Make Your Own Magical Mushroom Lights

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In this video we'll be making some really charming mushroom lights!
Here are the LEDs we'll need to make this:
Please note that the LEDs are wired in series on these strips, hence the 12v rating. The LEDs themselves are NEVER 12v individually, and are all in the 1.8v - 3.4v range. Also, if they have waterproofing silicone on top, just peel it off after cutting.
Parts List:
SMD LEDs (links above if you can't find any locally)
Resistors (value calculated in the video)
Clear silicone and watercolour paints
Thin wire and stiff wire
Wood (driftwood, bark, etc)
Battery box for 3x AA batteries, with built-in switch:
Battery Holder:
Battery Holder (UK / EU):
For this project we'll also need need the following tools:
Plastic food wrap
Scissors, wire cutters, and small pliers
Soldering iron and solder
Silicone not drying in your plastic wrap? Try this:

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  • ...I am legit gonna go build myself a fairy garden right now and just live in it. Like, forever.

    • Very true 😂🥰😍

    • Did you do it?

    • I wish we could transform small and big :(

    • how did that go?

    • Here's how it is to live in one (but for Vikings)

  • Just amazing I was thinking of making a mushroom with silicone for my videos, then i found this video, thank you for sharing!

  • ...go to your local Dollar store and get those Solar powered Garden lights! Use their parts for the project, I've done a few and it's amazing! No batteries needed!

    • @inspire734 Absolutely , and worth the work.

    • @inspire734 I hope you found time to do this project!!! 😊😊😊

    • @HumDinger you can swap out the old rechargable batteries to new ones from the same place. Also taking them out if not use for a long time can expend the life of the battery.

    • @Kate Jeal they are crappy here in the US too but you can find some real good stuff too. They have some stuff that I still have after using them for years.

    • @inspire734 I had the same idea while watching this.

  • I wonder if you could make a giant mushroom like regular desk lamp sized, that would be awesome XD

    • That would be awesome! Do it (:😁👍

    • My name is Tim Fary. We are basically brethren.

    • But make sure that you are using either LED bulbs otherwise it can overheat. Even though silicone is good up to 500 degrees, still better have cooler light bulbs for the project

    • @superfluityme while you could do that and create something very cool, I feel that's not quite the same idea/aesthetic that this provides. You can do almost anything in resin/epoxy, but the organic look and feel of the silicone is what makes this specific design so appealing. Plus the ease of simply using plastic wrap to mould it makes it much more accessible and variable.

    • You could using epoxy resin instead of silicone, you would need a mould or bowl of the right shape. Perhaps papier mache.

  • No joke.. I wanted glowing mushrooms my entire life! thank you so much!

    • 70th like

    • I know ha? This is worth the time and effort 4 sure.

  • Instead of using tissues and bent up antenna fill the mushroom cup with transparent silicone. Then gently push the stem with LED in. Not all the way up but only to cover the LED. Let dry. This is much easier and you get better water resistance if using in garden. DIY thanks for all your lovely tips and trix!

    • Not sure how good this would be for heat dispersal. Silicone is a very good insulator meaning the LED would not be able to loose it's heat. Especially in these type of applications where the LED will be on for longer periods of time on end it will drastically cut down the lifespan of the LED.

    • Thanks for the tips!!

    • I think this will not allow the light to disperse....

    • You use the batteries outside? That seems like the pack would get wet qnd not work.

    • 722th in the house

  • I made some! And they look cool! I made a few mistakes, they are too big, and thus too heavy and needed to be supported by some hidden pins, but overall I am very pleased. I used 20g silicon to 1g cerulean blue, and they are BRIGHT blue. I needed a croccy clippy helping hands thingy (which is used but not mentioned in the video) to do the soldering. Next time I will make the stems neater and thinner, and use wire coloured to match the silicon for the wire to the led so that it is less visible within the stem. Great video, Thanks!

    • @IWontHealYou I believe the amount of paint used to colour the silicone is critical. Too much paint retards drying. mine usually take three hours

    • @IWontHealYou how much acrylic paint are you using to colour them? You only need a tiny amount, and too much stops the silicon from drying. Mine usually take about two to three hours.

    • I'm trying to make this project now but I'm having difficulty with the silicone. It's not getting enough air to dry wrapped up in the plastic wrap. Do you have any tips on how to get the silicone to actually dry?

    • Excellent feedback!

  • *Clicks on video* me: "awww helll yeah, imma bout to make me some glowy mushrooms boiiis!!" *5 minutes in* me: "nevermind..."

    • he lost me at the soldering/resistors part...

    • @Maya Cortez run of the mill soldering irons are only about £15 from any DIY shop :)

    • I did 3 glowing mushroom projects, its just amazing, you need to try it!

    • Thatguys Son we also don’t have soldering irons

  • Very cool video but you gotta be careful what silicone you use as the most common 100% silicone contractor stuff has a powerful acid in it that corrodes metal and if it gets on the resistors legs it will can structure failure where they snap. So be sure to wrap any exposed metal parts with electrical tape or something to prevent your wires from eroding😁😁😁

    • U shouldn’t worry bout the acid. Acids only react when dissolved In water (or some other liquid). Has to be a tiny bit moist. Once it’s dry it’s no big deal

    • Epoxy resin is a good insulator. Heat-shrink tubing also, it is designed to insulate.

    • Liquid tape might be the solution to isolate the metal from the silicone :)

  • I wanted to thank you. You inspired me to make those lights on my own as name badges on a event. I made approximately 30 individual working lights and it looked just awesome. So thank you very very much to do this project, so that I could look a few steps up.

  • The way you formed the silicone mushroom caps and stems is utter genius.

  • Another excellent video. I was wondering if you ever thought of the value of including some of the mistakes you make? Your presentations are flawless, and beautifully done, but we both know that science doesn't wok that way. Apart from teaching thousands of people how to complete the imaginative projects that you create, you could add to your accomplishments a whole other level of value, and education. I appreciate your time.

  • Wow I've seen this tutorial so long ago, but now I finally get to make my own mushroom lights! :D They're currently in the making, and I'm really excited to see how they turn Out 😄

  • Unless I'm missing something in the materials list in the description, what do you recommend for the paints? Love this project!

  • Now this is quality DIY. Not those stupid rainbow galaxy everything videos you see all over ILaward!

    • This is very nice I am going to propose a girl, will include this mushroom lights 😁

    • @Delray's Finest Zugpunk woow, calm down bud! I know it's an old commentI don't know if that other one removed removed her comment but out of nothing talkint about Trumpie

    • Yes, it's a trend because 'oogle' is pushing it.

    • @The Monahan Estate what in the actual fuck are you talking about? Calm down bud.

  • Repeatedly watched this for years, and it's still one of my favourite ILaward videos. Thankyou!

    • Same here. I come back to this video finding myself falling in love with the aesthetics of mushrooms. They're like the trees of an alien world

    • @Casper ?

    • Please, get a hobby. I'm worried about you.

  • Love it wow! Never thought about using silicone, generally a papier mache gal.Can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing :)

  • this was one of the most immersive and incredible DIY videos I have ever seen! Your channel is ILaward GOLD!!

  • This was explained so efficiently, I love it!

  • this was extremely helpful thank you so much for making this!

  • Very impressed with this - your explanation and detail was very well done! I’m definitely going to try this for my gnome garden

  • Wow, just wow. This would look so damn nice in a terrarium I love it .

  • Absolutely stunning! I'll be making these for my tarantula enclosures asap!

  • For those who may be having trouble with the Silicone they've selected and needing to know how long till it dries/cures: One thing that isn't explained in this video is the type of Silicone to use. Based upon a question found in the comments (How is the Silicone going to cure when it's in airtight clear wrap?) and someones kind gesture to help clear up the confusion, here is the basic run down: There are three types of Silicone: -- ACIDIC: Generally identified by a Vinegar type smell during the curing process - cures the quickest. Most of these type of Silicones are what they call RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing). However, not all RTV Silicone products dry quickly as they fall into the Neutral category. Sometimes the acidic Silicones are labeled as "Acid Cure" or "Acetoxy Cure". MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Silicones that fall into the Acidic category should list "Acetic acid" either under "Ingredients" or under "Oder".. or both. It may also list Acetoxy and/or RTV on the MSDS. Can take up to a few hours to dry/cure if in Cling/Saran/Plastic Wrap. -- NEUTRAL: In some of the Silicone products I've researched in this category, the Odor listed was "slight", but nothing specific. One sure way to identify a Silicone in this category is to look for Oxime in the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Can take up to a day to dry/cure if in Cling/Saran/Plastic Wrap. -- BASIC: Generally identified by an Ammonia or Alcohol/Methanol type smell as it cures - cures the longest. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Silicones that fall into the Basic category will more than likely list "Methyltrimethoxysilane" under Ingredients (needs to be higher than 1-5%) and "Ammonia" or "Amine" under Oder. Can take between 3 to 7 days or more to dry/cure if in Cling/Saran/Plastic Wrap. Based on this information, you should be able to identify the Silicone you purchased and the possible dry/cure time. Bottom line here, is that any Clear Silicone should work, but some may take longer to dry than others. NOTE: Home Depot does have the MSDS for each of their Silicone products, but the link to the MSDS is listed as SDS instead. This can be found by clicking on a specific product, then scrolling down till you see *Product Overview* directly under the product you're viewing. Usually you will see some additional pictures, but eventually you should see "Info & Guides", where the MSDS is located (the link to click on should be labeled as *SDS* ). Alternatively, you can hit ctrl + f (on a windows machine) to open a search, and you can enter either *Info & Guides* or *SDS* . Also, don't be confused if the name on the MSDS does not match the name Home Depot is selling the product under. I assure you it is for the same product. If you're still not sure, one of the easiest ways to verify is to go to Google or Bing or whatever search engine you use, then follow this format: BrandNameOfProduct Model# MSDS Example: GE HD612 24C MSDS I find the Model # by going to the product page and looking directly above the image of the product. You can also search the entire page (on a Windows machine, CTRL+F will work in Chrome, IE, and FireFox) for the word Model. You should see something similar to: DAP | Model # 08791 | Internet # 206046715 | Store SKU # 1001392668 Not all Model #s on Home Depots website can be used via a Google search using the above example of: BrandNameOfProduct Model# MSDS. This is mainly because it's going under a different name in the MSDS and may have to rely the MSDS Home Depot provides. Sometimes the MSDS isn't clear on what kind of Silicone you're looking up, as in, none of the identifying items is listed. I generally skip these. If you already bought the Silicone, the only way to find out is to test. If you don't have a Home Depot near you, or for whatever reason want to use Lowes, finding the MSDS on their Silicone products will be different. You'll need to grab the Model # of the product, which is usually located on the product page to the right of the image of the product. Once you get the Model #, go to this website and enter it as a *PRODUCT CODE* : Sometimes, if when using the Lowes link I provided doesn't find anything, but you entered something like *Model **#LW012A* , you may have to drop everything BUT the *LW012A* to find what you're looking for. Once your search finds something, to the very left of the item name will be an icon that looks like a piece of paper with a magnifying glass over it. This is what you want to click for the MSDS. Here is a list of some of the Silicone products carried by Home Depot, broken out into 1 of the 3 categories (I don't just list the Clear products, so be very aware of this when looking over the list... I do this so one can search the MSDS and become familiar with identifying one of the three types of Silicone): ACIDIC -- All Purpose Silicone I 10.1-oz. Clear Window and Door Caulk (General Electric Model #GE012A 24C) -- 2.8 oz. Silicone Aquarium Sealant (DAP Model #00688) -- 2.8 oz. Auto/Marine Sealant (DAP Model #00694) -- Tub and Tile Silicone I 10.1 oz. White Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #HD712 24C) -- 2.7 fl. oz. Clear Waterproof Silicone Adhesive (6-Pack) (Loctite Model #908570) -- Tub and Tile Silicone I 10.1-oz. Clear Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #HD612 24C) -- Supreme Silicone 10.1-oz. White Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #M90007-30 12C) -- Silicone Caulk in Clear (Swan Model #SI01003.000) -- Clear Silicone Room Temperature Vulcanized Sealant (J-B Weld Model #31310) NEUTRAL -- Silicone Max 10.1 oz. Clear 100% Premium All-Purpose Silicone Sealant (DAP Model Model #08791) BASIC -- Silicone II 10.1 oz. Clear Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #Ge5040-T) -- Silicone II 2.8 oz. Clear Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #GE284 3TG) -- Alex Plus 10.1 oz. All-Purpose Caulk Clear (DAP Model #18072) -- Silicone II 10.1-oz. Clear Window and Door Caulk (General Electric Model #GE5000 24C) -- Supreme Silicone 10.1-oz. Clear Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #M90006-30 12C) -- Alex Plus 10.1 oz. White Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone (DAP Model #18103) -- Silicone II 2.8-oz. Clear Window and Door Caulk (General Electric Model #GE500 3TG) -- 10.1 oz. Dynaflex 230 Premium Indoor/Outdoor Sealant (DAP Model #18418) -- Supreme Silicone 10.1 oz. White Window and Door Caulk (General Electric Model #M90015-30 12C) -- 10 oz. Silicone Sealant Cartridge (General Electric Model #GE-55) -- Silicone II 10.1-oz. White Window and Door Caulk (General Electric Model #HD5010 24C) -- Silicone II 10.1 oz. White Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #HD5070X2 72C) -- 2.8 oz. Silicone Sealant (General Electric Model #GE-57) -- Silicone II 10.1-oz. Almond Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #GE5060 12C) -- Silicone II 10.1-oz. Brown Window and Door Caulk (General Electric Model #GE5080 12C) -- Silicone II 10.1-oz. Light Gray Window and Door Caulk (General Electric Model #GE50.08 12C) -- Silicone II 10.1-oz. Clear Gutter Caulk (General Electric Model #GE50G.01) -- Alex Plus 10.1 oz. Clear Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone(12-Pack) (DAP Model Model #18660) -- Silicone II 2.8-oz. White Kitchen and Bath Caulk (General Electric Model #GE281 3TG)

    • I know this is a 6 year old comment, but I'm still going to ask anyhow: What's the specific reason for using watercolour? Why not acrylic like I've seen in some other tutorials? Does watercolour have a certain chemistry that mixes better with the siliicone? (Thanks if you do reply)

    • @James Dixon Yeah -- Here's a little trick with GE Silicone.... GE Silicone I (as in, the number 1 or roman numeral 1) typically are acid cures (vinegar smell) and the GE silicone II are generally ammonia cures. If you're getting the ammonia smell, then your Silicone will definitely take a bit for it to cure as those ones can take longer for it to cure.

    • @Eldiin Sure! It's GE Silicone 2+ Clear, Kitchen & Bath, 100% Silicone, 100% Waterproof. Methanol and ammonia released during cure. Contains hexamethyldisilazane, methyltrimethoxysilane, and petroleum distillates. The use by date is 08/2020. This is the current product that I'm using, but I think I've used some different ones in the past with the same issues. I bought this at either Home Depot or Ace Hardware. I was told that Corn Starch can help with the curing process, and it's had some effect. I've tried mixing and immediately shaping within the clingwrap, mixing continuously then waiting a while before shaping within the clingwrap, shaping as little as possible, and shaping more than needed. I think waiting and shaping as little as possible has had the better outcomes, but I'm not very good at this approach. The first three mushroom lights I made cured in about two hours (don't recall what type of silicone was used) only to have worsening results each time after that.

    • @James Dixon James, can you post the name of the Silicone you're using and where you may have gotten it? Include as much of text as possible... such as *Window, door, and siding* or *DAP* . Things like Silicone Plus and Clear can help as well.

    • I need to try this, because I'm stuck with my caps and stalks not curing at all or easily taking a week. It seems like if it doesn't cure in a few hours then even removing the cling wrap doesn't help.

  • I think it'd be really cool to adapt this to have touch sensors in each dome, I'd put them everywhere!

  • Such a great project ...even so relaxing to watch! ...I'll be doing mine even with one LED, because the entire process looks so creatively relaxing. Thanks

  • Hey, just wanted to say that your DIY videos are honestly so inspiring. On a professional level, they are well thought out, organized, and easy to follow. On a creative level, they are simply inspiring. This one video makes me want to convert my spare room into a reading den. I'm going to paint the walls with a forest landscape and create bookshelves that look like the are carved right out of tree trunks. The main feature being a tree hollow with bedding to make a reading nook. I want to have these mushroom lights all over the room and especially in the hollow to act as reading lights. I want to get lost in my book as the day dims, and when I look up be transported to a magical forest of books. You're videos are amazing. You are amazing!

    • Amen.

  • 0:56 - I never knew that's only there to serve as a lens. I thought breaking that would break the LED. Learned something. Thanks for this.

  • This is amazing! I wonder how on Earth you think of these things! Beautiful video, amazing project, clear & talented voiceover... Seriously A+++ grade video! I personally love the white mushrooms the best as they look like something from a fairy magical kingdom!

    • Reminds me of the nighttime scenes in Avatar, beautiful.

    • damn, yes!

    • I bet the white ones would look cool with UV LED's

  • You should see how it would look if you hacked solar patio lights from the Dollar Store - you could hang a bung of these in a garden or patio to create a very cool mood. Spray some sealant on the wood to protect it from moisture - that would be awesome! Great video! Thanks so much!

  • The mushrooms are wonderful and I like how you carefully explained almost every step of the process. How did you manage to hold the second wire in place in order to solder it? My solder keeps evaporating before I am able to bring the wire in contact with the end of the LED...

  • I love how you shot parts of this video in the woods, really suits the aesthetic...great tutorial 👍

  • WOW! 😯 These are absolutely fantastic! I must say, I can’t wait to try this project out myself. I already LOVE spending time in my garden, and having these magical-looking my shoes dotted around the yard is going to look really amazing! 👍🏼😊

  • This is awesome!! I'm going to make mine like jellyfish against a coral backing. Thanks!

  • I wish I had the tools on hand to make these! Such a fun way to decorate the back porch or green house. They look beautiful!

  • This is literally the coolest craft I have ever seen!🧡🧡🧡

  • Glowing mushrooms! This is the most brilliant thing I've seen lately! You are a wizard!

  • This channel is like... DIY Goals. I came to this video expecting "Step one, buy a lamp from somewhere and get some clay" and nope! It's all solder and voltages and by the way, did you know you can make adorable realistic mushrooms out of _silicon_? Take THAT sculpy! I've never looked at Home Depot as a craft supplies store until now... Subbed so hard.

  • Very creative. I didn't know you could cut those type of LEDS like that and solder them like that. Great video also.

  • We had magical mushrooms in the 1960's 😉 just joking. These look amazing. I particularly like the white ones. They would be great for a garden party. Thank you. ❤

  • Thumbs up for this Nice project and your excellent explanation. Thank you very much especially for explaining how to determine the required resistors for LEDs in different projects as well as your shared chart for the approximate current and voltage for different colors of LEDs. Thanks for sharing and for everything you did in this project. ;-)

  • Brilliant! Thank you for taking the time to show us this project

  • This is one of the most creative things I've seen in a long time, and I watch a ton of DIY. Bravo, very well explained as well.

  • Wonderful idea, beautifully realized; an easy-to-understand instructional lesson with extremely helpful imagery. The amount of work that you put, not only into the conception and creation of the mushroom lights, but also the tutorial video really shows. Seamless, brilliant. Love it!

  • These are amazing, both in the frugality of the construction, but also in how beautiful they turn out! Thank you so much for teaching this!

  • hello DIY Perks!! Thank you for making this video hehe, I'm so in love with these mushroom lights! I've never even thought that I could make one myself haha! Thanks again and take care! :D

  • Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but you know how long those comments can be! How about rigging it up to a small solar panel with a light sensitive switch, (with a wire trailing it off elsewhere) so the entire system could be better sealed against the elements and placed outside, only to turn on all by themselves come nightfall? I think that'd be cool! Thanks for sharing this. You make it look so easy, lol! I have now added to my "to do" list of things I want to try!

    • Ypu can buy little solar lights already...... Very very cheaply with light sensor built it..... Even ones that are animals ect..... It could be an idea to use one of them....maybe incorporate the panel into the what ever you're using to put the mushrooms on...... I'd probably hollow out a log.... Seal the inside to make it waterproof.....

    • You wouldn't even necessarily need to hide the panel, since they're usually black and at night it wouldn't be super easy to see ^_^

    • You can use a solar light strip and simply cut the strip down (or use those for the mushrooms) and connect the solar panel, which includes everything that's needed. silicon is waterproof itself, so I think you can use outside, but I would put somewhere protected. I've been thinking of this, probably I will try. For now I have a battery supplied brown mushroom set.

    • There are three completely different projects involved in doing that. First, and probably easiest, is to make an 'outdoors-proof' set of mushroom lights. Second, is a solar collection and storage system to provide power, which means panels, batteries, and a charge controller of some kind. And third is the light controlled switch to power them on. You would probably want all this to be a fairly high efficiency, since the amount of battery required to run the lights determines the amount of solar panel you would need to charge them. That might get a little complex for the average DIYer, and could add up to a bit of money. However, those solar light stakes with a crude version of all that built into them already might be a thought. Just open them up, solder wires between the LED and the pads it connects to, then make mushroom lights using the led from the stake-light -without adding a resistor- or substitute an equivalent LED of your preferred color, and use one nearby solar-stake for each 'mushroom'. Not an elegant solution, but it would be cheap and simple.

  • 6:38 good tip on using wire to keep the mushroom head from being too close to led. There is the need for the right amount of space to create the optimal glow, I'm gonna use the idea of the wire for other projects

  • I want 1000 of these so i can make my house like Pandora

    • Do you want it enough to Do-It-Yourself?

    • Hey tat vnry you got the same sttean picture that i have :p

    • Yeah pandora is literally my dream life😂

    • Pandora that shit everywhere! Be like Oprah in your fucking house! :D Shrooms everywhere!

    • @CC 143 confusion is the worst 😂

  • Wow really enjoyed watching this and gonna give a shot in making this cause it looks awesome.

  • This project is so whimsical and lovely. I'd love to create these for a fairy garden. Thank you sharing your talent with us.

  • This is so freaking awesome- I can't believe the remarkable quality of every single one of your videos. You have added so much awesome into this world and are providing it to so many for free. Thank you for all that you do!

  • I’d love to make some of these as they’re so pretty, but that’s a lot of work cause I’m so lazy 😂 Personally I’d love to see something that’s blue and purple combined

  • I like what you've done here, not just in the result but as a whole, well done.

  • I genuinely enjoyed this video! 🤩 Might try making one myself. Thank you, DIY Perks and thank you, ILaward recommendations.

  • Hey guys! Mine worked with a small amount of acrylic paint! A little goes a long way! I also used a string of led's with a battery pack from Amazon. It worked great, no soldering needed!

    • Danielle Phillips - i know this was hella long ago, but what kind of led’s did you get?

    • Thank you for the tip! He lost me at the soldering part. I didn’t do well in the AMPS/Watts/volts section of science class lol

    • Caroline P need to use acetoxy silicone. Anything else can take a week or more to cure.

    • I'm having the same problem!

    • Danielle Phillips Did you have issues with the silicone drying in the clear wrap? Mine will not dry and it comes out all gooey!

  • Wow. That thumbnail looked like a 3D cinematic, the build and photogrophy are amazing

  • With all of the absolutely amazing high tech yet beautiful projects you have done over the years this one is still my favorite!

  • These are insanely beautiful and creative! Well done. Thank you!

  • Newby here: With the details of this tutorial in mind: how many mushrooms can I connect to 3AA batteries (4,5V in total). Is there a maximum that must be calculated also?

    • doesn't matter if there are to much the brightness will just go down ;) (oh and drain batteries quicker obviously)

  • Thanks so much for this awesome how-to! I had NO soldering experience and was able to follow your directions to make a rad present for some close friends who do a lot of mushroom hunting :) wish I could share a pic!

  • Just saw one video, and had to watch two more! Love this stuff. I'm a scale model railroad nut, and can see lots of applications for that too. Thanks.

  • This has been one of the most USEFUL DIYs I have ever watched. An awesome blend of technicality and artistry... AWESOME

  • More and more ideas for presents... You're insane! Loving it.

  • Omg that was so beautiful and relaxing to watch. You should sell them :) I would buy one.

  • My god this is an amazing and great idea for both home decoration and garden night lumination :) Great Video walkthrough!

  • I finished mine today and they turned out great! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • This is awesome ! I’d love to do projects like that with my daughters 😍

  • I always love how good your projects work/look. With a lot of DIY projects the end result looks kind of amateurish. Your projects on the other hand look really professional! I can't wait for your next video!

  • Hey Matt, I just want you to know, this is the MOST inspiring channel I have encountered on youtube so far! Thank you!

  • ah brilliant was curious to how this was done and so simple thank you indeed. a suggestion would be to expand on this as a series. perhaps larger lamps, or those floating jellyfish lamps and such. but loving your content

  • Great job! Beautiful creation. Thank you!! 🌷

  • I'm putting these all over my room. They're awesome!

  • I am wondering what would you think of adding some glowing pigment powder like phosphorus in the silicone with the colouring for the blue and white LEDs since blue lights wave lengths are really close to the uv lights'. Also White has a lot of energy in it so it also may work well. Do you think it will work? Because I'm about to done the electronics and before adding silicone, I wanted to hear your opinion... Thanks a lot for the attention.

    • +Egemen Bora Uysal I bet that would work well and look awesome!

  • I literally love all your videos. So calm, explaining everything perfectly in detail and love your accent!!!

  • Those are so awesome, such a fantastic idea!

  • Thank you, you are a great teacher. I love the way you explain the small details that matter at the moment. Good Job!

    • I'm gonna try spraying the mushroom with clear liquid tape, some coats of that and it might hold up on the wall in the backyard.

  • This is so well done! IWell thought out and all the nuances covered. Would love to make some for a craft show, but how do you know if they are fire safe?

  • omg Im on a DIY marathon and I can't stop! I need help xD seriously, your vids and builds are so creative and easy to actually do yourself. I'll be looking into some of this, I can imagine this could be great as personal gifts :) btw subbed! keep up the excellent work!

  • Wow I love this video, Such a great step by step guide! Need to try this out!!😍