DIY Perks Studio Tour

פורסם בתאריך 20 אוג 2019
In this video I'll be showing you my studio space, as well as the equipment I use to make my videos and how I light the shots etc. Enjoy! Links to everything below.
These links are 'affliliate links' which means I may earn a small commission from purchases made through them (at no cost to the purchaser).
Tripod: /
Atomos Ninja V Recorder:
Cube Lights:
Deity S-Mic 2:
Rode Wireless GO:
Blackview S8:
Light Projects:
Watercooled Spotlight:
Studio Tube Lights:
LCD TV into Light Panels:

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  • It's pretty amazing how you make such a small space feel like an entire house in your videos. I had no idea this was all in one small room!

  • Areas that I appreciated about this video: -perspective shots that show the actual dimensions of your space. -your continued emphasis on practicality of equipment regardless of age. -your mindset of progress over perfection. Thank you for sharing this video. I really enjoyed it.

  • My most favorite ILaward creator, so humble and efficient. No adobe or final cut or expensive RED but still superb video quality and ever better contents.

    • yeah ,this is the greatest channel

    • @Mike yeah, I should have put a comma between the two.

    • @Utkarsh small nitpicking, techno has nothing to do with EDM, just saying.

    • MKBHD

  • Wow! I never imagined your workshop and studio would be so small. This puts all your projects in an even more impressive light. Keep it up Mat, you were one of our idols when starting our channel. And still is!

  • Hey Matt, what is your educational background? Do you come from an engineering background or did you develop your skills independently? Thanks in advance!

    • If you're still wondering, what i found after a short search : - Bachelor of Arts (BA)Cinematography and Film/Video Production in 2010 - Filmmaker since 2012, based in Manchester - Experience on numerous short films, documentaries, music videos, photography, taking pictures of bands, events and fashion. No mention of engineering studies, probably a self taught (or what 'Gilles Gmail Grosset' said). One sure thing, a diligent sportsman 😉

    • He probably didn't have an official education. He's self taught and is talented, no amount of education can bring you to this level it's just through experience and passion for what he does

    • @Gilles Gmail Grosset - I’m a mechanical engineer with also a fair bit of solar / electronics / programming experience. I can tell from the way he talks about and handles things that he has intimate knowledge of that which his videos are about. Having said that, he seems to steer clear of microcontrollers and programming, which I think could have made some of his efforts quite a bit easier; however, his attention to detail and perfectionism make up for that, and the end result is always superb.

    • @Alpha Omega he's a funny guy 😆

  • Hats off to you. It's really motivating to see your space and the level of work you do in this small space. Big fan here from Pakistan 😍

    • Are you in greylist?

    • And we are your big fan sr ❤️

    • And sir you are our motivation.. Literally sir I have a bachelors degree in computer science but I'm doing job in graphics and this wasn't possible without you.. Thank you very much Sir ❤️❤️ Allah Always bless you

  • Wow your room looks tiny but the look on camera it looks massive 😍🎥

    • What a difference a lens can make.

  • Hi...your professional equipment is one reasons for your success with this channel. Everything looks and feels as a high quality production. But the biggest value on this channel is, is you. The way you explain things together with your great gentle voice is really the key feature for your channel... I just want to tell you this... Greetings from germany Maurice

    • I totally agree :)

    • @Santo Pino Northern England,probebly Manchester.

    • Just funny to me how he pronounces the "U", don't know what British dialect that comes from, I think from the north.

    • Ben detto... (Well said in Italian)

    • @Gustav Holmström Kartoffeln sind gesund! (Potatoes are healthy!)

  • What a great message at the end! I love how it wasn't a "look at all my stuff" video. It's amazing how well you make your own lighting! Way to be a positive influence to starting creators!!!

  • You never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity and wit, my friend. You make a lot of other channels look like they're napping. Great work!

  • I've got several boom mic stands I've modified with a tripod head on the end to achieve a similar setup for overhead shots. Your version looks a good deal more stable. I might throw something together myself in a similar fashion.

  • Wow! I thought you would've had a proper studio and massively expensive equipment! To see you having a TINY place and almost all homemade equipment is truly humbling! Keep it up man!

  • Matt, stop being so nice and inspiring! In all seriousness you are truly an inspiration as to what can be done and how easily you can overcome hurdles, and while I'm not a content creator in this particular platform, I do found extremely motivational your small pep talks during most of your vids, thank you so much for the effort.

  • So impressive how you produce such a quality show in such a restricted space... always a pleasure watching your content (your creativity is inspiring). Thanks for sharing Matt 😄.

  • I was always wondering about your obsession with making things 'neat and tidy' and space saving and silent... Now, having seen your tiny studio.. all of these design choices make way more sense. Also, SO glad you are back to producing 'regular' content again and the new projects have been amazing. Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the great work!

  • I thought I need more space to make my studio, but you inspired me

  • Love this video! I find your enthusiasm, creativity and mindset very contagious and one of the reasons i love this channel. I've always wanted to set up a repair/fabrication channel similar to your own but never had the confidence especially on the camera/lighting side. Very helpful video thanks! :)

  • Thanks Matt, as a self employed person spending all day in my screen printing workshop, I love the chance to see behind the scenes of your work space. The care you take in creating quality videos has really paid off. Great work!

  • 1:23 what is the name of this storage ? Can you provide link to buy ?

  • It's amazing that you've accomplished the things that you have in such a small space. Also, that camera rig is amazing, it's like a miniaturized jib. If I did any camera work that's what I'd want, it looks super versatile.

  • Can't believe it's been 5 years, I remember the CPU cooler on the GPU like it was yesterday! I haven't missed a video ever since and even tried a few of the simpler builds. Great video as usual! Thanks for all the tips! To 5 more years!

  • Absolutely amazing. I realize now that I have the same amount of working space you have, and almost the same level of hardware, and yet your video quality is right up there with the best creators on ILaward. You truly inspire me, thanks alot, Matt.

  • Love this channel, Matt you're a great inspiration to me. Getting together all the bits to build the concrete bluetooth speaker.

  • That is amazing what he can do in such a small space. Makes me appreciate my small room more

  • This is pure gold! Excellent info and I imagined the room as 4x in size and thought you had multiple rooms for filming in. Mind blown!

  • What an epic space! This level of creativity and refinement its so rare to see. This video gave me a lot of ideas, thank you so much!

  • I've been following a little over a year now, and I hadn't realized how "small" your office is. You've done a great job at opening up the space even though it is quite limited. Excellent work on your projects and channel. 😎👍✌

  • Matt, I really have to tell you that I love your style of work and production! You are so full of outstanding ideas and are able to describe it in a way that everybody understands you and the steps you need to make. Keep on the nice quality and your wonderful charming voice! Lots of love.

  • Oh, brilliant! I've been wondering when you'd upload your next video. I'm a relatively recent subscriber and immensely enjoy your content, your projects are top notch and I love the way you speak, Matt! So relaxing to watch.

  • It's amazing to see how much you can do with a room of this size. It was really inspiring! thanks for sharing!

  • I’m speechless right now, thinking of what I could done before in my life but didn’t, I’ll start working on that, thanks a lot for sharing you really did a great things that’s blow our mind❤️

  • What a nice studio!!! Within the first minute of the video I got several great inspirations to incorporate into my studio!! The whole video is a bounty!!! Thank you darlin!!!😘

  • Years ago, I was inspired by you to make my own DIY projects. This video was truly an eye opener as I never knew you did everything in such a small space and with old equipment. Thank you for being an inspiration & teaching us how to make things with what we have lying around!

  • One of the most unique setup tours I've watched. :) Also, it's almost unfair to other people since they can't make everything like you :P (I mean, yes they can technically, but I've never made anything by watching your videos, I just see them for entertainment/ideas/knowledge)

  • Matt, fantastic studio tour. Always like what you do creatively. Although I wont be able to do half of these things you do and the materials you use, but those certainly give me some ideas and encouragement to constantly upcycle and reuse, be it repurposing electronics, old hardware, wires or even planks of wood! Keep at it mate.

  • That gimbal hack is great.

    • @Stoojinator gimbal designed to exclude tripod...

    • @loganpizza Not really a hack, is it. When that's what it's designed for.

    • @Stuart Johnson the gimbal keeps the camera stable on the tripod so he can just easily move the tripod

    • What was the hack? I missed that part.

  • Nice to see the inner workings of a channel I've enjoyed for so long.

  • Hey Matt, I love your video's! They are clear, crisp, excellent in quality and my word they sometimes even get close to the likes of ASMR. I hope you keep producing these impressive video's because quite a few of your video's are already on my to-do list! Now I just need to find the time and space for it.. See what I did there^^ Cheers from across the channel!

  • Incredible. Always thought you were endowed with an huge workshop, the way you've framed shots and used your skills to work within your finite space is awesome. You may think your gear and equipment help produce the quality content but it's really you. Your attention to detail, eye for framing and presentation skills that really make this channel shine!

  • How wonderful. My wife and I live in a tiny house on wheels, and this video is truly an inspiration! I do a great lot of daily, and often tedious, organization. A worry of mine has been that at some point our space may become limiting to the delightful sort of creativity you feature here. But seeing the space you work in is nothing short of a gift! Thank you for the inadvertent encouragement!

  • your projects are amazingly detailed and fun, they take away from just how great everything is shot and lit up, the lighting and setting in this channel as a cool, futuristic, minimal vibe to it.

  • Brilliant Matt - expert and helpful advice, amazing you have done all this work in quite a small space and it looks fab!

  • Always loved your segments, simple, clean with a wonderful ideas. As a side note I started using Vegas by Sonic Foundry them over the years updated about 10 times. Best editing software ever. Can't afford the latest but my Sony version is fine.

  • the fact that he uses his own DYI projects for these videos shows how much quality his DYI projects actually have, i will hopefully be building most of these projects for when i want to kick off my twitch channel or something, to create my own content. keep up the awesome work man!

  • Excellent video, thanks for the support showing us "small" you tubers what we can do with what we have. Love the work desk idea with snap together floor boards! Thanks for making this vid!

  • Very insightful and pretty cool to see how you make the most out of confined studio spaces. Thanks for mentioning the plants too

  • Every time I watch one of your videos I feel as if I underrate your content in the back of my mind until I notice. This channel has been one of the the most consistent in terms of production quality, and despite the massive improvements in everything from projects to production, it still feels as if I am watching your early videos. I think this is a true testament to the nature of your creativity and understanding of the channels community, to keep a set of creative morals for so long but make every video seem different and fresh. It's nice to see a creator that grows beyond the scope of the algorithm and I look forward to what you bring to the table in the future.

  • You are massively inspiring. I’m new to your channel and you’re ideas and build’s have given me some great ideas, also proving that you don’t need a huge workspace to do it. Thank you.

  • The professional level of your video are just amazing everything from the explaining the execution. The whole idea and look of the final product it looks like something you buy from a shop. And all that made in that small environment. Thank u for existing.

  • Another fantastic video. I love the smallest touches of the flooring for a worktop and the addition of plants. Those really pull some of the best shots together!

  • I've been watching you since you built your wooden PC, I'll be watching you when you make one out of Unobtanium or whatever you have planned next! Way to go, Matt!

  • Woah! I always imagined that the space that you worked in was way larger, but you've made such excellent use of the small space that you have!

  • Thank you for the motivational video, it's really incredible what you've accomplished with your space, and I'm absolutely guilty of stifling my own creativity because of being unsatisfied with my space. No excuses! Thanks for the video as always!

  • Loved seeing all the little things you've built and done in your studio to make your videos so professional looking! The things you've made and the quality of these videos are seriously impressive, thanks for what you do!

  • After all this time I would have never guessed you were working in such a limited space! Well done sir and keep up the great content! 👍👍

  • Thank you sir for showing us the amazing space you have, it really hit me when you talked about the spirit of keep on making stuff rather than focusing on perfection or looking for excuses here and there.

  • Its amazing what u do in your small wardrobe where other youtubers literally have a hall of machinery. I love your content, its utterly inspiring!!! Keep going!

  • It's amazing how much you can do in such a small space! You're creating a new trend, tiny studios.

  • Absolutely brilliant! Awesome to see how you don’t spend ridiculous amounts on equipment etc and are actually using the items you create to work for you. Love your channel!

  • Awesome to see what you are able to pull off in such a relative small space and that gimbal usage does a great job making your film workflow so much easier and quicker

  • You are an amazing creator with such innovative and magnificent re-purposing projects. I truly admire you skill and vision. Your attention to detail is something I love the absolute most. Thank you for being so in-depth and concise. Never stop creating, my friend.

  • Great video Matt! Thank you for the tour. I love that you repurpose so many things. I have just a small corner of our living room and the Fold Down Desk computer is something I am going to seriously look into. Thank you for all your work, amazing ideas and videos! May God prosper all you put your hands to.

  • I make ILaward videos from my workshop in the corner of a basement. This elaborate workshop consists of a folding table that is at a hight between sitting and standing as well as a stack of crates that I keep some supplies in and place my 3d printer on top of. I also have some small shelves and organizers that I made out of cheap resources. It is cool to see that super awesome stuff can be made in a small space.

  • Not super related to the video, but Matt, I would love to see you make a guitar amp. I recently made an electric guitar and instrument electronics are fascinating. Making a decent one would be a step up in complexity from your speaker builds but with the Amazing designs you have come up with for other projects I have no doubt that you would make it fantastic and cleanly designed. Maybe you won't see this, but I wanted to make the suggestion. I love your videos, keep up the good work!

  • Such a great response to all of us, thank you for your engeneering and design stuff, I've made some led strip lights from your diy (of course they are not quite similar, but works) and again, thank you for the inspiring!

  • You always made super high-quality production seem effortless. Now that I see the amount of thought + attention to detail, it all makes sense.

  • I swear that your channel makes youtube feel like a different platform. Love the content and the mindset. Keep it up

  • As a ILawardr I recognize many of the solutions. Improvised lightning, acoustic wall tiles, microphones etc. Very well done, and inspiring. Thanks!

  • An awesome inspiring view into a creators space. Love this video and the work you do for the all the creator community out there. Respect and please keep the coming.

  • I've watch your videos for a while now, amazing stuff. Love the lighting and the ease flow you have on your videos....this one just made me a clear picture on how its all made. Thx for a great one. :)

  • You are awesome, and I love the quality of your cheap products! You really take cheap DIY to a whole new level, making professional finish on the builds! Great job!

  • I really enjoyed this tour of your work/presentation area. I loved the snap-together flooring desktop. I kept looking for it in your wide-angle shots but couldn't see it--then you showed how you used the flooring to change the look of your desk. Brilliant!

  • I feel you on the small space. Right now I'm confined to just a small table attached to a wall in a corner. Serves as a multipurpose tool for everything that I do. Glad to see I'm not the only one but makers got to make. Found your channel a while back and always looked forward to the next project.

  • I love your projects man. You always make such clean builds! The aesthetics are perfect.

  • Always nice to watch your videos! Keep them coming. Thank you for showing how you film, good to see some behind the scenes and workflow.

  • Your videos are gems of the DIY Community! We root for those little details and hacks you do and share with us! Cheers!

  • You and your content are so awesome and wholesome! Thanks for everything man!!! BTW I am tempted on doing the hidrocooled battery lamp but with a Bowens mount! Keep being as awesome as you are

  • Matt, Thanks for the behind-the-scenes glimpse at DIY Perks. Clearly you have carefully built up a system that works well for you over time. As a long-time viewer I can attest that your videos are always watchable and enjoyable. I would suggest, if I may, that you use an extension for your lav mic. The box clipped to your collar line is a tad distracting. if you can run a short line from a tiny lav mic down your shirt to the box clipped to your waist line or even stowed in your pocket, it would be much cleaner and less distracting. Hope you don't mind the bit of constructive criticism (offered up in the spirit of being helpful)

  • Been watching for quite a few years and now that I'm also 2 years into youtube really appreciate the ins and outs of a bigger channel but at the same time very similar in resources :) Cheers Matt, very interesting

  • That tripod is what I have been wanting for ages without realizing it, because it can position the camera to look straight down on something on a table. I had only been envisioning some kind of ceiling-mounted arm for that, but the the fancy tripod looks a lot more practical. It also looks quite possible to make a DIY version of.