looking shiny for years if looked after. Then it'll only ever need a simple dust off now and then.

    • @Wong He no. Metal polish does not add a protective layer.

    • @8B Views god damn it. Not helpful, but okay

    • Doesn't the metal polish already adds a layer over it though?

  • One and only channel, That doesn't have a single video which makes me feel bored watching, Amazing job there Matt, Really love your work and love to try them..!

  • You could avoid much of the soldering by cutting wedges on the sides of the U-beams and just bending them. Brass is very ductile, so it can be worked cold pretty easily.

  • Man you're killing it I wish I had almost all your designs

  • He should have two versions of builds. One I can actually do and one that I can admire.

  • Matt in another 2 years time: "I made this out of my new favourite material... Titanium... Which can easily be welded in a vacuum so remember to wear your oxygen mask if you try this at home."

    • @Ritwik Gossain I'm throwing the towel in at this point, you're making things up as you go. Your post when you started said, "there is no air in a vacuum so a weld thing will not work". Welding is melting. Good bye. Go find a frog or something to do your senseless arguing with.

    • it was not vacuum in the filament bulbs, it was argon, and i said burning requires oxygen not melting how does heat transfer? conduction, convection or radiation, which require oxygen idk about the rest kevin

    • @Ritwik Gossain Reductively speaking, welding is melting, not burning. The very reason you're insisting you need oxygen is the reason you don't want any.

    • @Ritwik Gossain How do they weld underwater? How did the old tungsten filament light bulbs burn in a vacuum? You don't need oxygen to melt metal, you need heat. We melt titanium in a water cool induction machine, a lot like your microwave. But that whole crucible must be in a vacuum chamber. The HUGE risk here is that if the water cooled crucible leaks the vacuum would suck huge amounts of water into the chamber. But titanium will suck all the oxygen out of the water in microseconds, leaving behind the hydrogen in a 3,500 degree chamber. So in nanoseconds you'll have a hydrogen explosion. It happened twice in the US when we first started learning how to melt titanium. Now there are so many bells and whistles and explosion proof walls on titanium melters it seems it could never happen again. But it was exciting back in the day!!! LOL Ritwik Gossain, you only need heat to melt metal. It's impossible to pull a 100% vacuum so we pull the vacuum and put argon in the chamber to dilute whatever minimal oxygen that is left over. The guys would take scrap splashes of titanium that were too contaminated with oxygen, (gorgeous colors), and fashion candle holders out of them. It didn't take long to see them in the stores.

    • @Ritwik Gossain a "weld thing"? The point of welding in a vacuum is there is no air so you don't need to use inert shielding gasses, and for some finicky metals to weld like titanium, being able to melt the metal and there being no risk of oxidation is a benefit.

  • That's beautiful! Very well done. I can't imagine the 20 ways I would screw this up if I were trying to build it (and that's assuming I had all the necessary tools and materials, which I don't), but you did a great job.

  • kinda want to try this with an RPi in the back aswell, I'm thinking if I can find a screen controller with 2 inputs then it can have it's own native system from the RPi while still being possible to have it as a supplementary screen for other devices with the second input port.

  • I've got 3 old LCD screens and controller boards sitting in my outside shed. Used them as a triple monitor setup years ago.. Been wanting to get one out and make a housing for it, I know the Pi can run off a power bank.... wonder if they could both run off the power bank. Just need to find the right cable and see if it works :O

  • Your builds are so amazing but what I admire is the level of ingenuity and thought you put into them. I'm curious though do you sell some of your builds??

  • Nothing can't be perfect but the art of his work is just a example of infinite perfection 😍

  • Inspiring... Im wondering if this might be the way to go for my back to back display concept for our roubd living room, which features 2 couches on either side without taking too much room on the table

  • I'm binging all your channel, it's amazing! and your good vibes are the best! quick question, could this be done by repurposing a touch screen from an old 1st gen iPad?

  • hi i just need one bit of clarification please, how did you solder the bottom piece? i'm quite confused as to the risk of damaging the screen with the heat from soldering? but all in all this looks amazing as ever great work.

  • You're always smiling and your builds are so profesional. Amazing!!

  • I am in a completely different field than this but your videos inspire me and bring to life a desire in me i thought died....thank you 😊

  • I love your videos Sir, do you have a store? I want to buy this from you. If not, I 'll make one. Your video production has come a long ways and you are doing more then ever. I look forward to more. Have already watched and saved your hidden desktop videos, I plan to do that project someday, and the Blue Tooth speakers. Maybe the battery pack to. and the wooden PS5? incredible.

  • Inspiring me to do DIY projects. Been feeling useless lately because I can't design my own schematics and PCBs properly anymore but I don't need to cuz I have random things around to use.

  • Absolutely beautiful. Well done and thanks!

  • I need a button that when pressed is just the sound of Matt saying “Nice!” bc that’s the wholesome encouragement and validation I need in my life.

    • easy-peasy. get an "EZSound Module" (on amazon). capture Matt saying, "Nice!". load it onto the board. sew it into your favorite plushie. just remember a zipper or velcro to change the battery.

    • You can make it, you'll just need some brass and a speaker lol