Transforming dead earbuds into POWERFUL wireless speakers

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Broken Galaxy Buds (ebay):
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Speaker drivers:
2" subwoofer and radiator:
2" mid/treble unit:
Protected batteries:
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  • Hey everyone, I've FINALLY finished the additional tips-and-tricks guide to go along with my dual-stereo speaker project. In it you can find full details of the crossover & smoothing circuitry, dimensions and cutouts (CNC files and also a square version that's easier to build), and extra info about some cool bluetooth receiver boards that work as a stereo pair if you don't want to go with ear buds. Enjoy!

    • Hey how cans I get the speakers

    • LOL.. the prices.. like 210 USD for just the speakers dang.. your pretty rancid when you gladly will show the low prices for the faulty buds but all "shhh" when it comes to the prices for the speakers.. just a short mention "thx so much to the vendor for just sending these over" and almist like its your neighbor (lol).. why not follow our guidelines on YT and label your video accordingly. if your video holds any value from a third-party, it's a sponsored video and you need to click the sponsored content box and your video will be handled accordingly in our algorithm and be labelled with a label "holds sponosred content". I understand why Techmoan is.. mehh when he, again and again, does that.. while other lowballing channels don't. DIY Perks.. follow our guideline and label your vids accordingly or finds yourself another plateau.. cheers from an Alphabet Inc shareholder. It is in the viewer's interest they know what is sponsored and what ain't - and that is why you need to click the sponsored box when uploading, so your vid will be labeled accordingly before people click on it, after all, you are monetized and you agreed to our guidelines and you ain't new. and if you feel it hurts your income, fx the algorithm aint promoting you that hard, then you can ask the company that gifted you something in exchange for promotion / advertising.. for reimbursement.

    • @Nathan Jay you could use LIPO rechargeable cell batteries (available in many shapes and sizes) with a charging circuit board (readily available, also has 2 LEDS for charging / charged status) and you could use a USB cable for charging

    • @S. Ryan Harmony do the earbud has an android or OS system inside it to operate the mini bluetooth earbud speaker?

    • @Moses Ngadi you have

  • Loads of respect for your attention to details. Hats off 😍

  • I was waiting for him to say, “But how do they sound? Well you’ll be surprised to know you’ve been listening to them throughout this entire video. I have to say the quality is splendid.” Then I remembered that doesn’t makes sense unless he was building a microphone.

    • @Hunter Joy nah this was 6 days after that video was released

    • LOL. I work at a theater and always have to stop and think about it when we have a hearing- or vision-impaired group coming, to remember which type of assistive device they'll need to have provided for their showing. I certainly mean all respect and want to provide appropriate accommodations, but there's some strange disconnect in my brain that keeps this from being intuitive. I'm always paranoid I'm going to greet a group of blind guests with captioning devices in hand, or deaf guests with descriptive audio headsets.

    • Audio quality here only matters if he's building a microphone *_?!?_*

    • You predicted the future

  • I'm an engineer. You should be running a top consumer electronics design firm. The combination of utility and aesthetic in your designs is absolutely incredible.

    • @onee Its why he is an engineer, fixing other people's shit and doesn't own a company.

    • I'm a Man!!! lol

    • @onee Quite a bit of engineering knowledge also helps in good designs. Being a designer isn't just about sketching something on a piece of paper. It also involves knowledge of topics like material science for a cohesive and purposeful design, and effective component selection. (I'm not an engineer)

    • For what? To make some one else a boat load of money?? I think homie is doing it right for himself. I think this youtube channel problably makes around 300k a year. Then what ever course stuff and promotional stuff... idk maybe theres a whole team working on this channel but either way.. Why work for some one else?

  • Fantastic, they certainly look and sound incredible the only thing I would do differently is to have a usb charging system fitted so that you don't have to remove the batteries each time to recharge them

  • This might be the most chill tech channel out there. So calming. So satisfying.

  • This man is the perfect mix of actually making cool things without having to learn how to build all you own stuff and then getting utterly overwhelmed when you relise you only have one brain cell.

    • @Mr Cow579 Ok, I don't have access to the materials right now, but I will let you know how it goes.

    • @thegreatsawyer get a third hand tool. they are dirt cheap and are, besides a soldering iron and tin, the most useful thing for soldering.

    • FACTS

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good one

  • For logic purposes I'd add a BMS and a charger port with a discarded laptop charger adapter as a charge power source. And a buck converter to match the voltage, but other than that avoid a removable battery lid, because those screws are going to grind the wood down and cause it to mess up.

    • I'd keep the removable battery compartment, but also add the necessary protection circuits and charging ports so that the 18650s (or whatever batteries you choose) can be charged externally, thus reducing the number of times you need to swap the batteries.

    • Magnet door would be way better and would look better too

    • MY thought as far the the battery compartment goes would be to construct it with some kind of tiny "handle" and instead of using the screws to affix the battery apparatus glue matching neodymium magnets in, such the the issue with wearing the wood down goes away.

    • @Sedi xMrBoss That would definitely help.

    • Or use some metal inserts for the screws.

  • I have been creating an improved version of this project with one internal, rechargeable battery pack for my high school capstone engineering project. The whole point of the project is to learn something along the way, but I sunk almost $300 in the project and that is after certain materials were provided from my school. Love the idea and I have learned so many new skills along the way, but if you’re looking simply to have a nice sounding pair of speakers I would definitely buy some instead of going DIY.

    • What? A voice of reason on a DIY channel? Get outta here!

  • Why can't companies make products this good? props to you for making this amazing audio tech without sounding like a audiophile snob at all.

    • @Florian Hirsch florian... Wo bekomm ich bitte für 300 bucks ne jbl 300? 😂😂😂

    • @Sanket Manna DIY is more expensive. It’s just for satisfaction

    • @Sanket Manna sorry but thats bs. Look up how much just the Material used cost. Per subwoofer 75€. Speakers 12€, earbuds about 10€, amplifier 10€. He didnt put the circuits in the description so we have to pay for his Patreon but nvm that. Just the electrics you are at about 200€ without the circuit. Missing the wood, the fabric, speaker feet and all the machines he needed to cut everything For just 300€ you can buy a JBL Partybox 300. Look it up. DIY is often way more expensive than buying

    • They do, in their premium line up. But as they tend to make a high margin of profit, you won't be getting them at this price range. That's the beauty of diy, if you know what you're doing, you are basically getting customized quality product at much cheaper price.

  • Suggestion: on the back, label the left and right speaker with L and R so it's easier to identify wich is wich

  • I transformed my old earbuds into a 4 bedroom house. All it took was the earbuds and $400,000 worth of materials and labour.

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • @Katthund Amazing, you're way ahead of Elon - he was supposed to have one of them there next year. Just shows you how good old earbuds are.

    • House? Great idea. I used my old earbuds to build a rocket ship to Mars. It was a lot easier than these damn speakers.

    • 😎😎😎😎

    • Wahahaha ha!

  • as the prices of things increase quickly as they have been, people wit DIY ability are going to find themselves in demand to repurpose old or dying tech like this. What a great way to recycle as well!

  • Is this just me or is his voice just so goddamned calming. I could listen to it the entire day.

  • I did not expect them to sound THAT good

    • @Keith Klassen As an audio engineer none of that matters as much as you think. You can still hear a difference because it’s coming from completely different sources. I can hear the difference on my iPhone speakers 😳

    • @Grimmlax as someone who's lived with 2 of those, I can attest the soundlink mini does sound pretty bad for the price.

    • @XzRaiderzX how much more range they got compared to the bose soundlink mini........ Everyone who ever compared the soundlink mini to any other bluetoothspeaker knows the soundlink mini got like zero frequencerange and sounds like shit cause you only pay for the brand

    • @Keith Klassen even while all of that is true, you can still hear a clear difference in how much more range his DYI speakers have. Also most people already recognize the factors you listed so it's not exactly something he's hiding.

  • I love speaker projects. Back in 2001, I created a scrappy subwoofer that also functions as a footrest. I would put it under my desk and play bass music that it relaxes my feet. It's scrappy and because I had no money, I used cheap materials. I would love to see if you can do this so I can, you know... copy it from you. lol.

  • 2 minutes in: I'm totally doing this. 5 minutes in: I'm totally just going to buy some.

    • If I was doing this I would find 2 old towers and replace the electronics with the earbuds. I would end up wasting $300 of wood haha

    • @DestinedFilms Destined- Hi ! MAX value comes from DIY and adjusting materials and maximizing production to take advantage of scalability. Someone _could_ build and sell/gift these things, selling them privately for ANY price YOUR Market Research shows as a viable final price (remember to PAY _yourself_ AFTER recovering COSTS + ANY Applicable Income Tax requirements ... ;=)) ! ) , regardless of whether or not the smartest kids at the lunchroom table commenting here can buy "cheaper" items from Wal-Mart . I plan on trying this as a Grandpa/Grandchildren "Teaching" project as soon as I can get my production shop back up & running as I buld up my Shop here at our brand new place. ALL the VERY _BEST_ to ALL here from Texas ! - -Chuck.

    • @Prof Von Shredder chances of that happening are soo very unlikely but that is possible.

    • @icantsee Time is money…when you have skills or a job; but if you have no job and document the work you did on this project you will soon attract an employer who wants to give you a job

    • Don't throw them away, you can learn to be a woodworking / electronics / computing expert too

  • Love learning new things from you Theon Greyjoy, keep it up!

  • Wow, the attention to detail and quality of finish is just stunning!

  • This looks so good, I'm sure people will pay a lot if this was on the shelves of some premium brands

  • Absolutely beautiful looking speakers I’d love to actually hear them. I wish I could buy a pair from you.

  • You should do a house tour showing all the stuff youve made over the years. Would be interesting

    • More like build a museum to show it all off

    • Vote yea

    • @TheMrFunplayer he has? I’m going to check later

    • Yes. This!

    • 💯

  • These look amazing! One improvement comes to mind though: instead of making the battery component removable, why not wire in a Qi charger circuit instead? You can get them on eBay pretty cheap, and would essentially make your wireless speakers, wirelessly charged!

    • or a 12v powerbank for even more practicality

  • Honestly these sound super cool, but I think I'd personally prefer a way to charge them with a USB-C wire plugged in through the back. Maybe something like this could be achieved by using a rechargeable battery pack connected to a USB-C port? Either way, it's a fantastic looking (and sounding) build as usual. Would love to see a set up with these, your table-PC + hidden monitor, that DIY microphone, and other gadgets and related accessories. I really love your work!

  • You can really hear the port on the bose making a single "bass" range note. The passive rads are much smoother and have better extension.

  • Love the design of the speakers. Beautifully finished and lovely aesthetics, too. Nice work!

  • The real question is when is he going to start his own line of electronics? Because all the stuff he makes is beautiful.

    • @Nicholas Herczeg Yeah, that was what I was thinking. Just some parts that are difficult to make or require a machine, and sell it as a kit.

    • @strayiggyTV While true, it would still not be in the spirit of the channel. And if he did even a limited production run (drop), it would mean either very similar videos or simply less videos. I'm not really sure he'd want have people own things that they sort of feel were DIY (and possibly brag as such) when they were *his* DIY, not their own.

    • Put me on the mailing list!

    • @Ennar with the advent of CNC and 3D printers, smaller runs are a lot more affordable and doable. While the practicality is questionable, it also allows for customization at a small increase in cost to the buyer and on-demand runs.

    • With products like the Odroid Go Advance where you have the option to build it from a kit, it would be interesting to have a kit by him where you just supply the BT earbuds and you put it together yourself. Consider: DIYPerks YourName DIY projects, where one(or more) of the parts could be customized with your name.

  • Watching every project here amazes me. So I think it's time for me to try this one out. Thanks for every DIY video you are sharing, really helpful.

  • great build, and beautiful design! thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • If you chosen a sealed back tweeter, you didn't have to add the divider in the box, effectively making the volume of the box quite a bit larger = more bass, and them tiny speakers could use it.

  • This channel could quite literally have a museum of amazing DIY products. They are of such high quality.

  • He's talking to me like I'm a child but he's saying things as if I was an engineer.

    • ROTFL 🤣

    • i like different toys

    • Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    • he doesnt really go into details tho...

    • @Mr. E Yeah DIY just means Do It Yourself, not Do It Cheaply With Readily Available Materials.

  • Going by the list of components he linked to (besides the ear buds), it will cost more than $250. It is a good project for the achievement, and better sound than monolithic stereo speakers at that price point, with a bit of inconvenience to take the batteries out to recharge.

    • could just solder the wires to a dc adapter

  • Awesome project with recycled earbuds! Love it and they look great

  • I know what he's doing is just sometimes impossible to done or to get a nice finishing, but he's been doing this for years, Of course he has a lot of ideas, some might be costly, some might be irrelevant, but he's just enjoying it which is respectable in my opinion because I would of been very lazy to do stuff, but his electronics knowledge sure is high 😭

  • Thank you very much for the idea. I used it to drive two outdoor Speakers by soldering an Aux cable to the output of every Earbud. Now I can use them for any set of Speakers, that have any form of audio input. The electronics even fit back into the casings, with the cables for sound coming out of the bottom. This additionally allows me to use the Buttons on top of the Earbuds.

  • Hi, That sounds wonderful the bose sounded hollow. Always great stuff here on the channel. Have you made or tried to make those speakers that have the driver fixed to a wooden panel and the panel is hung on a hook with wire, the idea being that it is suspended and not touching anything.

  • These DIY Speakers sound like im actually listening to the music directly from youtube or in person. Recording studio kind of quality. not like the 25$ speakers you can find on amazon, I would buy this pair for 150$, considering the audio sounds so high quality. Its like the 4k of audio

  • Really great build even though I would apreciate having a charger build in the housing

    • There are chargeable DIY battery enclosures out there. I see this build, with its emphasis on aesthetics, as designed for a permanent installation, where the wirelessness adds to its visual charms. In that case, jabbing a charging cable in there for 3 hours kind of spoils the vibe. I think something more modular, where there's a "chargeable pack" on the back of each that can be quickly swapped out, without having to partly disassemble, would be more suited. I'm picturing how we swap out battery packs on cordless tools. Then you just have a couple of spares off to the side.

    • Came looking for this. Unscrewing those batteries to charge them seems completely backwards after all the engineering and thought that went into these. How hard would it have been to add a wireless charging circuit on the back? Even just a port to plug them in so you don't have to unscrew the batteries each time.

  • Not going to lie, many of your projects are really out of the box and it's awesome to look at them. So many cool ideas for stuff and great explanations of them all.

  • Could you imagine receiving some speakers off of wish, you take them apart to see what’s inside them, and you just see an earbud hot glued to the inside of the housing, just powering everything?

    • @Lumasimp Yes , think it was in a recent one but Linus had something similar a while back .Like @ jungle expo said , full refund and four 32GB thimb drives for free , not a bad dea , just buy some enclosures

    • @Jungle EXPO I believe I remember seeing that.

    • If you're lucky, that's all the shady crap you'd find. At least this dude used a decent amp and had a CNC .. to ... use ... for ... DIY “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“ but I digress ... I picked up some white van speakers at the salvation army for 10 bucks to build a wireless system for my son's RC car to use with a little Monster Bluetooth adapter and an amp out of a battery powered clock radio, ya know DIY 😉. The 5.1 system satellites were filled with cement!!! I'm serious - CEMENT ... you can't make this up. What kind of evil lil shit thinks to do that to a mans speakers, even if they are garbage, which most all are today anyway. I feel sorry for the poor guy who probably paid 200 bucks to someone "with the deal of a lifetime" in a parking lot somewhere that got the heavy box to home to hear mickey mouse sound, which is bad enough, but cement?? I mean literally WTF? I'm a peaceful dude, but that is just so wrong on so many levels. I'm checking w/a buddy to see if he'll let me come blow them up on his farm for a ILaward video. Hopefully some future scammers in training get deterred, just like I DIY, the old fashioned way. 😎 If I wasn't a skinny old guy I'd be out looking for em, but I'm definitely running over these w/ a tractor or something, just on principle 😂🤣😂 ✌ ϻя.ƹ

    • @Jungle EXPO Was it Smoorez?

    • @Jungle EXPO I had one of those, advertised as an 8TB SSD....Turned out to be 4 32gb thumb drives on an adapter! I did get a full refund so ended up with 4 32gb thumb drives for free so every cloud!

  • I do a lot of custom automotive work and I think I could put the electronics in a small waterproof box and use the audio outputs from the onboard amp to a larger one to make a head unit that can power a car stereo system that is not only waterproof but easy to hide in order to keep a clean look

  • I was wondering if a deeper bass response could be obtained by having a single enclosure with its larger air volume, perhaps with some acoustic dampener behind the mid/treble driver?

  • Wow, just wow, really incredible project, hats off to you sir :)

  • The factory made speaker sounded for me very sharp mean while the DIY speakers sounded soft and smooth. Good job with the speakers! Wish I could have those speakers! Brilliant work and effort !👍👍👍

  • I love how everything in his videos has peak quality

  • I have always been fascinated by your works, brilliant creator, brilliant imagination, shame about some flaws, some things that over time could create annoying problems, but so some have the possibility to verify and improve, do you ever verify your projects? both in the short and long term? wow 6.713 comments, some idiotic, but always a lot !!! Thank you

  • They have come up so good I think you should , if you're not already making devices for a established company that would be mad not to use your talent for whatever you want to show them .Great work mate 👌

  • The flawless craftmanship and ingenious ideas is what makes this channel my favorite.

  • How you turn broken electronics and some random parts into beautiful products is absolute wizardry.

    • @Raychii521 521521 airpods aren’t too much more expensive than other wireless earbuds. And this is meant for dead ones bought online or old ones that you own.

    • IKR? Just wow

    • But still if you have moony to buy apple hearbud you have the money for great speaker.

  • Used to experiment a lot with amps when I was 10...I transforned my walkman to a full sound system with 8 giant speakers.. took out amplifier circuits from my computer speakers and old cassette product sounded epic and loud like it was a party... wasn't as well looking as the stuff here though.

  • Its crazy how this relates so much with music producing… The producers out there know what i mean

  • Ficou muito show, parabéns ! 😍

  • This is beautifully designed, what a fantastic project.

  • I don’t know what’s better, the quality of his videos or the quality of the speakers.

    • video; those speakers are crap compared to good speakers.

    • Yes

    • or the quality of this reply

    • I can't believe how clean and shiny his tools are

    • @domthebom Gaming but good af

  • Great work! I would like to see the same principle applied to make a soundbar

  • "For some really deep bass" Yeah, everybody knows that you can get the best and deepest bass out of 4cm drivers

    • You’d be surprised.

    • You're never going to get great sound quality from small drivers - though from what I could hear, they are decent for the size of the speakers. Most other portable speakers of a similar size are going to sound weaker.

  • Wow very impressive. You can make your own Bluetooth speakers and sell them on amazon. At the start of the video, I thought of following the video and making my own Bluetooth speakers but I changed my mind after 6 minutes of watching this video. This is soo complicated.

  • You're going to want to use silicone or something similar to mount the RC filters in place, otherwise the capacitor legs will break off from the vibrations in time.

  • The electronics themselves really aren’t special. But the way he manages to makes his projects LOOK so nice is on another level.

    • @Alex C I bet it's nearly impossible to repair, as it's so small scale. But if you can connect to larger scale components, it's pretty easy to get parts for it.

    • @Alex C Yeah, I wouldn't have thought about this, I thought these earbuds were not tinkerer friendly

    • The cool thing about the electronics is the fact that you can reuse them, which you probably didn't think of until he posted this.

    • it comes down to skill, experience and craftsmanship. My grandpa can detect thicknesses with the accuracy of 10 micrometers with his bare hand. That's what happens if you are a craftsman for many decades.

  • This guy understand designing, crafting, electronics, tech, and making a high quality ILaward videos

  • its a very wasteful world so I'm very glad there's people like you in the world recycling things to the max. keep up the amazing work 🥰🥰

  • i ordered my parts in, can´t wait to build it. keep doing what you do

  • I wonder how well this project would work with those foam board flat panel speakers

  • It would be very interesting to see a collaboration where he sends these to an audio focused channel for a blind review and then reveals that they are home made from broken ear pods.

    • @John Razzle'Dazzle It actually might have an impact on sound quality. Wireless earbuds are generally limited to SBC codec with only recent ones supporting aptX. To my ears they sound about the same but someone younger might be able to hear a difference.

    • @Legofan2676 *YES* , fellow dankpods citizen here r ya?

    • @Tams80 I'm certainly not the type if 1000$ cable flexing audiophile you might think of. However, it is a fact that speaker building is something that is easy to get into but relatively hard to master. I'm aware that you can connect up a random woofer and tweeter with a 2-10 uF capacitor and it will sound alright if not good for 90% of people. In fact, that's how most of the cheap 1990s midi system speakers were designed and almost none of them sounds outright nasty. His design is one or even a few steps above that, but there's still a lot of room for improvement. It takes time until you figure out the methods and tools to design a speaker without many acoustical and electrical problems for a specific sound signature, of which flat (neutral) is the most popular today, although, apart from in a studio setting, I don't think it's always the most appealing. It seems like he designed the speaker by trial and error without taking measurements of the drivers' and the BT device's frequency response. Which is fine for a project of this scale, but not the best method of design.

    • @Clickbaitcrill I also think they might have built-in DSP frequency correction for the headphone drivers, I don't know if he compensated for that, probably not with those simplistic RC filter networks. But as long as it sounds alright...

  • I so wanna build this but lack the skills to do so myself. Thank god my stepdad used to be a sound engineer and is a mechanic engineer now, I'm sure with him I can achieve similar results

  • I would love to combine this idea with the flat panel speakers from Tech Ingredients

  • I must have missed the part- how do the buds have enough power to drive the bigger drivers? Did he put an amp inline?

  • I was so pumped when I first started to watch it, but then after pricing everything and my time of labor that is going to go in it ....all i said was wow oh wow ill just use that money and buy a full surround sound with speakers that already has Bluetooth on it and it will simply blow this thing away plus Ill save money and time.....and if i want to customize it ill simple take the shell off and make my own wood custom box.....done ;-)

  • This man is an artist, with the skills to create his vision.

    • @Benjamin Wilkinson factz

    • Well you have to start somewhere if you really want something put your mind to it and never give up.

    • @ArchiWorldRUS this is why I love tech youtubers. They're determined to do anything for their viewers. Well, some of them

    • He is a Magic Recycler, turns scrap into useful things

    • He has a dream

  • No matter how many times I watch your video I always are astonished how brilliant you are!!! Keep doing such amazing projects like this!

  • you are a mad scientist!!! this is incredible, how you can make a high end DIY project accessible. Bravo and thank you!

  • Amazing! As a constructive feeb back, I would have added something to allow charging with out having to pull the batteries out.

  • I would so buy these! They are absolutely beautiful. Nice work.

  • This guy is the DIY/engineer version of Bob Ross. Makes it look and sound absolutely easy until your novice self tries it. Eventually, you'll get it but make no mistake, he's a professional at a lot of things.

    • @David L "pretty simple stuff" LoL. Flex away. 97% of "most of us" when presented with a couple dead ear buds wouldn't know jack shit about where to wire up the first stage of the first stage of this project without massively detailed instructions. I think it's obvious he has a team but that ads to my point....quit bullshitin dude. Simple stuff lol.

    • did you try to make it....?

    • he is not doing it alone fyi, he has team helping him.

    • The perfect statement!!!!

    • There's no denying this guy is a genius, but a lot of the stuff he does is pretty simple stuff that is accessible to most of us (otherwise it wouldn't really be DIY-friendly). It's just a matter of doing it, really. The hard part, I think, is doing it as well as him!

  • Instead of removing the battery for charging, you could have given a charging port. That would have been much easier

  • Como siempre, tus proyectos son increíbles, felicidades

  • Those 3 little crossover ('filter') circuits are pretty neat. I need to look into that Small question; What type of 'putty' is that stuff that's used to seal the speakers? Like... the stuff you use to hang up posters? :) ('Blue tack' or what have you..)

  • These are stupidly beautiful. Kudos on an amazing job.

  • Next episode: don't throw away that old package, today we will turn that into fully functional home