Watercooling my invisible PC... (and other upgrades)

פורסם בתאריך 14 ינו 2021
It's time to watercool my invisible PC! Also the first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/diyperks01211
Not seen my original invisible PC build? www.youtube.com/watch?v=Perqf...
Here's some of the watercooling bits I used from Alphacool:
40mm rads: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
LT pump: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
LT res: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
CPU Waterblock: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
double fittings: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
12.7mm tubing: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
fitting set: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
90 degree fittings: www.aquatuning.co.uk/water-co...
ITX motherboard: amzn.to/3bBNROi
16 core processor: amzn.to/2MWL1sL
SFX PSU: amzn.to/2Kidcl9 (the one I stripped down)
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  • The invisible monitor has also been upgraded significantly, it's truly undetectable in this video.

    • @Live is a Melody 8:46 here you can see holes on the bottom

    • @JP E. same


    • It’s like my dad

    • Replace the monitor with 4K Projector with some high source light and boom will get JOHN CENA LASER TV/PC/HOME CINEMA

  • As someone who has never seen this person or channel before, I thought he was taking the piss when he motioned at an empty table and started talking about his invisible PC.

  • why is nobody talking about how beautiful his paintings are? especially for being watercolor, they are incredibly well done and I would honestly buy one if they were for sale.

    • @Shoun Yu the classic hidden painting trick. Except it's diy perks so we all know there's something behind it

    • those paintings could also be pcs for all we know

  • Linus hires two "enginerds" and buys a million dollars in heavy machinery to fail miserably to beat this guy's craftsmanship.

    • this one looks better yep, though I find that Linus' cooling method is better imo. Maybe not nececceraly temprature wise but simply from the fact that you dont need 40 expensive fans but rather only half a dozen 120mm ones. Which i stink wouldve been a better approach here too. But really i cant beat this guys desk pc so i can't say its an error as much as a personal prefference. If it works it works :)

  • One could almost be at risk of disliking him, on account of him just being SUCH a clever clogs... but he's such a lovely guy that it's just not possible. I'm in awe of this chap.

  • Matt: "Listen to how silent it is!" My laptop fan: "We don't do that here."

    • @Laurin Neff You mean these incredibly powerful Raspberry Pi x86 implementations?

    • @ESTC Mine too

    • @Chimaera Mine is noisy even when its shutdown. Just plugin the charger and enjoy the ever lasting ASMR.


    • @harpreet singh Open it up and make sure the vent and heatsink don't have dust on them, also check the fan blades. If that doesn't help check your BIOS and find the fan power option.

  • Really cool invisible PC, makes me want to build one, I wonder how much it all cost, I know Aluminum is not cheap! But totally worth it. Nice look. Next Upgrade....are you ready? Wireless phone chargers you can install from inside the desk, left and right, so you only place your phone on a graphic symbol on top of the desk, and it starts charging your phones auto-magically!

    • Do you even "need" aluminium sheets? Doubt it. Don't see why you couldn't use something like acrylic for example. Or treated plywood.

    • Aluminium is amongst the cheapest metals you can buy. And this used them in sheets, which is even cheaper.

  • This project is truly amazing. Might I suggest investing in a decibelmeter, or maybe just one of the sound meter apps for your phone so you can just show how quiet it is? The only thing I could hear at the end was my wife saying "Not gonna happen, so don't even think about it:.

  • You should hide the cooling system in the plant so when you water the plant it cools the pc

    • @Ratatted huh?

    • @Thingymajigger bing bong

    • you might already know but its not water that its being cooled with its mineral oil so either the plant gets done dirty, or the entire pc is wasted

  • I watched the first build video and thought, 'wow, very cool', seeing this build and you have really upped the game. Then I watch Linus and his crew attempt their build, which I am sure will look really cool, when complete, and I can't help but think how you have shown us all how to do it. I hope Linus gives you a shout out in his video series, but so far...

  • DIY Perks: "I've hidden an entire world behind this simple hinged piece of wood and a brass latching system" *shows door leading outside*

    • That you say, is quite a funny comparison and so obvious yet I didnt think of it, you did, and your joke made me laugh such a bunch its made my day, thank you very much 😁😂😂

    • Lol

    • 😂

    • [BOTW intro music]

    • Ha ha 🤣

  • Imaging bringing this table PC to a LAN Party: *Everybody looking confused*

    • I wonder how many kids don't even know what a LAN party is

    • He solved that problem too by making a suitcase PC 🤣

  • You should really use a liquid temperature sensor, it makes every build (and I mean, every) quieter, or at least it will improve fan responsiveness, since it allows the fans to ramp up as liquid temperature rises, instead of CPU temperature which can have spikes based on load...

  • Him: "Listen to how silent it is!" Birds outside: "let me sing you the song of my people"

  • A beautiful end result. Btw, coil whine can often be tamed on GPUs if you undervolt them.

  • I don’t know why, but I love this guys energy. Constantly smiling, always technical. I want to be like you.

    • @BadBeaver ikr. Something is really OFF. He's too good😏😏

    • @Ramog1000 bruh you sociopathic i love how genuinely excited he gets over his stoof

    • He looks like the fantastic four member, the plastic man 😁

    • Agreed. He has got a really nice way about him.

    • @BadBeaver hmm I think that descirbes my feelings, his projects are really good and don't deserve much criticism but I always get kinda angry while watching... I don't know why and I am usually a person that can get along very well with people. It puzzles me, he doesn't seem to deserve that criticism my mind makes up sometimes. With the PSU thing I was first like omg no don't do that. but than he explained his ways of keeping it protected and I was like oh I would have done it like this if I had an open PSU.

  • This guy's friends must love to come over to his place... and tbh i would love to be one of them to learn this stuff in person lol

  • When the most impressive thing about an elaborate build like this is getting your hands on an actual 5950X...

  • @ DIY Perks This is absoloutely awesome, you are an extremely talented engineer obviously. However I would be a little bit concerned about one potentiall fatal flaw.... what if , WHAT IF your system gets a leak? You would not notice until it is too late because everything is hidden obviously, and this could potentially cause a serious risk of fire, especially with the exposed psu, O rings do fail, I wonder whatyou think or have suggestions on counter measures this? One measure I was thinking of to help identify a leak as soon as possible would be to add a flow meter that is visible but disguised somehow. I think this msut be essential to anyone contemplating orr attempting a build liek this fro themselves, as people who are not as knowledgeable or as talented as you clealry are, are prone to make mistakes. I have just subscribed to your channel, and if possible as an pc buidler myself, would appreciate massively any feedback you may have on my question and or suggestion.

  • This will be a perfect gift for my invisible girlfriend.

  • I’m overclocking my table Friend: what?...

    • ignore your friends do what makes you happy

    • @julius carino Sure but I was talking about my table (12.5 cm, can take away 1 cm quite easily, and about 4cm harder ( switch from wood) , 5 x120mm btw, 1070 and i5 6600k

    • @PennyAfNorberg the thicker they are the cooler they get.

    • If ever something goes wrong.... Him: my table exploded

    • @neroforte LOL

  • Disappearing cable trick. You can fish the power and internet cables through the hollow leg tubing. Drill 2 holes through the Leg mount plate and and another at the bottom of the leg. Voila! no cables. Your desk is simply amazing.

  • Would be interesting to try and use the aluminum sheets (too/bottom surfaces) to dissipate heat passively-would need to do away with the wood veneer to start with.

  • I;m sure someone has suggested it already, however, a Mirror on the wall behind the table that could switch into the monitor would be truly cool.

  • Protip: using a temperature probe fitting and connecting it to the motherboard allows you to control the fans based on the coolant temperature rather than the CPU or GPU temperature. This avoids both overheating of a single component and sharp changes of fan speed.

    • Or you can just adjust your fan curves manually

  • (dies in game): gets mad and punches the table (motherboard): my time to go

    • @normal person **Edits content for 3 hours** **Software crashes and project is corrupted** Motherboard: _"My time has come."_

    • I'm that person to be honest, which is why I couldn't have this kind of PC :D

    • A handsome english man like him would nevA punch a flower

    • @KK The biggest risk with a shock in this case would be damaging the HDDs if you're not using SSDs

    • (this guy): it’s time to grab the screwdriver

  • Love the build and your idea is brilliant, my only concern is if I were to build something like this, I would spend at least 3 hours replacing hard drives since I go through like 3 of them per year experimenting with different programs. Maybe for HDD drives you can add a hidden pullout drawer where someone like me wouldn't have to take the whole desk/pc apart to replace an HDD?

  • 10:35 Coilwine can disappear from videocards when you use a high efficient power supply. Some people even had success switching brands and get coilwine to an absolute minimum to none.

  • Great couple of videos on building and cooling the "desk" PC. Looks amazing, and your description of how and why each task is performed has been inspirational. A huge well done!!!

  • Your work seems amazing to me. The neatness and clean lines would be important to me, so love the trouble you go to for that on top of all the terrific work you've shown us. I dont know these topics well but youve made it interesting and artful and inspiring to watch. Thanks so much.

  • This man has the voice of therapist. I was calm just listening to him talk about things I don’t understand

    • Literally

    • Its like watching how its made.

    • He is giving his stealth pc a watercooling treatment :))

    • @pp man head sameeeee hahahaha

    • Yes

  • Your projects are very impressive. I like how sleek and clean they are.

  • everything you made just looks so perfect. love wathing your videos. great job!

  • Amazing build, case manufactures should watch your videos. Just wondering, could you install a magnetic air filter below the mesh air intake?

  • I'm a SFF PC guy, but this desk build really got my interest. It takes up a large area of a desk, but efficiently crams it into a tight space, so it's in the same spirit of building in small cases.

  • He took "Desktop Computer" to a whole new level of literal.

    • GTA computers be like

    • @OrangeC7 budum psshhh

    • bruh everyone is saying: it is a indesk pc or a indesk computer but i dont see a computer

    • @OrangeC7 Maybe Desktop is an accurate description. It is in the top of the desk.

    • Desk computer

  • Excellent work. I want to see a truly invisible computer now, though! Can you make the peripherals (monitor, keyboard) holographic?

  • It would be interesting to know if the gpu has been swap for a current model, as Alphacool provides flat accesses for their gpu block.

  • Excellent project brilliantly executed Matt. Thanks for sharing. Stay Safe.

  • Various youtubers show off like dozens of 30 series GPU's on their shelves and this guy couldn't get one? Shame on you nvidia. This guy deserves all the gear he needs!

    • various people showed whole frickin cupboards filled with toilet paper too. we dont like those people.

  • "listen to how silent it is!" my pc fans: "no thank you"

    • my laptop is super loud watching 360p video, when with my desktop pc I need a few games open in the background to get the fans running

    • same :(

    • haha yeah thought the same thing, -take a listen "jet engine under my table go brrr"

    • phones go brrrrr....

    • hahaha.........

  • "Standard radiator and banker fans" Unsheathes the behemoth, the consumer of heat and creator of cold! Seriously that's huge.

  • Great work on the computer desk upgrades Matt! Thank you for sharing them with us!💖👌👍JP

  • You could've applied thermal paste on top of the processor to reduce internal temperature and boost performance

  • As always Matt utterly impressive work, I don't know how active you are still reading comments after a month of release or how active you are answering. What is the reason for the Y splitter connected to the PSU ? Anybody else who has more knowledge of electronics and can answer that please feel free to do so, an thank you very much in advance.

  • "It's completely silent! Take a listen." My laptop cooler: Brrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrr


    • @RedwoodRhiadra EMPHASIS ON "BLOODY"

    • For some reason that "brrbrrbrrbrr"-part made me laugh so hard

    • @RedwoodRhiadra same LOL

    • @Licho How many gates are there now?

  • This is an amazing build! May I suggest you use the empty space to install some nice custom speakers? You have a great box and those cutouts would allow for nice reverb! Hat’s off to you sir! Definitely something I hope to apply if I can afford to build a yacht 🤪👍🔥💯 (you could definitely market this sort of stuff to that group)

    • Main issue with that is speakers facing directly upwards have a tendency to sound pretty bad, you’d need to find a way to direct the sound towards you

  • Cool desk, next version I would suggest heat pipes and conducting the heat to the huge aluminium top and bottom plates, maybe making the bottom plate a cooling profile... totally silent.

  • I look forward to any collaboration between this guy and Linus Tech Tips. Maybe they would figure out some crazy water cooling project

  • i think a cool thing you cud do to this is mount some RGB strips somewhere close the all the samll holes youve drilled for the fans. so the light shines down on the floor slightly and you can customize the color to give it the full proper personality.

  • Him: "Here's my invisible pc"... Me: Yea this guy's on drugs.. Proceeds to open the pc

    • @Al B can you see sound?

    • YOU AFTER: Maybe I'm the one on drugs...

    • @AGEELAN A/L RAVINDARAN Moe Honestly I prefer this one compared to LTT

    • It made it even funnier to read this comment and then watch the beginning XD

    • @Clark Jerome right XD

  • I love how Matt still uses matches for heat shrink sleeves

  • You should get the specifications and drawings to the patent office, and sell this to the market as a DIY kit.

  • 1 thing that would be great is front I/O ports or maybe at the back to keep with the invisible. I can't imagine having to reach down and open the hatch just to plug in a mouse and keyboard.

  • I am not lying Matt, Trust me, these words are from my heart. I really really love your work. Your amazing creativity, your vast knowledge on the subject, just wow, superb. The best thing is that we gain a lot more knowledge from you as a results of these DIYs. Common, wow. Its great that you bring up the prohects that you made previously again and again with Extraodinary upgrades to it. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 I totally love your voice and accent, it increases enthusiasm. Enough said, I am Ilham, and this is my love to your works from SRI LANKA.

  • Matt: The system at idle is completely silent, take listen Me: Just hears a clear humming from my own PC if you could use a decibel measurement it would be cool to know the difference of the builds :)

  • This man is a genius, and the taste for esthetics... Fenomenal!

  • Try stuffing sound dampeners to absorb voices from inside itself, and work out to stuff it without suffocating the air supply.

  • This might sound odd, but I think you'd be perfect to make videos about changes that people can make in their daily lives at an individual level to have global impact on environmental and humanitarian issues around the world. I like your videos either way. You have a great educational style, and your voice is exceptional!

  • Linus didn’t update his desk pc for 6 months DIY perks: “fine I’ll do it myself”

    • bro that was a diff project entirely... the point was making it invisible, linus put a giant window on it and it made lots of sound in comparison... linus went for looking cool or edgy or whatev

    • ​@Ordinary Guy [edited]for real i love how DIY perks made this desk. simplistic and clean. I am not really fan of the bottom part but still, it is an amazing build. How to sleep when you are still thinking about building on for yourself

    • Lol diyperks should make diy how to make rtx 30 series 😂 since they are outta stock everywhere

    • Ye tho until they finished their part, DIY Perks have well matched how LTT did their Desk PC in terms of aesthetics, and that simplistic look man, sleeper desk PC

    • Yea they should really get their assess moving on that

  • Love your channel! perhaps consider doing something with exposed vacuum tubes????

  • Next step: Using those giant aluminium sheets for passive cooling to reduce the need of active cooling.

  • Incredible i wish i had something like this. One question thought: Are you not stressed out about the PC beeing "invisible" because of burning in the wood etc? Or is this no Problem at all?

  • Nice build bro. I would like to do this with tempered glass and stainless steel. With the whole light show set up in side the table. THIS DUDE IS A BEAST.

  • I feel like there should be a bigger emphasis on "Do not try this at home" with the power supply. If you don't exactly know what you are doing, NEVER open a power supply ! It can kill you if you touch a charged capacitor for example.

    • @Pavle Trnic A capacitor can absolutely kill if it's big enough. Electroboom will know this too. He pushes the limits of what is normally considered safe (to the pint of pain) but he certainly is knowledgeable enough to know what can kill

    • @Clarty Paths I see. It's hard to distinguish jokes about covid prevention from what people actually believe. You know, like cutting down cell towers.

    • @Jordan C. Wilde Na, was just agreeing with your annoyance. Yeah resistance is almost the same but my point is that all 3 are factors for killing you, so it's dumb saying "it's not that!" because is the 3 factors

    • @kontoname "These days"? Any day. You are more likely to die in your car on the way to the electronics store than to get and die by covid.

  • "5950X considered to be THE most powerful consumer processor on the market right now, with a *whopping* 16 cores and 32 threads" I mean, yes and no.. The Threadripper 3990X has 64 cores/128 threads at a base clock of 2.9gHz (can be boost clocked to 4.2gHz). Now if we are comparing price, performance out of the box (especially for gaming), and heat putout - you're right, the 5950X is by far the most power out of the box for the price. The threadripper, however is capable of some incredibly awesome power when boosted and properly cooled.

    • no, you are confusing things, the 5950x is mainstream cpu, or consumer processor on the socket for consumers in general thereadripper is not mainstream, not a consumer cpu, is meant for hedt or workstations, you can build one, for sure, but is not meant to be a product for everybody for games some intel cpus might be better, because some games do still like fast cores at 5ghz but 16 cores that are very close or on par to those intel cpus, on a consumer level motherboard is after a whole year of being released, still not matched by intel, not on the mainstream consumer socket, only the 12th gen might match it or surpass it, and it needs lots of power, new motherboard, new socket and lots of amd glue

  • 10:27 When he said system is completely silent, take a listen, I was still able to hear cooling fan sound. Then after few seconds I realized it is coming from my pc which is pretty much old :(

  • 08:07 sir, if you have done those paintings by yourself then they are very good the mixture and the tone of colours are awesome and there is anice perspective.

  • Use a water cooled power supply instead and dont forget to ground the upper alu-plate as well :-)

  • someone breaks in and tries to steal computer, but can't find it.

    • @ᖴᑌᘔY i did the math it is actually %0.00016666667,

    • @Montaga actually 1.3 million is more than 0.00001% of the human population if im correct

    • @Rochelle Villafuerte if it’s a nice desk I’d be down 💀

    • @Luio Thats it but the person has a point like who steals a whoe desk

    • Plot twist: The guy that made this video is the one that stoled it

  • There are hundreds of these types of desks, I was going to buy one a few years ago but my computer has LED's and looks amazing so it would be a shame to hide it.

  • I love how he shows the parts that his unable to use and then explains why cause i prefer to acc visually see stuff

  • This is the finest work of enthusiast-level custom work I have ever seen.

  • I would have used a heating floor and would have placed the cpu components on it. This increases the area for passive cooling over this huge table

  • This man is literally testing the acoustics of his desk.

    • @chickensfloat Oh wow, most of the jeeps i've seen dont have AC, probably because I live in the Philippines.

    • @chickensfloat people put superbike motors in them. I don't know if I'd go that far, but a large bore bike engine would be cool

    • @chickensfloat you said your jeep was a northern one are you from Michigan at all?

    • @Skopperkopp awesome. My dad has a 66 cj5 with the hurricane engine similar to the flat head 4, that thing is a blast. Slow but still a blast.

    • @chickensfloat haha mines open top so the breeze is the ac. Also got a 48 cj 2a and that thing is a blast too

  • As a somewhat jaded techie i was really impressed with this! Great idea!

  • 4:40 DIY Perks : Here's a DIY project Also DIY Perks: (Do not attempt this yourself)

  • "listen how quiet is is" My GPU coil whine, fans, PSU, creaky chair, the music downstairs, and the constant ringing in my ears: "no"

    • That's how I feel on every LTT video

  • what im really interested in is the industrial looking table lamp. did he make it himself or he bought it?

  • "When the world needed him most, he returned"

    • deja vu

    • Ru going to be a new tech youtuber?

    • Yeah

    • His videos also makes DIY projects look very easy and it keeps improving in ever video he posts.

    • @Pawel I would say he's one of the top 5 youtubers on my list out of about 150+ youtubers that I watch. He's youtube channel is basically at the top of the sleekest youtube channels I have seen.