Transform a Damaged Laptop into an ALL-IN-ONE desktop PC

פורסם בתאריך 26 פבר 2020
In this video we’ll be transforming an old laptop into an all-in-one PC! Also, regarding Blinkist, the first 100 people to go to are going to get unlimited access for 1 week to try it out. You’ll also get 25% off if you want full membership.
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  • Wow, this one is really taking off! I'm happy you're seeing some success for your hard work.

  • Well, this gives me ideas to deal with the irritation of having a broken hinge on my MSI Apache series gaming laptop. That does have USB 3 and USB Type C ports, but I still like the overall video.

  • This is the only man I’ve ever seen actually do something with all the old tech stuff weirdos like me collect

  • This vid deserves a lot of views and subscriptions. imagine the amount of children that could have had their own pc for studying if only people knew what this guy has done to a dead laptop.

    • @JustMamba There's nothing hazardous in that part of the screen

    • @JF Tech\Drones what if it's for your safety and not the computer. How is your hand holding up after touching all of these? Lol

    • @DJ is pro FWIW, I've touched those many times and all have survived.

    • Yes, but for normal people this would be too difficult to do. I tried to pull out an LCD panel out of an old laptop but I was too scared to do it because it said “Don’t Touch”.

    • Exactly..

  • I think I would have isolated the power independent from the keyboard if it was possible and use it as the power button. That much room it wouldn't have taken much space.

  • Thinkpads don't break, they shed their casings every 8 years.

    • @EkelundDKthe universe crashes

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • 3years of careful limited usage and my Thinkpad E14 mobo got fried, keyboard dead and trackpad degraded. thanks. Lenovo products really don't go through any durability/reliability testing.

    • plz fix my Lenovo Thinkpad P90 its brokended

    • @Venu Ganga m8 u didn't need the help for that it's so easy I can teach it to a 5 year old.

  • Excellent video! You really have a wonderful vision for design. The only thing I would have done differently is paint the aluminium panel black, thereby highlighting the wood trim even more.

  • instead of epoxy - use a monitor with a VESA mount and drill holes in the backplate and use screw it on the monitor

    • Usually, monitors with vesa mounting on it's back are not super slim like the one in the vid, and since looks was the main concern here, a monitor with vesa mount would have ended up being too bulky

  • Your ground loop explanation and fix actually saved an external speaker I have on my work PC.

  • DIY Perks - “today I’ll be showing you how to recycle your worn out Porsche and turn it into a fresh, bespoke Ferrari”

    • All is possible with a wise human

    • yaaaiks

    • Lmao

    • @John Smith yes they are

    • Kit cars are actually a thing tho

  • Fun Fact: *that monitor is more expensive than the laptop*

    • Than the laptop or the broken laptop?

    • I have the same monitor but got it for $40 used.

    • @TabalugaDragon it's the Lenovo L520 I bet

    • @Karan Singh Much better fun fact: it's really nice though

    • @Karan Singh yep, being open minded

  • Great job, product finish is great, I see one small miss though, I would either build a custom stand or add some vesa mount holes to the back.

  • I for one would LOVE to see a tower build approach to this sort of project, perhaps building the tower out of cherry or oak repurposed from otherwise unsalvageable furniture or kitchen/coffee tables, dresser drawer sets, etc. Another possibility could be to build the computer into that slim drawer that workstations always seem to have under the working surface, or just create one there.

  • you guys are amazing, very entertaining and informative video. This video feels so satisfying for some reason, oh and your voice just adds the uniqueness of this content ☺️

  • This was a very unique and beautiful build. How have I not gotten more reco's to watch your vids? Got a like and subscribe from me. :)

  • The Relay that is used might most probably be a DPDT Relay and the logic used is Latching Logic that allows the relay to maintain it's position in the NO position even after the Switch initially energizing the Coil is released. Amazing!

  • I don't think the vinyl wrap fills only estethic purpose. I think its smooth surface, compared to the mdf surface most probably improves the airflow and thus helps to lower the temperature of the cpu and gpu when they will peak. But I am not sure how significant the drop would be really.

  • Hi Matt. Great video! liked and subscribed! I first saw this video a while ago but it popped up again in a search so watched it from start to finish and thouroghly enjoyed it, again. The inclusion of wood is a lovely touch and old flatscreen tv's do have some bangin' speakers in them sometimes, thank you for inspiring people to reuse parts. I have an older laptop and wonder if remounting in an old ATX case with loads of quiet fans would make it run "better for longer"? You've given me loads of ideas. Thanks again and if you or anyone have any thoughts then I'de be very interested to hear them.

  • My laptop has a bios setting for booting when you open the lid, so you could maybe use the lid sensor as a power button!

  • “look at this laptop. It’s been completely smashed, the screen doesn’t work. There’s a horrible bend on the side here. I mean, goodness knows what actually happened to it!” -Matt, after having spent the past 30 minutes smashing his old laptop for his next DIY project. 😂

    • @Syloui I have an old thinkpad my brother chucked it down the stairs and it’s still fine

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

    • 😂😂😂

    • @Werterion I have an old T60 which is still running in 2020 with 32 bit Win 7 SP1 with tons of heavy duty applications. It's a bit slow, but it is saving me as my desktop's PSU busted. Though I have to attach an external monitor, Dell S2240L as the screen is not working. I am thinking about this peoject and might give it a try after my desktop comes to life. I only need to figure out the power connection.

    • @Stephen Little Thinkpads are really easy to take apart. You should try a bit. ;)

  • I did something similar when my Toshiba laptop stopped working a few years ago, but since my screen wasn't totally unusable I just changed the settings of display preference while booting to VGA first, then disconnected the laptop's display and connected the VGA to an old monitor I had, it saved me from buying a new one for at least 3 years haha, this channel is so good!.

  • I was thinking this would be an ideal solution for home servers. Perhaps the doubling up as a bedroom TV. You seldom need to use a monitor with a server but when you do you need to have one or at least a laptop to hand. Perhaps it would struggle as a media server but as a shared storage and a webserver almost any "for spares" laptop would work. I think I'll give it a try one day.

  • i loved the thing where you use almost all the things from an old laptop. It would be best if you could make something completely from old parts

  • He thanks every one who helps in his work even computer specs ...and I like that .

  • Me after watching this video: *looks at my laptop* The laptop: Oh shit!

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Right? 😂😂

    • and i already did a lot of stuff to my laptop🤣🤣

    • I thought same but then i remember. I bought it last year.

    • Hahahaha you so fun🤣🤣🤣

  • Love it! This would look even better if you stripped the bottom speakers and paired the setup with your wireless Bluetooth earbud speakers.

  • That pop in the speakers can end up damaging them. Amplified sound systems should be turned on after the audio source, so the power on to the amp in this build should maybe be delayed somehow.

    • Can you help me with laptop problem it says it’s on but screen is black

  • I watch this at least once a year. So damn satisfying. You're awesome man.

  • From the very first video I saw from him ,I went to subscribed and went to watch his video until 2am. I really admire his works. It makes me want to go back and continue my study for college as I really love to build things my own. I hope I could go back to study electronics or any courses related to computers or devices. Thanks for the inspiration from your video.

  • this guy is on a whole another level when it comes to salvaging broken items

  • Brilliant job 👏🏿 👍🏿 you have the ability to explain things without losing the listeners attention , genius 17 minutes felt like 5, it was so engaging

  • Man i love your DIY. Sick build impressive technical skills!

  • what an amazing project! love it!

  • one thing I'd recommend for the laptops that have docking station capabilities is integrating one of those into the design of the AIO. it will give a lot more IO at the cost of thickness. on a lot of laptops it is also possible to upgrade the CPU, so that's another thing that could be done.

    • @whitebear He's using X220 though, not T420, which does NOT have socketed CPU. I do agree with the dock, although (in my country at least) finding one is a bit of a nightmare. Always wanted one for my X220T, but the cost of said used dock is about as much as the current cost of the laptop itself, which is ludicrous.

    • @Kareem Duncan no. I'm only suggesting it here because the T420 featured in this video does have a socketed CPU. A lot of laptops have soldered CPUs these days so you can't upgrade them. Google will tell you your answer for specific models of laptops.

    • so we can upgrade the cpu for every laptop?

  • Me: *looks at laptop* Laptop: don’t even think about it

    • 🤣🤣👍👍

    • 😂

    • Another one butts in: Monitor: yeah you better listen to him.

    • @explosions are safe haha I did that to my laptop and tv

    • @Sebby Beeb you comment is stole because a person said that too :)

  • You truly are a genius and you blow my mind with every single video. Amazing!

  • Would have liked to see the natural wood extended out to surround the speakers and the bottom of the screen to finish it all off nicely.

  • this repurpose was amazing makes me want to try it! i got 2 laptops one working fine & the other its battery died but has good specs, the question is do you think i would be able to throw in a graphics card in this build? for light editing & gaming

    • Laptops can't easily have a graphics card added. Only certain models can have one added and even then it needs a ton of soldering and sourcing rare parts

  • I was about to say all my damaged laptops are older generation back when DDR2 or DDR3 memory were the norm (so that gives you an idea of the cpu class as well), so it won't be any use to turn it into a PC, but I see yours is a more modern i5 probably with much better specs that are still worth making this little project. Great idea!

    • It's literally a Sandy Bridge i5 and uses DDR3 RAM

  • Great, now we need a video on how to convert a paperclip into a damaged laptop and I'm all set!

    • That's next...

    • @neoqueto Reply does not compute. Error converting System.String to System.Char

    • thelegend 27 yes

    • Are you a rogue artificial intelligence? Asking for a friend.

  • Almost no words to express my feelings over your video and your DIY building of Desktop out of laptop pieces. Absolutely amazing and I thourouhly enjoyed your video till the end. A big shout from a small country, BHUTAN.

  • I would love that. Planning a wall mounted monitor for my dj desk. Adding a laptop would be amazing and save me getting a pc

  • Some really clever stuff in there and the project is well done considering its aimed at home diy people. But holy hell does it hurt to see a X220 sacrificed for this thing.

  • What a brilliant genius idea! Thanks 4 sharing and for being this smart! Awesome

  • Love this video. It's very simple, you just need an engineering, electrical, computer science and carpentry degree and your set!! : )

    • 😂👌

    • All the things a kid haves

    • LOL, You all are cracking me up! I work in northern California (in tech) and could easily do this. Was just making a joke. Fun project if I had the time (have 6 defunct laptops in the garage). Actually the metal or wood cutting part would scare me, not good at cutting straight lines. LOL. Stay Safe!

    • You don't need any degree.. You just use your own brain. I hope you found how to use it properly untill now.

  • This man's presenting skill are amazing ( Sponsor too)

  • Would've been awesome if you tried making a DIY hdmi/DP cable tester (testing speed and tech condition) ...if it is doable :)

  • awesome how you did it! Great job! inspiring! Thank you!

  • thats pretty awsome! Have always been looking for ideas for power efficient computing.

  • I can't believe how healthy this man looks after putting together things like this. I mean I would have bags under my eyes after removing the motherboard

    • @James Van Damme or the time it takes to smash into the ground

    • I mean, those older thinkpads are bulletproof to the point I have seen their prices actually go up slightly. I have taken an old t540p and replaced the screen, trackpad, and upgraded ram, cpu and ssd. This was done over the span of a few months but as my first laptop, I don't regret a thing. It was so easy and simple(especially after the first disassembly), the hardest part was for me to put all the screws exactly where I got them from, sometimes I came out with two extra screws or ran out of screws somehow. Edit: Yes, I am a lenovo fan, the only reason I clicked on this video was cause I saw the thinkpad xD

    • My laptop just broke yesterday and I was so sad, I immediately thought of this video and went to work, it took me a whole day to take apart the laptop

  • 👍🏻 great work love the work, it’s a great job and looks s good with the pine!

  • tools to do this job are more expensive than a new laptop 😁 but I really enjoy your videos

  • Does the system works on the same display settings as the laptop was set to, or this monitor can provides better refresh rates and image proportions?

  • Muito bom parabéns

  • He secretly ordered 10 pallettes of broken laptops. When they arrived he yelled, "I WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF CONTENT!" 🤣

  • Yes, the 1st person who made it clean and fancy. Cons: It's so hard to do it by myself

  • Very interesting, I bought a Lenovo think pad all in one after my laptop blew up, pretty sure I could have done what you just did, good video!!!

  • I wish i have this one. Very impressive and futuritics skills you have.. congrats

  • Amazing vid extremely helpful cuz I actually have an old Thinkpad and I was wondering what I should do with it

  • this guy pushed "Build Your Own PC" to a whole new level

  • I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this. I have 2 broken gaming laptops and you’ve given them both a use. Thank you for making me use my brain.

    • @bong kem bruh the brand doesn’t matter if you break them 🤨

    • what's the brand of those 2 laptops so i can... avoid =)))

  • Literally exactly what I was looking for. Trying to figure out if the screen ribbon from a laptop can be plugged into an all in ones ribbon.

  • You could easily put an egpu where you put the sub woofer and depending on the size of the GPU you could include water cooling

  • Hmm, I could do this on my old laptop. The screen is shattered, half the hinge assembly is missing, it's just not in great shape... but it's a ThinkPad T61, so it otherwise works as well as new! I recently used it as a backup PC when my main system refused to boot properly. Surprisingly, it boots faster than even my main _laptop._ I think an AIO would be the perfect opportunity to bring it some new life. Edit: I don't have a spare monitor, and I don't want to -deal with Lenovo's poor design choice and abhorrent abundance of screws- disassemble a functional laptop. It's not even damaged externally, apart from the display. I think I'll use it as a keyboard AIO, seeing as Lenovo/IBM had phenomenal keyboards of the time, pointer nub and all.

  • Everyone sees e-waste. Matt sees… opportunities! Serious perking!

    • Or you could get the same laptop with a dead motherboard for 1/3 of the price of this project and deal with 2 possible sources of e-waste. It is much easier, cheaper, better for environment and less stupid than this project.

  • You're super cool man... I'm loving all your DIY projects... Love from INDIA !!

  • How long did it take you to make it? Great work btw 🤗

  • This is the only DIY Channel on youtube that I am able to finish watching....Impressive. Thank you!

  • I am speechless and at the same time wishing that my laptop would be fixed like this.

  • "so you're into pc building?" "John, it's complicated"

  • You are absolutely amazing.....There are no limits to what your brains can think to do. I only wish to buy or replicate what you do God Bless

  • wow , you are awesome, so smart ,well convenience, portable design, GREAT!

  • That is an actually nice shape for a laptop motherboard, very often they are all sorts of funky shaped.

  • Brilliant job , well done .

  • I love the environmental implications here. We need to get more people excited about reusing tech!

  • Nice, That's exactly what I wanted to do with my old DELL laptop :)

  • I was about to destroy old laptop completely!!! Thank you for your sharing your wonderfull idea

  • First video I ever seen from you, and immediately I subbed! I love these repurposed projects!

  • muito bom!!

  • Nicely done, If it were me, i would just hide my laptop and connect the HDMI cable to the monitor 😅

    • i bet some guy hired the creator of this vid to make a wireless HDMI cable and hid the actual laptop lol

    • is there any tutorial for the connection of the wire to the monitor? How to connect the wirings? Thanks. 😊

    • LOL relatable!

    • I do that and it's like a desktop that can come with me anytime

    • Less expensive. more manageable 😁😆👌👍