Make your own Shard Light

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In this video I will show you how to build a really awesome shard light.
To create this shard light you'll need the following materials.
An LED light strip:
A piece of 12mm thick MDF
A 12x12 cm square of 1mm thick hardwood
A sheet of veneer
Two pieces of plexiglass
A 12v DC adapter,
two short pieces of wire,
and a decent length of thin two core wire (a cable from an old set of headphones is perfect for this).
You'll also need the following tools...
A fine toothed saw,
a fine knife,
a metal ruler, a pencil, and a right-angle ruler
a clamp,
some wood glue and a brush to apply it with, and also some silicon based glue though a glue gun will also be suitable.
You'll also need a soldering iron and solder,
Wire strippers and some scissors,
A drill with a small bit,
And lastly some finishing oil.

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  • Amazing DIY project with LED light, so very well done.

  • Wow, looks amazing. Great work!

  • Phenomenal tutorial, thank you. The biggest problem we had was finding a way to keep the perspex held straight while gluing it in place. We ended up resting it on books, but we never got it exactly right, and it really makes a difference to the final product.

  • Love it. I've been thinking about a similar lamp but larger. You answered a pile of my questions. I'm a woodworker and old-time electronics kit builder. Your description was perfect. Thank you!

  • to make the light softer or dimmer, you might try using resistors on the voltage source. (12v seems high for 3 LED's) 5- 6v is nice. if 12v, try a 22 ohm, 33, or 50 on one side of the power source for desired brightness. I like to sand the shard edges flat to diffuse the light. Nice vid... +1

  • Great build video for a unique and interesting project. Your description is very precise and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I love that you've recycled the broken plexi for another project as this. I will definitely build something similar but will add an on/off switch to mine and some felt pads or cork on bottom to protect the furniture. Looking forward to your next video. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Good to see a professional craftsman at work, and giving good safety tips along with proper working practices. Excellent product at the end too, you earnt yourself a subscriber with this video!

  • this project is officially on my bucket list. it looks super cool and i want to make one myself one day

  • to add to this, of you're artistically talented, you can scratch a pattern into the shards beforehand to have them emitting light in that manner. When I built something like this, (thanks for the tutorial, helped me immensely) I scratched a futuristic circuit board looking pattern into the shards to have it look like some kind of storage crystal, and it looks fucking sweet on my table.

  • I think it's amazing that an accidental miscutting of plexiglass resulted in this cool light. If you just think about that for a moment, there is tons of potential for art in accidents... Something to consider whenever doing this kind of work. :)

    • I agree! It's quite amazing how "planned" the shards look, considering that they were a mistake by rubbish technique!

  • I've been watching your videos later and you had that amount of talent and hard worked skills in engineering, your family/friends/partner is very lucky to have you. *applauses*

  • Fantastic I am always looking for stuff like this to fill my weekends love messing with LEDs, thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial, and Happy New Year to you and your family. cheers.

  • I love how the silicon glue tube says, "STICKS LIKE SH*T!"

    • 1:34 if you are wondering where it is hahahahah

    • The last time I held my shit, it didn't stick. :(

    • After seeing the school bathroom walls I can tell why they called it that.

    • Laughed when I seen it.. laughed even harder when I knew someone else caught it

    • Sticks like shit on carpet...

  • Perfect as always, Mathew. This light is, indeed, awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs*

    • Awwww!!! >>Accepting Hug

    • Yay, free hugs! :) *returns hug* Just had a look at your 500px. I must say you've taken some nice pictures.

  • I just recently found your channel and absolutely love your videos. Im very new to electronic work, and your videos provide a lot of contextual explanations that are super helpful. Now to actually try one of the projects. :p

  • You could totally combine this with his other video on how to make mushroom lights, to create some sort of amazing decoration that looks like glowing mushrooms among glowing crystals. :D

    • Most importantly you could do it yourself. Don't let your dreams be dreams. I also like doing diy electronics and projects.

    • whhaaaooww ! u r innovative

  • I can’t stop my binge watch session of your videos! They’re very well done, and as a lifelong tinkerer I have several projects I now want to do.

  • That looks awesome! :D love your projects, good to see you again :)

  • Just found your channel. I really love your projects, I think I'll be trying them out later this year :D

  • Obrigado pelas dicas. Muito legal!

  • As much as I would love to have this in my home and say I created it, I think I'm just going to have to buy one. hahah. This was AMAZING. It's incredible that you designed this from scratch, really awesome!

  • Really nice job! very well explained! keep it up :)

  • Really well done! compact, short, informative!

  • What a cool video! And the result was really neat and professional. Congratulations sir!

  • Me encantó un excelente trabajo. I love it!!!

  • Hey, awesome work!Could you please tell me the thickness of your acrylic glass?I think it is about 2mm compared to the 5050 SMD's.

  • Love your work. Keep it up! Definitely making this little Shard Light.

  • This was harder to do than the video suggests. You make it look so easy, when I had trouble every step of the way. But I got it done thanks to the idea that was sparked by your video. Thanks!

  • Oh my god. I'm glad I found your channel. :O Such amazing projects to do!

  • Just a heads-up on the "old headphone cable": Most of them have cables that are hard to solder, so I`d go with maybe an old cellphone charger, a 3.5mm headphone jack cable, or something like an RCA cable, those are also thin and are almost always of the easy kind to solder :)

  • after pretty much watching all of you content from your latest post until stuff from 2014 I just want to say that you channel as one of the bests! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I hope you never stop making videos! Oh and the best piece of commentary you ever spoke was in this video at 2:14 to 2:16 hahahaha Stay awesome man!

  • Wow! Great idea. It looks really good on a shelf. Thanks for this great video.

  • Wow, it's cool that something very arty light source can be done! This would only cost you 10$ or less, when you only need to buy the LED strips and find wood by yourself!

  • Simple and beautiful... nice idea man, thx for sharing this!

  • this looks just so great. Now I think about making my own one.

  • I have watched a lot of your video, and they are very cool and inspiring, I am planning to try out a couple of them myself, just subbed :)

  • I would suggest sanding the shards with a fine sandpaper to get a soft, diffused look!

  • So glad you shard this, er, shared this! Fantastic project! Thanks Matthew!

  • I LOVED, Muito Bom o seu Trabalho DIY

  • I think instead of the hard to cut veneer it's easier to use self-adhesive decorative foil with a wood grain pattern (for example d-c-fix).

  • That was brilliant , great job !

  • Hey, awesome work! I'm going to build a few for Christmas presents :)Can you please tell me the thickness of your Plexiglas pieces?Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks for the video, sir. The lamp looks quite cool, I've liked the idea.

  • It's interesting the light collects the area that's cut or frosted in this case the ends. Be cool to build one with lucite rods that you can have them in soft warm White neutral light cool white and colors just whatever mood you're in

  • This was really pretty! Thanks for the video :)

  • Parabéns 👏👏

  • Thank you, I have been working on something similar and you just answered some problems.

  • Could you use colored film (like in the old red and green 3d glasses) over the light source to change the colors of the individual shards? Also, could you use transparent plastic rather than glass? I'm thinking about sharp edges or the glass shattering if it were knocked off a table...

    • @Eethan O'Connell It's not glass, it's basically plastic. And you can just use different colored LEDs.

  • This looks great, I am interested in doing something like this as a school project and would like to use a usb power source. Can you offer any advice re what type of LED’s to use. Many thanks Ian

  • thanks for the tutorial! it is amazing!!

  • Hi, this is a great video. I managed to make myself some LED shard lights as well. Im going to sell them at the local flea market, I had to improvise though :-)

  • This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Suggestion, instead of using all those different bits of wood for the base, try a solid piece of wood, drill into it the right depth multiple times, and then proceed to chisel out the excess

    • A dremel would do the job, something every DIY'er should have. I got a multitool for like 25 usd

    • @DeezMistaReez i didnt consider that. that is more efficient, and looks even better

    • Yea a plunger router would be perfect for chiseling out the insides of a solid block of wood!

  • I loved it so much that I will made it in may home trying to have this great things work for me.. Thank you so much Dr. Zee

  • This is classy. I'm gonna make this. Although i won't be having the same kind of tools but i think it can still be done. Thank you for the idea!

  • Clear video, simple instructions. Good job.

  • parabéns muito bom

  • If there's anything in your channel that I really want to do, it's this project. I desperately need a nice light with character for my work desk. But as always, I don't have most of the tools :(

  • That looks fantastic!

  • the tutorial style is awesome! I'm fully satisfied. The clearity of ur tutorial is just awesome...

  • absolutely magnificent !!! isn't it a little dangerous, though? I don't know if the plexiglass edges are sharp

  • Can be cool also with a logo or your signature on the glass if it is for office are. So many options depends on your creativity 💜

  • Thanks for using the metric system! ;) Greetings from Germany

    • @Chris P Nugget well there’s also Liberia (former US colony) and Myanmar

    • @INDEX ok thanks!

    • @Retro Gamer he is british From northern england

    • @DIY Perks YES

    • @DIY Perks Are you American or British? Because your accent and your way of speaking makes me think as if I am watching an old british documentary (the newer videos)......

  • I've been watching some of your awesome DIYs today and I only have one question. Why don't you use a DC socket instead of directly soldering it with the adapter?

    • Mmmm, virtual beer :D cheers!

    • No reason is reason enough for me :D Here, take a beer! *tosses a can*

    • No reason, it's just my preference. Feel free to add one if you want.

  • Simple to make. It does however look a lot more aesthetically pleasing as well as more 'salable' if you route a recess in the base of a solid piece of wood such as oak.

  • Love this ides but I noticed there's still a little bit of space on the bottom. Would there be a way to use this and make a slight redesign so it's battery powered?

  • Make your own shard light! You'll ONLY need this huge selection of tools~!

  • You can also make the base out of a solid piece of wood, hollowing it out with a drill and a chisel. Requires more work but it's easier to get a nice finish.

  • So practical!!, thanks for sharing

  • Hey companies from all over the world, please continue sponsoring this dude..!! we need him to keep making these projects..

  • I've used Plexiglas as a target for my BB gun before, found that it makes some interesting patterns, I'm gonna try this with a shard that has be shot full of holes. :P

    • You can line metal foil along the hidden edges, direct more light through the plastic substrate. Take care to not short circuit paths with conductive metal, lol.

    • You could also try sanding the shard with 1200 grain sand paper until the shard is completely milk white. That makes the flat sides light up as well, not just the edges. It all depends on what effect you are going for ofc. =)

  • I ordered a couple of rolls of LED strip lighting a few months back for $15 each on ebay and this stuff is AMAZING. I use it everywhere now. I just take an old 9 - 12 volt wall adapter and wire it up anywhere I need light. Like above my keyboard tray. Or under my desk. Or a closet. Or a book shelf. Or my car. Or... well you get the point. ITS AMAZING! I actually saw a roll of it in a woodcraft store the other day for $119.00 It was the EXACT same stuff I ordered for $15.

    • Yeah, it's good stuff! :)

  • Wow, that's amazing!! Must try it out!!

  • that is so brilliant, thanks for the video!

  • Watching this video after I've watched the studio tour ... I can tell how different the quality is now!

  • dude great quality videos keep on doing, i especially like your computer stuff videos, for example the casemod video or the cpu cooler on gpu video. keep on doing

  • I was thinking, a big version of this in an H440 going through the shroud would look amazing.

  • COOL...!!!

  • thank you man! thank you very much, it was amazing. I'll try it out.

  • hello, can i use acrylic instead? Thank you!

    • +Stephanie Hilman plexiglass is actually a brand of acrylic , europeans tend to name it this way cause it was the 1st and still is the highest quality , of the few times americans got the name correct unlke europeans

    • It's the same thing, so yes :)