I built a PC out of rope and wood...

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In this video I show you how I built a unique sculptural PC!
Big thanks to the following manufacturers and distributors for helping to support this project:
Western Digital with their 2TB m.2 drive
Burson Audio with their Play
Zotac with their GTX 1080
Noctua with 2x NH-D15
Reichelt with the Z370-i
Overclockers UK with the Lian-li PCI-E extension cable
Here is that threaded insert tool: amzn.to/2uJOdyz
For those interested, here is the first custom built PC I made, named 'Cloud Unit': www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHoqY...

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    • yes i did

    • That's one of the best computer that I dream to have or to do in the future.. very beautiful work. Expensive but actually madeable ! Thanks Mathew for the inspiration and dreams maked real

    • coffee machine But very cool

    • Please please please please do a guide on custom heatpipes. @ 2:33 you have custom heat heatpipes. I've never seen anyone do this and would love to learn it myself. Just a guide on where to buy, what to look out for when buying, how to bend them safely and how to properly mount them to mounting plates. You are the only person I've ever seen do this, full stop.

    • "How I make coffee: " - DIY Perks -

  • I gotta admit, that's some powerful coffee machine

    • 🤣

    • funny

    • definitely the absolute first thig i saw 😂


    • im glad i was not the only one who thought that

  • Him: trying to demonstrate how quiet it is. My computer: moaning in pain so i can't tell at all

    • My corsair h100 which I refilled has really good performance but the pump sounds like a dying mule. I did some research and it sounds like that out of the box, so maybe the pump is just crap.

    • bro when he started showing off how quiet the pc is all i could hear is my 5 fans spinning at 75% lmaooo

    • relatebal

  • You should seriously start a little company, that makes custom built pc’s y’know, cuz that’s what rich people who don’t know what to do with their money, buy! Because man you got some serious skill and creativity, and your one of a kind!

    • @Fatal I mean, poor people don't usually have the money to commission custom computers... it's not like he'd be discriminating, but he has to pay for parts and also deserves to be compensated for his labor

    • And poor people also

    • Was gonna say 👍😎

    • *you're

    • I think this youtube business suits him very well as he can make every project something fresh. There are people who are tired by learning new stuff on and on and people who are bored by the repetition.

  • I swear this is the only guy who makes DIY things i would acctually recreate

    • Yep, but the modification of the GPU cooling is probably the risky one. I suggest you to do a heavy testing beforehand.

  • Funny fact: The Coffee Lake processors are called so because of this build

    • @Yirzm hahahaga me tooo

    • i almost believed you, get out of here man

  • I like how you move the plant for each shot to make the ambiance look nice. 👍🏼😁

  • When he showed how silent it is I thought it's still pretty loud until I noticed it's my PC in the background...

    • Lit comment!😂😂

    • Yes!!! I'm listening trying to hear it, but my fans are going so loud I can't hear squat...except my fans

    • Lol

    • @scally i have one but i watch vids without headphones

    • bruh just get noise cancelling headphones lmao

  • 14:00 my man is creating ASMR next to his setup, to prove its quiet. what a madladd.

    • @Thomas KG I don't understand what you mean but I died of laughter

    • I need a navy suit for war

  • **"The cable is almost 70 pounds.** Me: Jesus! It doesn't look that heavy! *3 seconds later* Me: :|... I'm not very smart.

  • It's astonishing. Really. I'm shocked how much know-how, work and precision you cram into this build

  • I really have enjoyed your videos AND builds. The narration, editing, and knowledge you deliver should be a benchmark for ILaward content producers. Thanks for the quality you deliver and the respect you give the viewers for the time invested in watching your videos. On behalf of those viewers that value time well spend and watching quality videos, thank you.

  • Been watching so many LinusTechTips videos that I'd forgotten what a PC build looks like without gear being dropped and the computer left teetering precipitously on the ledge of a table 😁 What a superb build! I hope you're really proud of it because that's a seriously stunning bit of kit you made. 👍 Congrats on the well-earned viewership!

  • The perfectionist in me cries every time you show the final products. In love with your channel and talent

  • Imagine grandma coming for a visit and starts pouring water on top cause she wants to make some coffee

    • I physically cringed just thinking about that

    • @Memento Mori Same here! 🤣

    • Ha ha

    • water cooling

    • @Kênh Hướng Dẫn what do you want bro

  • Wow! I absolutely love this. Great work! I love how your projects are a mixture of technology functionality and art.

  • Damn, this guy just took custom PC's to a whole new level

  • Wow, you sir are a master fabricator! I am simply in awe of your technical capability and prowess.

  • Wow... what an amazing piece you've built there. Just found you and immediately subscribed. A lovely bit of kit. Gives me some ideas.

  • Replace the rope with led strips and paint the wood black and bang you got yourself the "gaming" version.

    • honestly I wouldn't mind a dark stain to the timber to make it really dark, not just black paint, and diffuse the RGB so its only a mild to light accented glow.

    • @A Beginner's POV rgb expensive and bad

    • @First Name Last Name Well, where do you like to have your RGB set in, sir?

    • EEEWWWWWW!!!!!! Waste of energy! Epileptic hazard! Annoying to have it on at night! Only children want led strips. Ugh!

    • @First Name Last Name heh it does kinda look like a fridge but like in a cool good way ?

  • Matt, this is an outstanding PC build! Congratulations on your ILaward award also.

  • Inspiring stuff, man! Great work and eye. Keep em" coming!

  • Here a year later and you've now reached 2 million. Excellent quality and brilliant projects. Congratulations!

  • This looks like a coffee machine. I love your projects. They are all one of a kind. I would love to have this "mini pc". How much is it worth?

  • That's a beautiful creation. :-) If you stained it, the Queen might want to buy it for her palace.

  • What a fantastic idea and design Matt, it’s so unique and interesting with many good solutions and different use of materials. And congratulations with the One million subscribers. Keep up your great work 🎉🥇🏆. Cheers from Kenneth in Denmark 🇩🇰

  • You deserve everything better! You really makes a wonderful things. Congrats for this great work. I’m your great fan from Brazil!

  • This guy is an absolute prodigy. The creativity,the skills and how he puts everything together it amazes me every single time! Oh yeah,and so impressive how silent the PC actually is. Crazy!

  • His real passion is case mods and this is just one of the many incredible machines he has cobbled from a very strong and gifted imagination.

  • This is an amazing piece of work. Absolutely gorgeous and amazing craftsmanship.

  • That's awesome. Great job on the Million subs, many more to come I'm sure. The videos are of great quality - both editing and video quality. The content is great as well. Love the original computer builds, ya need to do a few more of them.. The dust issue will be great as there are no fans - I find my system(s) seem to collect dust on the fans and near them. Your videos are a pleasure to watch - just content and no fuss. Thanks 🍻 🇨🇦

  • It's incredible what this man makes, wow. Just recently discovered this and enjoying every video!

  • I'd love to see this revisited with Noctua's new NH-P1 passive cooler.

  • Amazing build Matt! I really enjoyed the video - an awesome concept, well-documented and shot process and a powerful + unique finished PC. Cheers!

    • PAUL!!!

    • You kids are so young. ahh..90s... reboot.

    • Getting and 'ata boy' from Paul's Hardware is right on.

    • You or one of the tech tubers should do something along this theme!

  • That was the best noise level comparison I’ve ever seen. I knew exactly how loud the system was.

  • Man, this really ia a piece of art. Great work! Thanks for sharing all in detail. 🙂👍

  • Am so happy for you, and thank you for sharing such wonderful and cool staff.

  • Wow, who knew that exposed heatsinks could have such an iconic style to them? This custom PC design is amazing and really inspiring. I love it.

  • Really unique build, I bet Linus from LinusTechTips would love to see what you did to that graphics card! xD I loved it, a really powerfull PC that shows its power through those massive air cooling grids and fans :) Man, the silent running on that thing is fenomenal! Congratulations on 1 million subs!

    • In all honesty Linus would cry when he saw how he had applied the thermal paste

    • @evilution, its Private Internet Access now, not Tunnel Bear. It was acquired by Mccafe and he no longer endorses it.

    • who is Linus? Come on people there are people far more capable than Linus... He didn't discover the internet you know

    • And linus would like to drop it

    • And that's exactly why we want him involved @evilution haha

  • Nice work my man, your projects are so ambitious and I really appreciate that.

  • His PC with only two fans and high performance hardware: *isn't picked up by low noise microphone My PC with 4 fans running minecraft: *FighterJet Turbines*

    • Repaste your hardware and heat sinks obviously, I recommend thermal grizzly kyronaut or hydronaut

  • Congratulations! Also a suggestion: to turn motherboard sideways, to use power of air convection. Maybe for future passive cooling project!

  • Beautiful build, love these components, heatsinks are a work of art ..👍

  • Came for a PC concept using wood & rope to replace digital circuits. Stayed for the GPU mod, component layout, and incredible cooling/audio performance. Well done!

    • Yeh I thought the same. Still, can't say I'm disappointed as it looks awesome

    • Same

    • Now *that's* an idea!

  • I must admit that this is an awesome DIY project! I'm impressed by the overall result and how you managed to assemble everything. I especially like how you handled GPU's cooling👌 Huge congrats! 👏

  • Can't believe I just found this channel. Impeccable content and production with every video I've seen. Beyond impressed.

  • I simply can not get enough of your content, I'll be striving to build similar things on my channel and will reference your channel every time I build something inspired by you!

  • i absolutely love the function of the form. I've always believed aesthetic should be sacrificed in favor of performance. this is what you get when you figure out how to put the aesthetic back in

  • The graphics card mod was better than the build itself, I loved it!

    • Didn't really like the Coffee machine look with rope and wood. With the dual heatsink my first idéa was to make it look like a V twin engine.

    • I would like to see more of that as well.

  • The amount of Linus and Dawid I've seen makes me appreciate more this thought-out 3rd party GPU cooler

  • I think this build is insane, I love it! If you try doing something like this again, try using liquid metal in-between the heatsink and copper plate (or solder them together). Having two layers of thermal paste for heat to conduct through might be hurting it's efficiency, though it's clearly doing well enough in spite of it.

  • One of the best channels I've subscribed to! As a PC builder, I enjoy watching all your DIY PC videos. Quite inspiring!

  • I don't think that the MOSFETs make any noise, they have no movable parts inside. In my experience with power electronics, this must be done by the coil: most probably you don't got it on a floating coil that is mechanically dampened by the cables subjecting it.

  • You should consider a custom keyboard. That would be sweet

  • I really wish I had the skill to replicate this, I'd rotate the GPU and motherboard section 90 degrees. Giving it a kind of portal turret or mangamite look rather than coffee machine. But aside from that this is beyond perfection to my mind.

  • just WOW, how professional this guy is..at explaining everything in detail, and how satisfying is to watch all of your videos.. it just make my life better.. thanks for that! what a quality builds... keep it coming, many thanks again .

  • You make some truly amazing Pc builds. Love all of your videos keep up the great work. 👍 I wish i could have a pc in general or even a laptop.

  • This is a absolute piece of art. Great job man.

  • I will not be building one anytime soon, but I admire your work and love watching these videos!

    • yep over 3000$ worth of this is as much as a car not worth it

    • no one will ha. Not until GPU's aren't 300% overpriced

  • You are a real genius bro. I've never seen such a classy and unique pc in my life. This is just awesome work.

  • Imagine this PC being cooled by the ultra complicated fan.

  • I always had an idea at the back of my head to make a PC out of high end components but the case and externals should be made of scraps. This is basically that idea but better as I love the wood and rope finish.

  • Honestly i think that you did an amazing job on this pc making it a beast machine and a piece of art. Great job with this, I'm so jealous.

  • I really like this build. At first I was thinking, "Where's the coffee jug?" However, that aesthetic of the design actually works really nice. This design would blend in on most desks. I do really like it.

    • especially if put under a wood desk of similar aesthetic

    • Doramius same

    • Same thoughts. Now we need a wood/rope coffee grinder.

  • Matthew, I have enjoyed several of your videos they are all great. Just wanted to ask, do you have any advice on the CNC machines out there, I have never had one or used one. seen how you use one for your projects and would appreciate any advice on ones out there and the pro's and con's to look out for. Have you made your own!!! if so, would be great to see that video!! thankyou.

  • I've loved so many of your videos but for some reason had put off watching this one... So cool to see you just casually slip in the unboxing of your 1M subs button at the end of an amazing build! And here you are now at nearly 2.2M!! Thank you so much for sharing your creative builds - it's inspirational. :-) I just started pulling apart an old laptop the other day and planning on making a light from the screen at the very least. Looking forward to more videos to come. Cheers!! :-)

  • Make it out of metal, add some futuristic blue glow, and i'd be all over the design with the heatsinks poking out. Looks awesome dude!

  • Congratulations on your 1M (3.3M now, 3 years later) subscribers, and thank you for all the amazing content you upload. I love your channel! Keep up the good work!

  • Where else on ILaward can you find a *custom PC case made of wood and rope?* Your content is so unique and impressive, I never get bored of your videos. Keep up the great work!

  • looks like a coffe machine :P other than that it must be awesome to be able to fully customize your PC - i wish I could do that

  • Amazing and wonderful skills and ideas! Impressive indeed! Very inspiring for my future wood pc build.. Thank you!

  • Hands down, the most creative computer case I have ever seen! You would be a fool not to market that! Sign me up, I'd buy!

  • Congratulations. I watch this 2 years later and you're at 2.54M subscribers. Looks like there's some binge watching to catch up on. It's so nice to listen to an English accent describing things, especially without saying "without further ado".

  • Okay, this thing is AMAZING! The custom heatsink for the GPU is so nice. I'm a tad bit surprised you didn't use liquid metal for the copper joining, but whatever. :-) The blacktack idea was really smart. It's no wonder the thing is so quiet. I'm surprised you didn't get one of those giant fanless coolers, but again, doesn't really matter. Actually, I don't think it would look as nice as the Noctua heatsinks. The SD card reader is a very useful but under-appreciated adapter that I am very glad you added. :-) This is one of the most expensive builds you have done, so this project I won't be replicating, but it's great to watch you make it. You certainly know how to film things in a way that it's always interesting. Great job man! And congrats on over a million subs. One thing I'd LOVE to see from you is make a Hackintosh, but a very unique one. I'm certain you could do it and make it look better than any mac made. :D

    • I found out recently about unraid Hackintoshes. Apparently they work really well. That would be something. Linux, macOS, and Windows all running at once. I don't think 2 different versions of Windows is necessary, but if one were to run 2 different versions, I'd run XP as the older one, just because. :P

    • For a DIY PC, he should go with a fairly DIY operating system setup and use something open-source. A Linux system on bare metal running virtualized instances of Apple OS X, Windows 7 and Windows 10? Why, that would be the ultimate setup right there.

  • now for real, hands up for this guy as he has worked really hard to achieve all of this

  • aren't there dust problems with this setup? anyways i love this unique build!

  • Man, that's amazing! You should make a kit self-assembly for anyone who wants to have something like this at home! ;) I would be the first who will buy it! Really, awesome!

  • I love how creative you are! thank you for being you!!

  • Congratulations! I think this was my favorite of your projects. This computer came out super great! Nicely done!

    • I've gotten a ton of ideas from this channel, one of these days I'll get around to making some!

    • Yeah, I think mine too, and that's saying something, because he has had some really cool ones!

  • Thats the coolest Coffee Maker - Computer in the whole world. And Matt: Congratulations to nearly 2 million subscribers - you doubled your subscribers within 2 years. You deserve it! Your videos are very cool, special and your projects are really unique