Building an invisible monitor...

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This shelf isn't just any shelf... it also has a monitor inside! Also, make sure you visit to get your internet secure today for less than $3 per month + 3 months completely free!
Original desk PC video:
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Iiyama monitor:
(UK) I'm not sure what this is sold as in other regions. If anyone knows please let me know.
Floating shelf brackets:
Cool custom prism brackets (thanks Joe!):
The hover pen seen on the desk is pretty neat as well:
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  • FAQ TIME! If any of you have any questions, leave them in this thread and I’ll update it as they are asked :) Q: What tool was used to round the wood corners? A: Here in the UK it’s often called a surform, but rasp is also a common name Q: Isn’t the monitor too high? A: Slightly. It looks more so on video due to the perspective but it’s still pretty comfortable. It was only mounted there for this video anyway and will be moved somewhere else so I’ll make sure to have it slightly lower this time. Q: You’ve made loads of custom PCs… which ones to you actually use? A: Currently I use the brass and leather build for editing at the studio, and the large silent desk PC (the one with the glass front) is at home and used for photo editing and some gaming etc (though to be fair I haven’t played a game since last Christmas so it’s a fringe use case at the moment). Q: Have you considered watercooling the PC itself? A: Yes! I went with air cooling as it’s actually pretty decent (I still need to make some minor tweaks) but I do have plans to try watercooling the thing at some point. Q: Do you plan these videos? I mean do you make blueprints or you just have a general idea what you're gonna do and just make up on the way? A: I pretty much always just have an idea of what I want in my head, and then think through the process needed to get there, and then make it up as I go along. Q: Is making ILaward videos your primary/ only job? A: YEP! I’m so grateful that I can do what is basically my hobby as my actual job. Q: Are you from the UK or from the US? A: Very much the UK. Q: Could you use a hydraulic system to lower the monitor in a more controlled way? A: Absolutely! It would make it more difficult to push upwards though, so keep that in mind.

    • Those cabinet hinges, you can get where they close slowly, would be neat if it could be reversed, so it opens slowly by itself and is easy to close up afterwards.

    • About how much did the entire build you cost you to make? The vid is a year old so you may not have exact numbers.

    • I love this idea, but I was thinking, instead of aluminum paneling underneath, you could use like a frosted acrylic or something for diffusion and add some led strips underneath with a small switch somewhere to remove the need for any desk lamps as well

    • you should have put a magnet to keep it upward so no need for that wood switch that the screw will one day loose its tightness

    • very good idea of the plant to hide cables, i like the result of all your build but i prefer a regular wall mounted stand because i ajust regurlarly my screen

  • 23 years later... "where's your house?" *Point at a field of grass*

    • Funny how this is actually plausible.

    • I think that's more of a Colin Furze type project, that dude just loves building underground, he has already built a really nice fallout bunker and he is currently working on a tunnel that leads from his pantry to the bunker and to his workshop.

    • *builds itself like a self building house in minecraft*

    • Lol 😂 this was actually funny

    • Bro I laughed too hard

  • When he mentioned the fact that it is theft-proof, I couldn’t help but get the mental image of two thieves being caught carrying a table out of a home on a burglary.

    • @some jerk aren't those tables are heavy af. Pretty sure petty thieves aren't bothering themself carrying huge,heavy tables.

    • @David Liu Depends on the table. $200 walmart table or Craigslist trash? Pass. Imported, hand-carved, painted, ornate dining table? If you know a guy that can actually fence that shit you could probably get a pretty penny.

    • If you're a thief and you're stealing tables, I think you should rethink your career choices. Not even those dufus thieves from Home Alone would steal a table 😂

    • @FaultLine well usually they have a car outside so they only have to carry it a few metres to the car.

    • Do thieves even carry an actual PC that can easily weigh more than 10kg?

  • Imagine how confused thiefs would be when trying to rob this man's house, all electronics are hidden in some secret compartment where they can't be seen and nobody would look. All they see is a fancy desk that has nothing on it, a living room with no TV and a kitchen that has no oven or fridge.

    • @Wambo well at least you don't say it like we do here in the Maldives. We say Al-meni-um, yup pronounced just like that

    • @Jan Rupert Alfeche It's nothing to do with telegraphs. It comes from the custom of naming elements using Latin as a basis. Initially, in 1808, aluminium was named by Humphrey Davy after the salt alum which was given the Latin suffix -ium, so alumium. Then it was suggested it should be named after the oxide alumina that aluminium was extracted from. Aluminum was used in a textbook written by the Davy, and aluminium was used by other chemists as the -ium ending sounded more "classical". This led to both aluminium and aluminum being used for a few years until Noah Webster chose the -um spelling for his dictionary in 1828. This cemented American/Canadian spelling as aluminum, while aluminium remained the predominant spelling in Britain and elsewhere.

    • They'll just leave some of their previously stolen goods, because they feel sorry.

    • @Wambo blame Noah Webster

    • considering it was one of the most useful metals in the 1800's and beyond, probably a lot.

  • Matt: "So after successfully building my computer into a handmade desk to conceal its existence.... and after hiding my monitor in a custom made shelf with a swing out.... Now you may be wondering how I hide the mouse and keyboard.... I use this shoebox labeled 'mouse and keyboard for hidden computer set up" by my feet."

    • It would be possible to build a roll out shelf under the desk for the keyboard and mouse or just have a wireless keyboard hidden behind a painting and the mouse hidden under/in a potted plant lol

    • @M Roberts LOL

    • “It’s a mouse disguised as a common real dead mouse sitting on my innocent table.”

  • Small idea for improvement to the desk PC. Before adding the veneer to the top, cut out a round, properly sized, hole in the aluminum off to one side. Then after the veneer is in place, mount a wireless charger to the underside of the veneer. It would be invisible from the top of the desk, and you could set your phone down on the "invisible spot" to charge while your on the computer.

    • That is a really cool idea. The only caveat will be the strength of the veneer itself, as most chargers won't be flush with the veneer

    • *no*

  • Thief 1: "Steal everything." Thief 2: "but there's nothing of value here" Thief 1: "Trust me, even the doors and toilet."


    • lol

    • @NotMyRegret At that point it would be easier trying to steal the entire house off of its foundations

    • @Jon Knows Imagine they just sell the table for like 50 bucks and the person that buys it notices a pc inside after they get home to set it up lol

    • @quantum gravity no

  • Your house must look immaculate. Or it's hidden like the monitor and pc is. "With a simple twist of this latch, my whole house sinks back into the ground, hidden, as if it wasn't even there"

    • Blurring the lines between man and nature

  • Simple thought...add a drawer to the underside of the table, and you have a place to store the keyboard and mouse. And depending on how you mount it, it could slide out, giving you better distance from the swung-down monitor instead of sitting up under it like they do now.

    • he could make it invisible ngl

  • This channel is genuinely the highest quality DIY channel I've ever seen. Awesome job to the creator. Also, I'm trying to imagine how mind-blown guests would be upon entering this genius' extremely aesthetic house -- and then finding that he'd made most of the masterpieces on his own. Astonishingly well done.

    • Try Stuff made here and Simone Giertz if you like this kind of channel! Especially Simone has some really awesome builds

  • The only thing that would make it better, have the monitor lowered and raised by actuators.

  • I love how this is a tutorial like we're actually going to build it

    • I built one? It's not that pricy

    • He had me at “Invisible”!

    • @Karolina Dudek So... Did you actually do it?

    • @Lachante The solution with Linus is to just document the project, I see they explain why or how they did this or that, without actually sounding like they expect you to follow the steps.

  • It's a very nice job. I'm wondering why you opted to fold the display outwards. Folding it down from the rear edge would have made it a lot easier to hide the thing just by covering it with a single panel. You would see the edge of the back cover when its unfolded but that would also put a bit more distance between theh display and your eyes, which might be a good thing.

    • It’s hard to see at an angle but is visible at 13:45 in the center of the table. Imagine it at the front or in parallel at the front sides

    • I think it is an aesthetic issue. The catch to hold the monitor under the table would have to be at the front and would not look as flush at a distance. The knobby bit that keeps the monitor in the up position when turned

    • @HenryLoenwind You could prevent it from swinging back too hard with a screen door piston.

    • @Amelia Wilmot You would not have a support arm at all. Just a hinge at the back. The wall would then support the monitor panel from swinging in the breeze. The hinge would be in line with the panel, so the monitor would be offset quite far from them. This makes the whole thing want to hang at a steep angle (bottom towards the wall). And to hold the monitor up when folded in, I'd use a drawer lock. The big issue with this is that the panel would want to hit the wall rather hard when being release without being manually lowered. Another one is that the monitor would be very far back, as the desk has quite some depth. One way around both would be to make the back hinge an axle that sits in two rails, one on each side. Add a belt system like they are used on 3d printers or laser cutters. Now attack the front of the panel to a wire (or one on each side) on another motor. To lower the panel, the wire motor would let out the wire while the belts would move the back hinge forward, effectively having the lower edge of the panel lower in place while the back comes forward. In the lower position, the mentioned bias would tension against the wire, holding the panel reasonably rigid.

    • @Robbe Knops maybe, magnets can effect the electrontics though espisally things like the speakers

  • It’s also very ergonomic too. The monitor screen is already at eye level, so the whole set up is easier on your neck and back

  • Really nice. I like the stealth mode. Next level: and now with motors and home automisation :)

  • After a year I come here to ask: have you considered using a wireless HDMI to truly hide the monitor and PC? it would hide even the connection between the two, it's a simple one but I think the project to adapt the table and the shelf could make content for a video!

  • This dude needs to start his own company. I would actually legitimately buy a lot if what he makes

    • @Michael I could see this being an IKEA desk. ..and I would totally buy it.

    • you already "buying" and not getting nothing in the mailbox tho...

    • @Freedom Phoenix Goat and just like that another person didn't actually read what they're commenting on and is talking out their ass. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

    • @1queijocas yes for sure. His build quality is unquestionable

    • @Joshua Nienhaus Or like Amazon started by only selling books. The trick is to start with a very small niche market which you are much better than everyone else. Then expand from there

  • I'm considering something similar, presently exploring using image projection instead of a big clunky monitor

  • Great idea in theory. But in reality, considering the size of the monitor, in order to work ergonomically and comfortably with minimal eye strain, the recommended viewing distance of for a that size monitor is 27-33". This is not the FDA giving an overly cautious recommendation, it's reality. Try sitting too close to your large screen TV and you'll see what I mean.

  • This is so beautiful. Aesthetic simplicity. Carefully conceived and crafted in a Scandinavian style. I really adore it. Thank you so much.

  • Excellent as always, I'm thinking of doing this with one difference, I might make it so the monitor faces upward when stored and folds down to sit at the back/rear side of the shelf near to the wall therefore being further from the viewer (more desk space) and also I can then put a cover on the back so it would be completely hidden when in the stowed position :)

  • Your "no holds barred" approach to your projects/videos is so inspirational. Makes me want to ditch the weekly release schedule of my videos and just make awesome videos in whatever time frame I can. Totally awesome project, Matt. I had no idea the cable was hidden by the ivy and fern when you showed off the build in the beginning. Great idea!

    • @TAP7a huge fan of PC builds/makers in general

    • I'm surprised to see you here, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense...

    • @Yonatan24 not trying to self promote, just trying to tell another creator they inspired me.

    • Nice self-promotion

    • @Ryan i believe in yoko

  • This is what kind of minimalism I want. Not artistic minimalism, but minimalism that closes the gap between functionality and beauty~

  • I just found your channel today and I absolutely love your tutorials. There was something captivating (besides the quality of the content) from the very first video I watched and I'm just now realizing it's your voice and and how eloquent you are. You remind me of those voice over guys from Nat Geo and more... Your voice was literally made for that.

  • Hi Mat, One thing I was thinking at the end was "it would be amazing if it had rails on once opened so it could be pushed back toward the wall"... Maybe a future upgrade... It's an awesome project and video! Sincerely

  • this is so clever. I like how calm and clear his voice is when he is telling how how to do stuff. He reminds of the show "how its made" which is a good thing as i always loved that show

  • Next Project: 1. One of those books on top is actually a router. 2. Those Ivy pots are actually wireless speakers. 3. That night lamp is actually a camera and mic.

    • 3) bought right from Stasi surplus store!

    • What's funny is ALL of those have been done by different ppl. This guy could easily do all of that 🤣

    • @jiggy09 okeh

    • @Tnt Navansh Tyagi very outstanding move.

    • @Eternity no they're not vr, they are iron man's glasses... like the ones he uses all the time in his suit to guide him

  • I guess it looks very cool, from the specific view angle of the camera. The folded monitor might still be visibile from walking around the room, doesn't it?

  • I legitimately thought this was just clickbait. But you completely blew apart my expectations. Major props to this.

  • I can only imagine a kid playing games late at night with this setup, and he hears his mom coming upstairs and the entire setup is gone in seconds

  • I relaly really like the shelf mounting idea. I never thought to do anything like that so the brackets/braces are hidden.

  • When I saw him hide cables w/ plants, I was like “OOH A DIY I CAN ACTUALLY DO.”

    • I'm definitely gonna do this myself. Just the plant part, yes. :)

    • @Guillaume That's a fair argument, actually. I suppose if you're going to go to the trouble of building a shelf-mount for a display, you might as well go the extra mile to hide the cables behind the drywall.

    • @The Rockin' Donkey Look, this whole thing is a pain in the ass. I'm just letting my cables hang out like a pair of old testicles, but if neatness is your thing I'm just saying the OP "can actually do" it.

    • @Guillaume Kind of a pain in the ass just to hide a couple of cables.

    • @Guillaume Yeah but not ideal either, if you're moving places or if you have to switch out a cable it's really impractical

  • I love it, only change i would make is using magnets to hold the monitor inside the shelf. The wooden stop that stops the monitor falling down gives it away to me

  • Love your attention to combining furniture with tech! Over the last year I've thought there is a huge gap in the market of smart living room tech furniture, specifically in the case of a modern and understated TV stand with an integrated projector screen that is motorized and rolls upwards from the back of the TV stand (instead of down from the wall like a traditional projector screen). and a new ultra short throw laser projector on top. This is what I'd love to do for my home someday to have a TV-less space but have a home-theater when I want it! Would love to see you tackle this!

  • The only house robbers will walk away confused and empty handed😂 Jokes aside I do really appreciate all the work time and effort you put into your projects it's amazing and every project so far that I've see here is a piece of art hope you Have a nice day sir👍

  • Awesome project, looking forward to build one myself. That's an awesome startup idea btw!

  • The monitor could also function as a soft filtered top-down LED light when folded up for you're reading/working on the desk

    • Eclectic Badger You mean the days when I asked myself something and I had to ride a suburb train to Paris for half an hour then take the metro to a major library, search for the reference book and read for 3 hours? Oh yes, those were the days. 😅

    • Remember the days when you could use a 60W tungsten bulbed lamp and not feel like you were killing the planet?

    • @Arnaud MEURET Don't know much about other countries, but they are still quite common in the US, I can't even convince some people they're actually better despite them producing more light and although they cost more upfront I've gone over how they'll save over $20 a year even with our very cheap electricity, some people just don't get it, my dad even uses a super wasteful 200W bulb and he thinks it's so bright but of course I know a decent 20-30W led would easily match it in brightness.

    • vgamesx1 Do they? Incandescent light bulbs are banned (manufacturing and selling) in France and I expect most big European countries. Even CFLs are being phased out.

    • This is a brilliant idea!

  • Beautiful! I think the portion of the under-shelf that was closed off permanently (opposite the cord compartment) could be a made into a drop down drawer in which to hide the keyboard and mouse. I noticed you stashed them off to the side to clear the desk. Clever design all around, well done!

  • this setup looks really neat

  • Found this by accident and have now subscribed. So many great ideas that I want to try out. Thanks for taking the time to produce and share such creative content.

  • As a refinement, have you thought of using a door piston (car hatchback) to slow the monitor coming down? Some kitchen door hinges can add a spring-loaded open effect that might be unpleasant. I so admire your channel and your creativity.

  • Did you put any felt on the latch? Seems like that would wear into the monitor if you weren't extremely careful.

  • Absolutely brilliant design. I built some floating shelves (3) for my bedroom, but I never thought about putting something like a computer monitor in one. I may need to rethink that. Very well done!

  • WOW what an incredible build, there's so much storage!! I'm genuinely tempted to do something like this

  • Imagine having this and be like "Yo, rate my gaming set up". You send a picture of what appears to be just a wooden table and shelf.

  • Him: "Here is a table, find the PC" Me: "Here is my PC, find the table"

    • Best comment. Thanks for the laugh. 😁

    • @Eric Whitney i use wires to hide other wires

    • Him: “Here’s two obvious wires, let’s hide them with plants!” Me: “Which of all these wires even go to my PC?!”

    • Y'all have PCs?

    • here is my 2 in one PC. it's a table and a pc

  • I love this. I love interior designer and TV’s and computers ruin it. Anyway we can hide or make them blend in the better.

  • I would definitely add leds behind the screen and under the floating shelf just to make it look cooler. Maybe incorporating a small power led into the table top would be be useful as well

  • Love how your videos make me feel like I could actually do what you do.

  • I love your projects, I love that you are clearly just following your bliss with what you want to do, your sincere excitement in your presentation and way of speaking about what you are doing is a pleasure to watch, it keeps me coming back!

  • The next level will be a motorized hinge for the monitor, that open it when you hit the power button :-)

    • I was thinking that when the user hits "Print Screen" on the keyboard then a motor would swing down the monitor or bring it back up.

    • @Hervé yeah would be super simple with Ikea Bluetooth speaker. They have one for exactly the same.

    • Nope. Next level is making a invisible keyboard and mouse

    • That's quite hard but nice idea also it would be nice if he added speakers in the upper shelf

    • plus a hidden drawer for the keyboard...?

  • 12:00 If you have access to the backside of the wall, you could also reinforce the wall with additional wood, right around the bracket. I did something similar with a wall bracket for a 75" TV that weighed a ton. We put some 1/2" plywood behind the sheetrock and reinforced it with additional 1x1 studs. This whole bracket was then attached to the studs on either side, reinforcing the whole shooting match and spreading out the load.

  • I do love your Davie lamp! I'm in favour of the construct paper by far, way nicer :D it makes a lot of sense using epoxy rather than contact paper actually, good thinking as always! Likewise I'm very impressed with this project, idk how you come up with these concepts. For the cable hiding, I suggest a cheap (maybe £3-6 per 3 meters from Screwfix) adhesive semi circular cable conduit. Mines white against a white wall with parallel lines on the wallpaper but I'm positive they can be painted :) it's pvc. Additionally, using cables which match the colour of plants or the wall helps, painting it should look smooth and neat :) may I ask why you didn't use a proper mechanism like an automatic lock for pushing the monitor up and a button to release it when bringing it down? :)

  • Can't wait for the invisible keyboard and mouse builds! Amazing videos.

  • THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! It would be great to add a small latch to protect the screen from falling down.

  • Linus has lost by a long shot for the cleanest build

  • Every time I see the desk I think to myself “it would look better with a pc setup on it.”

  • Looks amazing! Would be great to add a camera on the shelf as well, and a drawer for storing keyboard and mouse.

  • Looking forward to the final installment of this series where you figure out how to camouflage the mouse and keyboard

  • I guess the monitor could also act a bit like LED strip lighting, or just some subtle desk lighting. Either way it would look really good

  • This is amazing. I absolutely love it... *best Desk PC setup EVER!*

    • @Rsty Right? That joke is old enough for Medicare.

    • Lewis yo people stopped saying that’s months ago

  • Spot on! That is one of the best builds I have ever seen.

  • This is an amazing build, one I truly would like in my house one day , and I love the color of the wall

  • Plus, you could also use the display for some fancy desk lighting when it's in the upper position. Play a video, run a screensaver or just display some uni-color full-screen wallpapers. If you're able to code, write a program that produces a full-screen flash using distinct colors for special types of events, e.g. to notify about incoming emails, phone calls, app events etc. --- the list of possibilities is sheer endless.

  • are really a DIY freak... Hands down mate, you are one of the best content creators on ILaward!

  • Next level: make it motorised so it lowers itself when turning on the PC....

    • That would give off some Tony Stark vibes and I love it

    • @Mal-2 KSC what if you clone yourself and get them to do it all for you before youre home and make them a hiding space... or just never leave the computer's side and get the clone to live your life as your life now only consists of gaming... gaming is life

    • @Rod Schmidt Or bungee cords or torsion springs. Lots of ways to do that. This really isn't that different a problem than making a catapult, and those demonstrate some good ways to store energy.

    • @Mal-2 KSC For less muscle power: counterweights

    • Of course! Better still use and old TV IR receiver or IR diode to detect body heat and switch everything on. It works!

  • this thing along with most of your other builds are so awesome and I would love watching the videos and I might even try to follow along with one probably the artificial sun eventually

  • You channel is a dreamland, you are doing the stuff that i always wanted to do and build ❤️

  • i thought it was going to be one of those hologram screens that you some how managed to make, but this suits the aesthetic way better

  • It’s cool because you could use the monitor as a workstation light on the desk

  • Another added benefit of the monitor in the shelf is that you could make the screen completely white and fold it back into the shelf as an overhead lighting fixture!

    • I would also build in some led stripes under the shelf for lightning your desk when the monitor is in use. And don't forget some stripes on the back of the monitor for ambiance lightning.

    • this is genius

  • I love it. I’ve got one suggestion, instead of the turnbuckle to keep the screen up, how about a push, push latch?

  • My favorite of these videos is STILL the one where a busted up laptop becomes a All-In-One rig after being attached to a monitor.

  • I love this! This is so brilliant! That minimalist desk PC with the hidden monitor setup is a Swedish interior designer's wet dream...

  • I’m not so good at crafting and tools but I really appreciate your expertise and knowledge.

  • Some thoughts I had after watching this: • Add an external USB port linked to the monitor's usb hub port to the top shelf. You can make the external Hard Drive look like a book(s?) sitting on the shelf. • Create a fake potted plant (or something) to act as a usb hub sitting on the desk. Oooh maybe make a potted mushroom like your old mushroom lamp design. Would love to see an update to that. • Even though the surface is aluminum find a way to install a wireless charging area on the desk. So you can just set your phone / headphones case down and charge them without plugging them in. Maybe put the wireless charger in the fake potted plant? • Hide speakers somewhere in this impossibly clean build.

    • Graywater system for watering the ivy integrated into the chair's rapid-recovery supercooling heat exchanger, just shoots the water up there or out a garden window. USB keys and flash media adapters that just happen to look like seasonal gourds and ribbon boxes. Cozzies for growlers of beer that also do displayport projector duty. Dog toys with deep metal insets for protecting flash media...

    • I think flat speakers like what Tech Ingredients once did (I think dyip too, not sure) could work hung on the wall like decorations. Or just a bigger shelf that hides the speaks too.

    • Excellent

    • Scott C I would just get a laptop with a busted monitor on the cheap and put it in the shelf with the monitor. No table needed!

    • you can just drill a hole at the beginning in the desk where you'd want it and put the wood laminate directly over the wrieless charger with some space filler , it would work perfectly

  • seriously: your wood working is in some cases not even close to perfection but the end result is always looking realy good. and thats what i like about your videos, it dosnt make me feel like im a total noob and that i can do the some awesome stuff even with low skills.

  • I guess you can make the monitor as LED light for the desk when it is folded. And maybe add a knot to control the color temp with some programming.

  • That’s genius! One only change I’d make is adding a backup catch just in case the first one fails. It’s pretty scary to hold the whole monitor with only a small piece of wood plus a screw tbh.

  • I was just thinking, as I was watching this build video...what if you added some rare earth magnets to the back of the monitor, and some small, circular steel plates under the shelf to eliminate the catch that holds the monitor in the up position. Also, adding some small, recessed led lights under the shelf on either side would eliminate the need for the desk lamp. Great build! Love your videos!