DIY Smart Mirror (that doesn't steam up!)

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In this video I'll be showing you how to make a smart mirror that you can watch ILaward videos in, AND it will never steam up! Also, visit to get your shaving starter set for just $3!
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USB-C Power Board:
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Speaker wiring note: All speakers have a resistance, called Ohm. If a speaker has 8ohms, and you wire 6 of them up in series, the resistance will be 48ohms (6 x 8 = 48), which is too much for an amplifier. Wiring them in parallel results in 1.4Ohms (8 / 6 = 1.333) which is too little for the amplifier. So, what I did was divide the 6 speakers into 3 sets of 2, and wire each set of 2 together in series for 16ohm. I then connected these 3 16ohm sets in parallel to result in an overall resistance of 5.4Ohms, which should be within a typical expected range for an amplifier (4 to 8 ohms).

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  • One minute in: Well, this doesn't look so difficult, expensive and time consuming. Eight minutes in: Nevermind...

    • this has happend to me too XD

    • @Al B fr

    • I mean I'd probably make the anti steam part. And maybe the speaker as I always listen to podcasts

    • @Hi Ich Bin Barney Never apologize for this shit. Let that guy get mad over jokes who cares

  • 10:15 Again, as this will be in the back, you don't need to give it much attention when painting it... *Makes it flawless*

    • EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! theres only like 1 small bit on the bottom right that i noticed, but thats it

    • Its far from flawless... there are still gaps around the seal and the side paint is chipped away in many shots...

    • Hahahahaha!!

  • "I used a 3D printer to make the brackets for the speakers," this man is a genius, an artist, an computer engineer and a carpenter at the same time. "Let Him Build"

    • IRL Bob the builder

    • Regards from Costa Rica; wonder if there's someone as equally as creative as this man, but with trains? 🤔 Costa Rica needs lots of trains as public transport is so chaotic

  • I was so ready to start making one, and as I continued watching I realised I don’t have any of the things mentioned except a hot glue gun😭

    • @Diz Asteraz 🤣🤣🤣

    • Out of all the supplies needed, I have a bathroom. That's about it.

    • @Diz Asteraz 🤣

    • @pyv pvy I think it was a joke....

    • @pyv pvy chill.

  • This is stunning. I'd argue, even more so than some of the other awesome things you've built. Just a question though, is it okay to leave an exposed PCB and/or components like a chromecast in a room full of steam?

  • i never thought that Theon Greyjoy would be that genius

    • Stinker.

    • all it took was too lose his manhood

    • Oh thank god, it's not just me.

    • Reek

  • For widening the holes in the frame: Just measure the depth of the treated inserts, measure this on your drill and put a piece of tape on the drill. You will never go too deep. As always, this was another very nice project.

  • I like the de-misting effect, but wouldn't it be easier just to use a de-fog/steam chemical to coat the glass? Not sure if this would affect video quality of the smart mirror but I doubt it.

  • I admire this man’s content every thing is neatly made just like his end products thanks for your great content sir,

  • there are hydrophobic coating sprays u can use on mirrors and car glass to prevent condensation, maybe an easier alternative to filling the mirror with hot water

    • @Alan Malcheski Rain X works great as long as you dont apply a ton and actually apply it correctly. Don't just apply it once and wipe over it, you really need to 'buff it' like how you would apply wax on a car until all the residue is gone.

    • If it wasn't sponsored i'm sure you would not be seeing all that was done to make it not steam up.

    • @Luca L was that chrisfix. he does a lot of car cleaning and repair stuff and he did a big episode on anti-fog stuff

    • @Jon Johnson LOL...I can tell that you don't understand how condensation works.

    • @thedesk It's the same thing. Shave cream is another name for shaving *soap*. I use a hard bar of soap, rub it all over the mirror, and polish with a dry cloth (washcloth that I then use to clean myself). The mirror doesn't steam up and cost is negligible (maybe a penny of soap used). No. It won't show they time or temperature, but I have a smart phone and a weather station that does both of those already. Regardless, it's a nifty project and can spark other ideas, though. I'd do something like this for a super big digital picture frame that could connect to a Raspberry Pi and display lots more stuff. But I'd just use a spare TV tilted 90-degrees (portrait orientation) instead of building a two-way mirror frame. And it wouldn't be in the bathroom, so no need to be "steam free". Just hanging on the wall to be my daily planner/calendar, show weather, time, and any other info I want.

  • This guy's definition of DIY is probably, "Did It Yesterday."

  • I happen to be a customer of Harry's and they are a good company. One thing: I don't know if many people who use their product realize when you turn the razor over there is a tiny hidden blade for getting tight places like under your nose and squaring off side burns. Just hold the handle at nearly 90 degrees to make it work properly. A very cool feature!

  • I’m learning that making videos is A LOT of work. If I want these awesome people to continue, I have to start supporting through what drives your revenue: ads. And you deserve it. Thank you for the work you put into making a clean, informative, and interesting video.

  • I don't ever comment but this video is simply amazing. I love your DIY videos. I can't wait to try this one when I live in my own home someday.

  • Thanks mate, I love all your work. Well thought out and clearly broken down. Love to chat with you one day to see what else I could make out of old stuff laying around

  • I always love watching your videos. You’re really good at structuring them 🙏

  • "I got this screen from an old laptop." Proceeds to take off brand-new protective film from the screen.

    • Yea cause a newer model laptops replacement parts would be more expensive

    • There's another video of his where he talks about how to disassemble a laptop yourself. Otherwise you can buy these old screens on ebay, which is probably what he did here

    • Maybe he stockpiles old screens and covers them with film to protect them until use or maybe he bought an old screen off ebay and that's how it came

    • he didnt say the old laptop was used one. I too have few unused pieces of technology stored that are couple of years old due to them being already obsolete.

  • Love it.... at the Grand Floridian they have smart mirrors in the DVC rooms. Ever since then I have wanted to make one. I have been holding on to my original surface with the idea of using this or have another screen that is not touch screen that is much larger but extremely thin led. Was thinking tv/ framed mirror in the bedroom. Great inspiration

  • Nice looking mirror, although I'm not entirely convinced by the idea of having to attach it to a tap and wait a few minutes for it to fill. Plus I would think it would be prone to leaking with time due to limescale build up.

    • @Milos Atanackovic hairdryer pumping some heat into it or cold shower

    • Overthought. A nice little raspberry pi, small lcd screen, microphone and a speaker you have an alexa smart mirror. Put a small cpu fan to keep air moving and screen won’t fog.

    • @N.D. ne znam da li LED pravi dovoljnu toplotu da bi zagrejalo ogledalo, uglavnom su im niske radne temperature.

    • @Milos Atanackovic on se igrao sa led stripom iz starog TV i mogao je to iskoristiti za zagrijevanje površine "ogledala" pri tom bi radio sa 12 v.

  • As the creator of the original interactive mirror many years ago, i must say, hats off to you. I've seen MANY copies over the years - this one's a winner.

    • one thing i'd do differently... fiberboard/MDF should be a no-no even when primed and painted. Its use scares me in the bathroom, likely to change shape over time thanks to hot showers.

  • I have a few questions regarding stability maintenence and some changes. Wouldnt the steam/water vapour tear down the eletronic components? If yes, is there a solution for it (Like humidity sponges and so)? Wouldnt the wood get swollen with humidity? (i dont know anything about woodworking) And finally, wouldn't it be easier to just coat your mirror/panel with hidrophobic coat? Thank you for your videos

  • I feel like smarthouses will become a thing as people do more things like this.

  • Pretty solid implementation. I'd like to see a money-is-no-object version of this design. edit: you didn't use a Raspberry Pi!?!?!?! why not?

  • ‘First we need to build a frame” I was following up to this point...

    • @Priscila Guimarães did you complete it ?

    • Same here 😄

    • @white kanye west the bully and yet you dont provide deets

    • Just in case you want to make it cheaper and better. But his is still cool

    • I found a way not to build a frame Can’t build one so after a lot of research I found a way where you don’t have to build a frame and the smart mirror in total would come out to $100 which is the same price as just the screen and it also does a lot better stuff then his

  • You are truly amazing. Your super power is the ability to make your ideas happen. You take DIY to a whole new level and I love it!

  • Would've been perfect if you made a cover for the USB board, since a bathroom can steam up so much that the water can run down the wall tiles, onto your USB board. on another note: using shaving cream to clean the mirror also works to defog the mirror, so no need for a defogging system inside. + would've been a nice wink to your sponsor in this one :)

  • I've watched a few of DIY Perks videos and I'm not at all sure who the target audience is. I'm a fairly experienced maker in the woodworking/metalworking/electronics field and whilst I appreciate the clever techniques in these videos I find it hard to imagine just who has the time and inclination to do these projects.

  • This is awesome and super easy to follow. It’s going to be the perfect gift for someone’s birthday, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day.

  • You will need to coat those exposed PCBs with some conformal costing or corrosion will develop rather soon.

    • exactly my thought!

    • @Percy Fawcett that takes more energy, skill and courage than building 100 of these things! Of course, tepid also works....

    • No all you need is ALUMINUM AND MDF

    • @Matt Tester if your ECU die because of moisture, I'm afraid you got bigger problems than ECU rust, sometimes conforming coating something acts as a heatshield prob need to check out heat output

    • @Matt Tester I used to work at a manufacture of circuit boards. My car was acting up and running rich and all kinds of things. Found out the ECU was getting wet from a leak traveling into its enclosure. What a nightmare to find out what was causing it but brought it into work and sent it through the bath and drying process with formal coating at the end and never had a problem after that. Sealed everything.

  • Dude you are amazing IV been watching your builds and I'm beyond impressed, do you ever do builds for people on request?

    • I want one of these mirrors so bad!

  • The only problem I see with this diy(btw awesome job!) is that although the steam wont fog up the mirror it might start creating problems on the electronics in the long run. I mean from a simple shower the steam will go everywhere and probably ruin all that hard work that was put into this project

  • I mean, I've built a Smart Home of my own, on my own, & I'm always looking to add more stuff to it (like this one). But somehow watching videos while shaving doesn't seem like a good idea. 🪒🩸 Awesome project nevertheless, well done. 👍🏻

    • I assume thats more for when you're brushing your teeth.

  • Definitely going to build this one for sure. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Hi! Cool video. I've been thinking about making a kind of a hallway version of this project, without water protection and with a plug in power supply. What kind of power supply should I use? Maybe an old laptop charger? What would you recommend for the power supply if I buy the screen/display driver linked on your video? I thought of using a "electric socket timer" or whatever it's called for turning the mirror off for the night to lower power usage and to avoid the screen burning in.

  • Some brilliant ideas in this video, he makes it look so easy! I wouldn't bother with the water heating, just leave the window open.. Many thanks for the inspiration!

  • I almost wish that he had used crossovers for all of the speaker drivers so that each driver receives a designated frequency range and thus sounds a lot better quality while keeping the same loudness. It would be interesting to see if my theory works!

  • I get a feeling who actually can do this themselves. But the conviction of this guy is exceptional. Each step is explained with a 100% confidence then everyone watching is actually following the steps in real-time.

  • The water tank is a good idea, though having it sealed (and using distilled water) with a small heating element at the bottom and relying on convection flow to heat the whole thing. Also cover all the electronics in non-conductive waterproof conformal coating to protect them from corrosion etc.

    • RainX anti fog for car windows wouldve been a much better choice.

  • You could also use a coating on the glass or acrylic that prevents steam, they make shaving mirrors out of the stuff already.

  • Awesome job, and an awesome tutorial how to do it! Congrats! By the way, there's a fun fact with Harry's (the sponsor of this video): although they manufacture in Germany, they actually do not deliver to Germany :-D (I know, it is because of a mixed reason of market saturation, taxation rules and etc, but still a funny thing).

  • How do you plan this stuff out?! Literally the best channel on ILaward.

  • You can use solar cells behind the mirror to charge the power bank with stray light. If you use it rarely enough and have enough solar panels, you can also install electric heating pads which will de-fog the mirror. Don't forget to protect everything against corrosion.

  • I would love to see more DIY videos that you don't need so much equipment to get done if possible. great job anyhow.

  • I love all of your videos. You’re builds are unique and thought out very well. Id love to see a Wireless Apple Car Play (or Wireless Android Auto) custom build hopefully in the near future!

  • I wish Smart mirrors became more main stream. All the "smart mirrors" that are available for purchase only show the time and weather. I want to be able to use google assistant, watch shows, answer calls/messages. Imagines it having a sensor that can scan your face and provide a real time outline of where and how to shave to get the style you want. Hopefully this becomes a thing in 10 years.

  • Love your videos dude, that’s a very creative idea! Going to try it myself

  • this man is a legend, I wish I could do this kinda stuff

  • I was thinking the water system was silly but thinking about it, in a “real” installation of a full sized wall mounted mirror you could link the water that fills the mirror up to the hot after for the shower so that whenever you are using the shower, the mirror gets its hot water. That way you’re not wanting water keeping your mirror steam free, as you’ll be showering with it after it comes out of the mirror.

    • There are low wattage aquarium water heaters with thermostat, and this project desperately needs one; the builder knows, but he did not want to divert battery power to it. I personally think not hooking this up to a GFCI outlet is a mistake. Let it be be charged automatically instead of babysitting the charge needs.

  • What a project! Epic! But I would like a more permanent solution. Thinking of switching out the chromevast with a Pi, and drilling through the wall, so it can be permantly powered. But still, this is awesome!

  • What about instead of using warm water, you just coat the mirror with a clear hydrophobic coating, so any condensed water would just run off? Would require no external source of water.

  • Since i found this channel my translation of "DIY" is I can't do it.

    • Yeah you could say it stands for "Dat's Impossible Yo" xD

    • ICDI

    • macgyver

    • Ima go past DIY anf fully machine a frame from aluminum, and it will only be 1.1 inches thick

    • I'm more into DIW, 'Done It Wrong'. :)

  • I love these diy’s im keen on making one myself once I finish watching every video this channel has to offer

  • It’s probably been said before but couldn’t you use some kind of hydrophobic solution on the mirror surface instead of that water filling system?

  • Can’t wait until he DIYs a self driving lawnmower and it accidentally wins the Grand Prix

    • Ferrari should definitely hire him. Or Merc, they could use some Lawnmowers

    • "accidently"?

  • This man builds the coolest things that are actually home made. Waiting to get a house to maybe try a few :P

  • Best idea so far! These videos are a constant inspiration for lots of people. Here's a recommendation: include a rough price estimate for what these would cost to build. I know it's pretty difficult to determine, but maybe you could produce a simple chart including the materials for the project with estimated prices, and builders with several of those materials laying around could subtract that price. Just a thought. Great video as always.

  • I'm really curious how this would stand trial of time. I can imagine bacteria and fungi will love the water residue from the heating system (maybe the water should circulate in tubes only?) and I've got the impression all the boards and chromecast aren't protected from moisture?

  • This is very cool 😎! Very smart indeed. How much did it cost you for the materials do you think? Must be very satisfying when you see it up and running! Well done.

  • did it myself just by now and it is amazing thx for the tutorial

  • Hi Matt, I'm trying to build this mirror and a friend of mine has a 3D-printer to help and print the holder for the power bank. Do you still have the file, that you used for printing and can you send it to me? Thank you so much for your help and greetings from Germany!

  • you never stop impressing me with your well thought out, amazing designs! keep it up matt you always lift my spirits!

  • This channel is insanely good. At 10:22 he says 'It should look something like this.' And it looks like it just came off a production line. :D

  • That is so cool! I am thinking about doing this as a fun DIY project

  • I think there is a much easier way to protect the mirror from blur. What if you put a layer of wax above it! 😉

  • "Well, it's something I expect is quite unlikely, but I'll help you anyway" This. This is the hero we didn't know we wanted, but the hero we needed.

    • @Sean eeeh i like v10s more cause they sound sexy

    • You like your mustangs and v8s

  • Damn, I forgot to charge my mirror

    • thought it was just me

    • Damn, ...I forgot my joke.

    • @carterdoesthings can you show me exactly how shut can go up?

    • Show me all the awesome things you have engineered that surpass his design.

  • I'm probably going the shorter route of putting a small lcd screen that just shows me the time and weather forecast. I don't have the time or need to watch videos in the bathroom, but kudos for the project and it's totally doable also for the novices out there! Your result might not look like his, but it's yours and the feeling when you can say out loud: "I made that", priceless!

  • Did you make that lamp or find it somewhere? Really loving the design and I want one !

  • Nice content, this mirror's been my dream since I saw "A Day Made of Glass", maybe I'll do it some day.

  • Well. I think you can use a resistance made of SS or other material that can deflect ohmic resistance with the temperature and use it for unmist effect or calculate by hand the current and resistance. I think you'd probably get this unmist effect with 40º Celsius or something close to this. This might sound complicated, but after all the process you should already be used to electronic eng.

  • Did anyone else come in to this video thinking "Ima build myself a smart mirror" then 5 minutes in "Are you f***ing kidding me!"

    • @LittleGameDev I could build you one, but not for $218 obviously. Lol I won't even consider the "anti-fog" portion however. It's quite simply retarded. I also wouldn't use some shitty little phone or tablet either. Only way I'd build it would be with an actual PC monitor and probably a Raspberry Pi, would make for a MUCH better, more powerful, and customizable unit. Only thing is for a high quality piece, you need to use a piece of real two-way mirror, which isn't cheap. Could probably also work in Alexa or similar, some decent little speakers, or bluetooth to connect to an external speaker, etc. Sky's the limit really depending on how much you're willing to spend. Could make it as big as you'd want, and I even have a few ideas on how I could easily make it touchscreen.

    • yes my friend

    • @Stephen Gresser soldering isn't really hard for basic stuff like this There's barely anything to learn

    • lol..that's me

  • love this channel & the ideas he comes up with love it

  • Great work! It would be nice to have a touchscreen :)

  • I'd go with two heated water channels pumping the water from the bottom to the top and heating it as it goes. Would take a little while to heat it up, but enough time is given as a shower takes some time as well. No need to place the heating elements inside the mirror, behind it works just as well. Just for the convenience of not having to replace the water every single morning or whenever you're taking a shower. Would just have to top it off with water every now and then.

  • The most aesthetic channel on youtube. Never stop this creativity!

  • I have a challenge for you: How about a “magic” mirror which allows the user to sit at her vanity and do her hair with a view of her reflection in the central mirror and a second view of the back of her head in the (technologically) enchanted one? I know you’ve got ideas, man.

  • I'd love this in my kitchen, with a way of receiving and displaying text messages or notifications so the family could text the mirror rosters, plans, shopping lists etc

  • "And it works reliably without using electricity" Well nope ^^ "It's far from magic" It would be if it would work without electricity ^^ Nonetheless great video as always. So many projects to be build now as I have enough time on my hands.

    • On the first, he was clearly referring to the "demisting" function of the mirror as running without electricity. I can see it being interpreted that way, however.

  • This is amazing. Literally I'm unable to stop watching Your videos man :)

  • dude.. this is the future we always wanted but never bothered making. Imagine your kitchen counter as an entire screen, that would rule.

    • @Ebi-chan he was being sarcastic

    • @john smith if you have smart light bulbs and a smart speaker it's already possible. Heck add some smart plugs to your house and it will be completely connected

    • Yup, imagine a future where you can turn lights on and off with just your voice, or ask for a song to play by just saying it out loud, can't wait for that future.

    • @rm709 a screen can be used for a lot more than watching videos...

    • This already exists... and not in a counter.. which is pointless. If you spend that much time watching things... try actually doing something. What a waste...