DIY 'brass' PC

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Brass and leather... traditional materials to be sure! What happens when they're used to build a PC? Let's find out! Get 30% OFF your first bag of coffee with Trade Coffee here:
This video was a lot of fun to make, featuring brazing, leather work, metal bending, and more! Hope you all enjoy it.
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    • wait doesn't the leather on the motherboard ports get in the way of pluging thisngs in ?

    • If you'll make steam punk computer I sure will

    • 4 little brass feet to perfection, amazing work!

    • Mr diy perk,I find my self in a situation that my laptop screen is spoilt a and the case too is in bad shape so how do I turn my laptop into a system unit

  • People on the internet: "Noctua fan's color scheme doesn't match any build" Matt: *hold my brass*

    • @Rat Maiden lmao

    • I think a little bit of RGB is nice, but in my next pc I plan to build a case out of wood so noctua fans are more than perfect as well as brilliant fans

    • @Rat Maiden Jesus, dude. You didn't have to go there, but you did. I respect that. 😂

  • You should turn the miners lamp into a reservoir for water cooling! That would look amazing

    • Not a lot of room for water cooling lol

    • Thats e really amazing thought

    • @Mofapilot You could find a replica to tinker with

    • @Gioele Bezzan didnt think about that

    • @blorp burnday Actually, if you remove the colossal Noctua cooler, there will be place for like 3 45mm thick 120 rads, which for a single CPU (not overclocked I assume) are even too much

  • *2019: bending these 2 brass sheets was challenging* *2021: *builds a PS5 from brass with tons of brilliant curves**

  • Setting aside his skills as a maker, I think he has incredible taste. Everything he makes is gorgeous

  • You need to sell your own products. You are the perfect "But, wait there's more!" guy. Your basic materials can literally be your merchandise. 1 million people do what you do. You're the only one that films it. And you film it so well!

  • Love the look of this and the size. The front would look prettier I think if you made a brass cover for the USB port and power button to match the card reader.

  • It would’ve been cool to see him do a brass water cooling loop with the miners lamp as the reservoir. Idea for the future maybe?

  • I love the final design its amazing !! personnally I would have also added a vintage analog clock or an analog decibel meter :D

  • This has a very bio shock feel to it, I LOVE IT, absolutely GORGEOUS!

  • This channel is literally the definition of quality over quantity

    • I seen and typed and liked this comment

    • I liked it

    • @Solematic And I seconded it

    • @AJ Restorations he typed it

  • Ive been watching DIYPerks for some time. I really enjoy your inventiveness, cotinually coming up with interesting tech up-cycling and re-imagining. I think your skills have improved over the time too, improving the finish on your creations. That PC is stunning, and I also really like your in-desk PC too!

  • Loved seeing your sister help out too! I always enjoy doing DIY projects with my siblings. :) I think it would be cool to paint the fan blades too so they at least look metal

  • This is absolutely nuts, especially this fan the sees thru an air grid, like in some old electronics of 20-s

  • Amazing and beautiful as always! I've recently wondered if you could make a air and water sealed PC that is cooled through the outside surface through watercooling. Or maybe with a large slow moving fan moving over the top surface or something.

  • You have made one of the few pc cases that combine with the noctua fans. Your imagination is amazing my friend

    • I had exactly the same thought!

    • @o0ericj0o I have several, also with a window. For me, the priority is always the quality of the components and the performance. I would have to be an idiot to choose a computer component because of its appearance. If I want to change something, I will do it myself. I come from a generation of people who can use the tool and can creatively change the environment or objects on their own. The glass panel in the computer case is not used to show what I have in my computer, but for quick diagnostics without having to disassemble it. For me, the fashion created by marketers, does not work (plastic decorations, childlike LED lighting, etc.)

    • @Classified Directory yep unless you have a glass/clear case/window who cares what color the fans are you will never see them unless you are dusting the pc.

    • anyone here know what music is playing at 9:10 ?????? I have looking for it and found nothing.

    • Yeah

  • Awesome build. I like the red glow, giving the feel that it has valves in it.

  • I never thought I would ever see a steampunk-desktop PC. Amazing, looks fantastic!

  • I love this! I really would love to have a machine that looks like this! Wish I had the money to get you or someone to build it for me!!!

  • Out of the case designs I’ve seen you do, this one is my favorite. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • This is going to confuse the hell out of any future historian I bet

    • Fuck it, go full oldworld/steampunk aesthetic and confuse ALL the historians

    • Out of place artifacts FTW :-)

    • @Extreme Galactic nice way to fuck with historians lol "the etching says it was made in 1875 .... but micro atx wasn't invented yet......or was it"..... -ancient aliens(2250)

    • They'll probably say it was aliens or something

    • Dylan Smith i will do MY PC - 1875

  • truly awesome! this is GREAT design! Never seen anything like that. Will definitely get to using brass for some builds!

  • Btw... I really love the way your build look vintage, and I'm looking forward to build just using plastic materials, brass is just... rare items in my country.

  • This really makes me want to build my own PC case. Great job!

  • Looks beautiful! With your renaissance to brass coming into your recent videos, this will fit right in!

  • Amazing build as always though the spacing of the harddrives with the powersupply would cause some considerable performance loss unfortunately

  • I'm always amazed how you make these projects look so easy!!! So amazing!! :-D

  • Really nice job! I love the blending of old and new world styling.

  • Man, your channel is pure gold, even watching the sponsoring break is an absolute delight! 10/10 !!!

    • You mean pure brass ?

  • you are the most hardworking and relaxed guy I've ever seen

  • I am amazed at the quality of each of your inspiring!

  • This is really a piece of art, incredible build!

  • Love the premise and overall aesthetic. You should consider investing in a couple of tools such as radius gauges, and a small 3 in 1 sheetmetal break, shear, and roller.It's make the fabrication of things like this a bit easier and faster.

  • Amazing build, love the style. keep up the good work.

  • The next time you want to remove excess solder: Use a torch to lightly soften up the solder and the wipe the solder off with a cloth pipe cleaner. Keep going over it repeatedly until you've removed all the excess solder. This is how it's done in brass musical instrument repair s shops.

    • @danteelite a smaller pencil torch tip could focus the heat, making it easier to clean up only where it's pointed. That would be worth a go as well. I still admire the fact that Matt learned as he went along, picking up crazy XP along the way!

    • That's a good technique if you're skilled and have just a bit of cleanup, but in this instance he had so much clean up that the brass would absorb and hold so much heat he could risk a sliding braise joint and throw everything out of whack. I doubt he has the fine touch with a torch to manage the heat properly to soften up only the bits of solder he wants to... Although, it is a very useful tip to remember for when you need to clean up just a bit of solder! I once tried wrapping steel wool around a soldering iron with wire and scrubbing it away like that! Haha it DID NOT WORK. This technique would've helped a lot!

    • A 70 year old plumber where I work uses torch and steel wool. I learned to stay out of the line of fire. lol

    • Great advice!

  • tremendo trabajo, hermoso estilo, sin mencionar lo poderoso del hardware, excelente

  • I wanted to make something like this since the first Bioshock game came out. This build reminds me of that. Great job!

  • damn it... bro.. You made my day, watching after 3 months this video.. i m you subscriber since 2 years, at first your videos looked casual, but now after this much time, I see you have grown so much, this is such an amazing chassis build u made !!

  • I think this is my favorite DIY Perks build! I LOVE this thing!

  • The first time in human history that Noctua fans actually go with a case.

    • Right?

    • 😂

    • Incorrect statement. The fact cases have a transparent side panel is quite recent in the history of computing (and that's one of the reason why actual cases don't perform that well). Even behind a grid front panel those fans could be visually discrete.

    • @MrManiac3 why do you lyao? it wasn't even a joke was it?

    • ahi lo dejo....

  • Looks really cool! I wish you also had painted the exposed part of the USB 3.0 port to gold. But all in all, amazing build!

  • I kinda giggled when I saw the led lighting elements coming out of this otherwise perfect example of Steampunk art, I know you were not shooting for that but that is what it looks like, trust me. Dude its beautiful, seriously a legit work of art.

  • I just revisited this video after a while, and I must say, I absolutely adore your work... It's amazing!

  • Beautiful! Also brilliant in at least two meanings of that word! That little ’puter would have fit right in on Captain Nemo’s desk in the movie The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. If there is ever a sequel, perhaps you can rent your editing rig to the production company, or else build another one to order. I hope you have properly rewarded you sister for the outstanding help she gave! A kudos to you both! Oh, by the way, those rough leather edges around the openings for the I/O ports and such can be waxed and burnished with a simple tool to make them much more refined and elegant looking. I think that is what Captain Nemo would have done.

  • Looks awesome, reminds me of Fallout a little with the Brass and leather combination :)

  • This is by far the most beautiful DIY computer case I've seen. Also it matches greatly with Noctua's cholor scheme!

  • I just found your channel. I love the artisan quality of your work. With this particular computer, instead of have the LED's inside keep changing colors, set them to an orangy-red to mimic the old cathode vacuum tubes. That would really compliment the build. Great job.

    • same thought about led colours. It doesn't even need some internal illumination.

  • Your PC case builds are always super unique! Been following for years and I don’t know how I haven’t seen this one yet. Cheers from the US!

  • Who else got this recommend after watching his play station made with brass

  • I had a huge grin on my face by the end of this...quite amazing! Not over doing it by making it too steam punk really helped keep it classy.

  • Bravo sir! you seem to have stumbled into the very lucrative market of custom pcs, wonderful build. 10/10. -working in IT (also a bit of a nerd) since 2007-

  • Absolutely amazing-looking, really enjoyed seeing this. Very steam-punkish, my favourite kind of punkish. Would one of those sanding doo-dads you can put in a drill have helped when you were restoring the glorious shine back to the brass? Perhaps so, but it really is a labour of love because this is just gorgeous. Half tempted to look at building an m-itx build hackintosh in a custom built case sometime. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • I really want one like this. Looks amazing.

  • His voice is so nice and seems like such a genuine person that I even enjoyed listening to him talk about his sponsor.

    • Same. And the fact that he put uis sister in the video and thanked her is the most wholesome thing ive seen on ILaward

    • I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed!

    • He's the english Bob Ross!

    • Right?! 😆

    • Seems to me he drew all the best traits in the world at birth. Resourceful, good looking , smart , pleasant voice , blue eyes , extremely likable at least when he wants to and good imagination with a passion for quality over quantity and being able to choose very good brands for sponsorship and avoiding all the usual ILawardr pitfalls with clickbait and begging. This guy fucks. I’m not jealous I swear 😢

  • I'm honestly impressed it has decent temps considering the whole case is a giant heatsink with the materials it is made of

  • Once you go brass, you set a class. All your brass build are awesome dude!

  • That looks awesome. I can't imagine how much time you probably have in it.

  • This could easily be a subwoofer aswell. Great work!

  • This is absolutely astonishing, insanely good looking project as a whole

  • These unique PC builds are incredible. Always inspired to the point of getting back into the wood and work shop after watching these

  • You're a genius, pal! You've made a retro-PC! How awesome is that?! And I completely agree with your reasoning: you can have a much better desktop for the same money than a laptop and you have so much control on your configuration (e.g. you can pick your cooling to have it quiet - also very important to me) and you can upgrade your hardware whenever you want and need. And you've just created a masterpiece, absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  • I wish manufacturers contacted you for their designs. You're amazing dude.

  • Awesome build! Keep 'em coming.

  • Thanks for sharing all your videos! It's so fun to watch you because you always look like you enjoy what you're doing (and are excited to share it with us). Wishing you the best!

  • Amazing youtuber, on par with Mark Wiens in presentation and audio and have to say your taste in build design and quality is excellent. looking forward to the next build.

  • it's a work of art- I love your projects

  • That is one of the coolest looking pcs I've seen in a while

  • I wish I could make something like this. Maybe one day..

    • You can make something like this. You just have to start and practice. Have fun doing so, and don't give up when things are not perfect. Enjoy the process and do it a bit better next time.

  • This was one of the BEST PCs I've ever seen🔥

  • Very nice, love the details and craftsmanship!

  • I love it, what a great looking machine.

  • Thank you for making videos for us, please do keep us updated on the dock for this pc.

  • "I'd like something with more character" Thinks of all the other cases you've made. Well here we go Edit: My favourite build so far :D

    • @Daniel Stellmon Companies often use rendering servers like that.

    • Your username :D :D

    • I still prefer, and hope to make one, the 2 part PC. The one with stuff you use on the desktop and the other half in another room.

  • How in the word this video has so much less then others on your channel? This is pure art

  • this is awesome, as all your other stuff is. keep up the great work!!!!!

  • I knew the Noctua D-15 was a beast of a cooler but it looks hilarious on that ITX board! The end result was absolutely gorgeous though. Fantastic job!

  • Every single of this guy's videos is just plain awesome!

  • Matt saying "It looks great!" is the positivity and encouragement I need in my daily life

  • You can get a wire brush for an angle grinder to give any metal a really nice brushed look. Saves a lot of sanding time

  • for your cleaning process you might try playing with ferric chloride; the liquid used to etch copper circuit boards, depending on your desired effect it sometimes leads in to some interesting texture on different metals(with or without cleaning, look into acid etched knives)... love what you do, great stuff:)