Building an artificial sun that looks unbelievably realistic...

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In this video we'll be building an artificial SUN! Also, check out for 50% off your first month of any subscription over at KiwiCo!
Official forum thread for this project (for help, discussion etc):
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Mirror film:
Blue Vinyl Wrap:
Mini LEDs:
The 500w LED I used:
Magnifying sheet:
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  • Official forum thread for this project (for further discussion and development, help etc):

    • Hey DIY Perks, could you please try mimic authentic looking skyline view (of night time)? real estate had always been expensive.

    • I want this light to wake me up every morning. (its very hard for me to wake up when its raining or when its winter and there is no sun)

    • hey matt

  • Matt seems intent on turning his house into the most confusing place in the world for a burglar... "Where the heck is the computer, and why is the sun out at three o'clock in the morning..???"

    • The man is also obsessed with making things run quietly. His house must be eerie to walk in. *complete silence* "Sorry for all the racket. My laundry is running and my fridge compressor just kicked on." "I don't hear anything." "Are you kidding? It's deafening! I didn't even use a water cooler on the dryer!"

    • @AC STUDIOS PRODUCTIONS Like the hose from the home alone movies. Expect all high tech....

    • @Modern Day Warrior good buddy I’m glad it didn’t take it too muchiii

    • It will be the house of mischief

    • Lmao

  • Matt: “Today we’re building an artificial sun.” Me: “Oh that’s cool! Maybe this will be a simpler DIY project I can handle and fit in my room. How do we make it?” Matt: “So to start we’ll build a 6-foot water-cooled death-ray and then an aquarium in the wall.” Me: “wha-what? … never mind, then.” 😅

    • Same lol

    • This one isn't very practical but the one where he makes sunny windows with damaged LCD panels from moniyors and TVs is completely doable and practical.

    • Still cool tho

    • yeah kinda useless

    • @ScienceDiscoverer well I mean some would have really pracitcal use but are too big and obviously too expensive & hard to build. Tbh I'd love to have that sun or that super quiet wood-pc lol.. Edit.. okay well upon further thinking about all the videos of him I've watched, you're right, most of it is very niche and not very practical.

  • Awesome video! Maybe you could use Aerogel as a replacement for the soap water solution 👌

    • Aerogel is super fragile and expensive, but probably a more accurate simulation of Rayleigh scattering. Silica nanoparticles by themselves dispersed in epoxy might work better.

    • Agarose gel might be more stable and tolerate freezing temperatures, but still requires a glass or acrylic sandwich

    • Why? Just because it's a bit blue? 😂

    • you and your aerogel LOL

    • Too brittle

  • The Sun: “Look what they need to mimic a fraction of my power.”

    • Nice

    • *tiny LED and soap*

    • Nice

    • @MrRu What do you think the sun is?

  • "LEDs will never be bright enough for lighting" my high-school physics teacher in the early 2000s...

    • 1967, I was in Graduate School. My stress analysis prof opined that getting into computers now is like buy a stock at the top. 1963, I was an undergraduate. My engine dynamics prof opined that a 3 cylinder engine could never be successfully balanced. Evinrude soon after had a 3 cylinder outboard motor.

    • You're talking about technology almost 20 years ago.

    • 640 LEDs oughta be enough for anyone.

    • Reminds me when my mom was learning something at work and the "teacher" said that there is no such thing as a DVD-camera while my mom was carrying one. Like he refused to believe what was right in front of him!

    • 1 farad capacitor woud be big as a room - my electronics teacher, ca.2004

  • This would be incredible for underground bunkers or a long space travel trips

    • @Ethan Grieves Yes, of the Royal Navy variety. Makes me laugh your comment is still getting picked up after a year hah 😂.

    • @SchrodingerDeeps bruh I still get replies and likes on this comment all the time. It's kinda mind boggling. Also you actually submariner?

    • Haha, I know it’s an old comment - I’m a submariner and tried to think “where could I have a DIY sun”.

    • I wonder if a kind of twilight and dawn effect could be achieved with this

  • This dude seems so happy because he's completely eliminated season depression from his house

    • @WineNot Ha Ha good one.

    • @WineNot Quite a niche example, considering i will die if i eat too much spice

    • @JAL EDM so your saying this thing to help with the general gloom of winter and take some vitamin d supplements and i won’t have seasonal depression on top of my regular depression? amazing

    • Haha good one

    • But seasonal depression is caused by the lack of vitamin D that people tend to have in the winter. So your doctor saying go outside literally means get some vitamin D because that helps seasonal depression a ton, NOT CLINICAL DEPRESSION THOOOO :3

  • I'll suggest a crazy enhancement: create a pump system for the "aquarium" that pumps different liquids throughout the day. So you could have a darker liquid simulating clouds, and a denser liquid in the evening that scatters the light more giving a sunset effect.

    • That is a solid idea and it also provides some justification for using liquids instead of solid filters, other than "we couldnt find anything solid that is easily available and provides the same effect" lol

  • Matt: “I’m building the sun!’ Everyone else: “I’d believe anything at this point”

    • "in the next episod i will be creating a high tech nano suit with military grade hardware out of my old macantosh!"

    • ​@CST1992 It's actually possible to DIY build a mini fusion reactor, it's called a fusor. Unfortunately, it's not really effective and produces less energy than it requires to sustain fusion.

    • Right? I was actually thinking he made a mini fusion reactor like in the old animated Superman movie.

  • As a photographer I'd love to make a scaled down version of this for a "portable" sun.

  • Imagine being this guys neighbour. Trying to sleep at 2am and he starts up his own Star.

  • this channel is a real testament to the whole "right to repair" movement, and i love it.

    • If satellite dishes are incorrectly maintained or refurbished they become a bomb that could blow up at any time.

  • It's been over a year, how often have you used the artificial sunlight since making this one?

    • @sCiphre sounds brilliant

    • I can tell you I used mine daily for the past year and it's been a tremendous improvement in my quality of life. Waking up every day at the same time with sunlight instead of an alarm clock is absolutely awesome, and it's really helped control my circadian rhythm during our shitty winter weather.

    • .

  • Alternative title: "Today, Matt will show you how to build a Fusion Reactor"

    • The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand!

  • Really cool idea, I hadn't thought about needing to mimic the parallel rays of sunlight! Kind of disappointed that there was no discussion of storage and how much space it takes up overall. I assume it's just sitting in the hallway but it would have been interesting to see at least

    • Yeah the amount if space it takes is at least 5²

  • Legend has it he’s still stuck in that room after literally turning his door into a sun.

  • As winter approaches, I would LOVE a guide on how to build a smaller version of this for practical apartment use.

    • I think he has a previous video where he upcycles old laptop screens into a fake window. A bit less convincing but definitely easier and smaller

    • well, use a smaller led and antenna as he said in the video?

  • Tip to self: never watch any video with the word “Sun” in the title when you’re trying to sleep

  • Really you'd only need nano particles that react to each specific wavelength of light. So red, green, blue at minimum, and yellow + cyan would be even better. But you'd also have to put them in the right ratios. The atmosphere filters out mostly red and purple light and scatters the rest, with mostly blue light for mid day and yellow light for evening, so that's something to take into account. Figuring out what nano particles are available in those colors shouldn't be too difficult. Figuring out the ratio's shouldn't be particularly difficult either, as we already know the type of ratio's natural light exhibits. From there you just go for a density that is thin enough to be translucent enough. Since professional made skylights like this can do it in just a few millimeters, I'd say you could easily get away with doing it without bulk, or just add bulk for more diffusion/sturdiness. You could even make multiple panels that you can change on the fly depending on what time of day you're going for. I think you should redo this project more simplified and lower powered, and something you can simply mount on your wall like a faux window, or that you can overlay on top of a window. I'd say you could easily do this with a regular store bought LED. I'd love a night light that mimics dim evening light.

  • my god. this was just perfect.

    • ALEEEX auch hier

    • Wirst du es nachbauen?

    • *that

    • Wie klein die Welt doch ist

    • "NOM NOM NOM" ... why can I literally hear it in my head?! Get out Alexi D:

  • great idea and concept. for future iterations would love to see some sort of 1-way dimmer switch to see if it could portray different times of day or mood, or a 2-way set up to some kind of bluetooth to be able to have the switch be anywhere in the house or via an app on your phone. This way you can also link multiple artificial suns and have them displaying the same light output.

  • The first man to build his own water-cooled Sun ☀ well done

  • I am so building myself one of those with a dimmable system coupled to my alarm clock. I have to get up at 5 o clock at times, and in winter it DARK. That Way I might finally get up not wasted.

    • There are alarm clocks that imitate sunrise

    • Combine it with homebridge and Apple HomeKit…. and oila!

    • @Madamoizillion Especially as I don’t have a lot of mony currently and am more concentrated on my studies.

    • @Josh Soorlin Chill dude, the comment is like, 4 months old. This doesn't seem like a project the average person completes in less than 4 months. Plus it kinda sounds like they were not being serious about actually building this.

    • Any update

  • 1. I watched this already around 1 year ago. 2. Since then, I am watching this from time to time. 3. But, Matt ! This is just a brilliant idea and the depth ...

  • "Can I have your old satellite dish?" "Sure, what for?" "I want to build a sun."

    • When this guy turns this light on at night, the neighbors be like : "... ooh I'm blinded by the lights, no, I cant sleep..."

    • "That's no sun... it's a space station."

    • Sit down doctor octopus.

    • Hahahaha

  • I'm definitely making this before the winter. I'm going to experiment hooking it up to an arduino to control brightness and color temp based on day to simulate sunrise/sunset. Also, I wonder if you could have use water cooler dye and hooked it up to the window as a reservoir for cooling fluid. Great idea here! Thank you so much!

    • How did it turn out?

  • Since this mimics early morning, how would you do noon and late afternoon? I would think a dimmer and adjustable color temperature would be needed, but I'm not sure if they make 500W LEDs with adjustable color temperature.

    • If you put it on some sort of motorized arm that rotates behind some sort of colored gel maybe?

    • You would need to increse the water thickness too, becouse the sun turns red in the sunrise/ sunset becouse light travels trougth more air Edit: Maybe adding more soap to the same water will increse the effect too

  • Now it got me wondering how I’d go about making a “moon/night” version of that fake window…

    • Coelux already made it. Check it out! But it's monstrous and monstrously expensive

  • This is amazing! I just wish it was a more accessible build.

  • Short term low budget option: Replace the LED with an arc welder. Now your DIY-sun can even give you sun tan and cancer, just like the real one.

    • Too much pale skin have this disadvantage of being having cancer easily in sunlight. Alas similarly too much dark skin have problem of not getting vitamin d in sunlight best skin type is Lebanese or middle Eastern skin type

    • @Asdayasman アズデイ I don't get the reference

    • @Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. Coco... :(

    • @Asdayasman アズデイ Replace the arc welder with a dragon and cut out the diffusion window

  • Wow! As someone with a reversed schedule, this would be a huge quality of life hack, if only it were a bit more practical as I would have to mount it outside an actual window. Still, an amazing project!

  • This would make an amazing cieling installation hooked up to a clock allowing for a wake up light

  • I foresee absolutely no household conflicts with me permanently storing my new death ray in the hallway... (I'm still pretty sure I still need to build this, though.)

  • Looks really cool for sure. And the quality of light we see through the video is astonishing. For video filming is perfect as you have a "sun light" that doesn't move.

  • This is such a British thing to need to do. :)

    • innit?

    • Well. This is a one way to revive (the empire on which the sun never sets) *at least,the the third one...historically speaking. By bringing "the sun" with you everywhere.

    • And of course it’s sponsored by kiwi co

    • ну-ну

    • The sun never sets

  • would have been great if a comparison was shown between the 100w and 500w

  • Would a light like this that changes temperature with the time of day be possible? That way you could have high noon and a warm sunset no matter what the weather!

  • Hey, it looks like the artificial window from CoeLux! Great job as usual) It would be perfect if the light and reflector part would be more compact...

  • Yeah . . . living in California, my first thought is, that window is gonna need an awning! Seriously this is pretty awesome. The drawback is that it takes up a lot of space. I would put mine in the ceiling because of the useless attic space up there. And maybe dial back the wattage a bit!

  • DIY perks in 2013: How to make a cool shelf DIY perks in 2020: How to make an artificial sun DIY perks in 2077: How to make DIY eye implants for 100x optical zoom

    • this is amazing

    • DIY perks in 40,000: How to build an artificial god and rebel against and enslave it to achieve unlimited power unlife.

    • In 2077 people gonna be hitting those Vaults especially on October 23rd....

    • Dude, Matt could actually be dead in 2077...

    • All kidding aside, this channel is evolving to make more and more complicated stuff with each passing week.

  • this seems revolutionary for lighting, especially for movies to make sunlit scenes able to be filmed any time

  • I've watched this a while ago and just came back to be impressed, inspired and tell you, how great this is.

    • Same here

  • Imagine waking someone up in the middle of the night with this thing and telling them it's morning!

  • Wow, one of the best creations i have seen on ILaward, its almost magical! like you have entered a different world and its dark outside!!!

  • UK: *rainy and grey* This absolute madlad: *makes his own sun*

    • @Buck Starchaser Oh please. The man deserves to make some money from these videos, they clearly take a lot of time to make. If you don't like the ads, just skip them. If you're foolish enough to buy something solely based on an ad-read and without any additional research, it's on you if the product is garbage.

    • Amazing

    • "Double sun powaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

    • You know UK rain less than Sidney

  • That's seem a great addition in a space station or more specifically when doing interplanetary expansion. I wonder if there is a possibility to create a changing daylight effect like during a 24h cycle.

  • I wonder what this would look like with 5 100 watt LEDs. It should eliminate the need for water cooling and make it a more practical build for the everyday diyer

  • This is an amazing project! I'm planning the same thing and found a sattelite dish that's significantly smaller. I'm not an expert but if we assume that my dish is five times smaller in area than yours, will a 100W LED make it shine as bright as your 500W led per area?

  • Feeling S.A.D. acutely led me to research lighting for about two years now and I stumble upon this video, mind BLOWN. I'm dying to find out is if there's a way to build this that would allow it to be used inside an apartment that can't hold a massive satellite dish and still get some effective results. It's so inspiring to know what you did is possible, maybe there's a way to defeat S.A.D after all!

    • Move to Arizona, that’s how I fixed my SAD 😉 sunshine mostly everyday of the year, I love it!

  • This is crazy I’ve never seen such a thing and I think this would be so practical for photoshoots, I wish I could buy one!!

    • Just a cacophony of... "Make one!" "Build one!" "Do it yourself!" "Instructions literally in the video!" These people can't fathom the reality that many people have limited DIY experience. Oftentimes it just isn't their thing which is fair enough. I build computers and while it's the economic option, expecting everybody else to participate in the hobby is naive. If people want to find a dealer who can make one of these for them I don't see a problem.

    • Or "outdoor" scenes with consistent lighting 😎

    • @Mani El-Darreiny If I ever start making videos fort real I am going to use it to fuck with the audience. Every video looks like it has been recorded at a nice sunny morning, every single one.

  • Damn, I need that in my bedroom that doesn't have windows. However, it would require another room or big closet just for the system...I wish there was a flat window-like panel that would reproduce the same effect. Most brilliant video you made !

  • This is just spectacular! This is the third video I've watched on your channel, and each video just gets better and better. The last one I watched was your breathing computer. As a system builder, myself, I loved that video, too! I don't know how you do it, but please keep up your great work! 🙂

  • I absolutely love the combination of science and creativity in this idea.

  • Probably my favorite so far of your content, but I do appreciate all of your productions that I've seen so far. The effort required to produce this level of quality in subject, presentation, and editing, I'm sure it's not we'll enough appreciate or expressed.

  • "Ok google, turn off the sun" "Sure."

    • "We don't know who struck first, us or them. But we do know it was us that scorched the sky. At the time, they were dependent on solar power. It was believed they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the sun. " Morpheus

    • that reminds me of the time i got drunk and my brother turned the light off and i yelled "WHERE'D THE SUN GO??"

    • @LOST ANARCHIST Siri: Okay, playing nightmare podcast

    • Hey Siri, make it night time

  • About nanoparticles in epoxy resin: You may use "glass flour" instead of nanoparticles, or a much cheaper thing: Water. If You add a very little amount of water to a 2 component resin, and mix well, the resin will be opaque. Strength of the effect adjustable with adjusting the amount of water. (I used some 10 gramms of resin with some drops of water). Unfortunately, the water changes the hardening time to pretty long - days or a week instead of half a hour. But it works, and maybe the hardening time can be accelerated with adding more catalyst component.

    • Hi Peter, I am interested in making this into a sheet. Do you have any images by any chance (re: what the final product looks like while scattering white light)? Thanks!

  • Dude, this video was super interesting! I’m obsessed with light, and your project was absolutely fascinating. My biggest question for you is this: Can you actually feel warmth on your skin from that artificial sun like you would sitting in the sunshine from a window?

  • This would be great for night-shift work like call centers, data centers, labs, etc... The super bright flourescent lightings can't really trick the brain, when the window looking outside is super dark.

  • Awesome work sir. Your enthusiasm is also appreciated and has me thinking of building a daylight lamp even more than when I first started looking into it due to the lack of sunlight I am getting these days. I love the light diffuser idea as well and wow, you created not only an artificial sun but an artificial sky. This is quite brilliant!

  • It seems that in the end it would make more sense to use huge amount of small leds with lenses up on the ceiling. Maybe even make every assembly to rotate as time passes. And of course it should be dimmable. It probably wouldnt be the perfect imitation with proper shadows, but it would be more practical and still have this day light effect.

  • That is so uncanny! I know this is an artificial light, but it really looks like you have an open window in most of the shots.

  • Imagine if smart or at least dimmable bulb is used in this project, that would be perfectt

  • This is so awesome i can really see the sun realism in the shadows and diffusion of the light, very welldone.

  • Any manufacturing company in the world would be happy to have this guy on board, he's pure class.

    • @Daromiska "goodness me!"

    • @Daromiska hes going to be another David Attenborough someday

    • And that voice...

  • Man, even with the detailed explanation, this looks and feels like magic!! I am obsessed by it!!

  • Gives me an idea to make a room where you can set the weather outside to whatever you want with a remote, no matter what the weather actually is outside... Imagine, rain storm when you want to fall asleep, bright sunlight when you want to wake up, blizzard on christmas, etc...

    • Imagine a lightning storm, where you flicker the light haha

  • Ever since seeing this type of lighting made by CoeLux i wanted to make one! My plan so far is fresnel lenses and a mirror - curious ho you solved it 🤓

  • I can imagine this being used in things such as Mars colony projects as well as underground building due to the ability of mimicing life in the sun. Like some relaxing area with a pool and activities or something like it.

  • For nanoparticles, you could take a page out of Thought Emporium's book and make silica nanoparticles - since they're what makes stuff opalescent you might be able to get the same scattering effect if you suspend them in resin.

  • Us: "This could be cooled with a small heat si..." DIY Perks: "WATER COOLING UNIT!!" US: "Um, I guess, but isn't that overkill for a light?" DIY Perks: "No, it'll be so easy!!" (Remodels his whole house to make it work)

    • I liked how in the past when he had few monies he despised water cooling as useless overkill and bragging, when air cooling can do the same job with much simpler system. Nowadays he just forces watercooling everywhere coz he have unlimited monies.

  • This is an awesome project for a basement room or any room that gets relatively little sunlight. I was ultra excited when I saw this and when I read the comments I decided this was gonna be a watch only video with no further action.

  • Man, I started seeing this man to learn how to adapt things and recycle computer components, but now... Breathing computers? Artificial suns? Whats hecking next?! How to create a simulation and live on it?

  • As a person who's into filmmaking, natural daylight is an amazing way to light a scene but the only problem is that it is not consistent and changes constantly. This madlad just fixed that problem

    • Exactly, and think about stop-motion

    • @Princess007 Thank you for this useless information.

    • @Princess007 the modern humans' circadian rhythm have already been destroyed since the advent of electricity and electric lamps

    • @Void What is great for film making is actually bad for our health. Our circadian rhythm relies on the subtle changes of the sunlight as our inner clock is slightly longer than the 24 hour day. It needs constant adjustments.

    • 'is not consistent and changes constantly' - From the Department of Redundancy Department.

  • Really awsome. Job well done! I'm going to try this project. By the way, I love Kiwi Co.

  • I really appreciate that you find cheaper and realistic ways of making these cool projects!!

  • I watched this again and wondered, when will you modify this to include a sunrise and sunset module?

  • This is truly amazing and so well explained and implemented. My hat is off to you sir

  • Part 2 - Overclocking the sun with liquid nitrogen cooling.

    • @Robert White *plasma

    • Add water cooling, it will actually make the sun brighter

    • Lmao

    • Soon on Linus Tech Tips

    • I’m pretty sure the actual sun is already cooled with liquid hydrogen at its core.

  • O M G!!! This dude is so brilliant. I've watched a few of his videos and I love it. Just finished pricing out gaming laptops and thought I'd relax and voila, saw this video. I don't know if this is a geek thing or not, but I had to laugh as I too have multiple mugs at my computer station at work and at home.